• Hengyuan cloud (gpushare)_ Unite: a method to share label space


    Article source|Hengyuan cloud community Original address|Unite: a unified label space for entity relationship extraction Original author|Mathor Reference links Abstract (Zhong and Chen,ACL2020 Two are better than one: Joint entity and relation extraction with table sequence encoders)The pipeline method is used to set up two independent label spaces for entity detection and relationship classification, and SOTA is […]

  • Avassetreader video data reading


    Introduction to avassetreader You can obtain the media samples in the video file through the avassetreader. You can directly read the original media samples that have not been decoded from the memory to obtain the samples that have been decoded into a renderable form.The document states that the avassetrader pipeline is internally multi-threaded. After initialization, […]

  • For example, gorpc of chestnut – encoding and decoding of messages


    The first RPC in 2022 is a little earlier than the previous one Stay in Hangzhou for the new year Write something Initialize project gorpc With go module, we can easily create a new project mkdir gorpc go mod init github.com/taadis/gorpc // output: go: creating new go.mod: module github.com/taadis/gorpc Message conventions The communication between RPC […]

  • Audio and video development tour (56) – H264 / AVC basic structure


    Starting from this article, we enter the learning and practice of h264, which is mainly divided into three stages Learn H264 basic structure and bitstream protocol; 2. Understand the specific coding and compression technology; 3. Analyze and understand the relevant open source libraries x264 and h264bitstream. In this article, let’s learn the basic structure of […]

  • H. 264 encoding


    H. 264 encoding Special Remarks This series is not original, and the original article is taken from 23_ H. 264 encoding, used for daily learning records. If there is infringement, please contact me to delete, thank you! This paper mainly introduces a very popular video coding:H.264。 Calculate: how much storage space does yuv420p original video […]

  • Audio and video quick start


    Video file definition Video file is a collection of a series of continuous static picture data and audio data. Video files include video data, audio data and caption data, and video files store video and audio coding information, such as h264, MPEG, YUV, ACC, flv, MP4, etc. Video Basics concept Video is composed of a […]

  • Go dongle version 0.0.2 has been released, and base58 encoding and decoding and AES decryption support have been added


    A lightweight, semantic and developer friendly golang encoding, decoding, encryption and decryption library Has beenawesome-goIf you think it’s good, please give it a star github.com/golang-module/dongle gitee.com/go-package/dongle Update log New base58 encoding and decoding support AES encryption and decryption support is added. At present, it only supports CBC grouping mode, zeropadding, pkcs5ppadding and pkcs7padding filling modes […]

  • Ffmpeg unpacking


    Unpacking steps Create unpacking contextavformat_open_input Retrieve stream informationavformat_find_stream_info Initialize audio information Initialize video information Initialize frameav_frame_alloc Initialize pktav_packet_alloc Read data from input fileav_read_frame Decode audio data Decode video data refresh buffer Destruction of resources Initialize decoder //Initialize decoder – (int)initDecoder:(AVCodecContext**)decodeCtx streamIdx:(int *)streamIdx mediaType:(AVMediaType)type { //Find the most appropriate flow information according to the type //The […]

  • Implementation of elasticsearch search prompt


    1、 Four kindsSuggesterintroduce SuggestersThe basic principle of operation is to decompose the input text intotoken, and then look up similar in the indexed dictionarytermAnd return. According to different usage scenarios,ElasticsearchFour categories are designed in theSuggester, respectively: •Term Suggester •Completion Suggester •Phrase Suggester •Context Suggester 2、 FourSuggestercompare[1] Term Suggester——Based on edit distance algorithm. Analyze the input […]

  • Easyjson example of elasticsearch


    mailru/easyjsonThe feature of the library is that we only need to provide structures, and then use these structures to generate encoding and decoding code. The project name of the example iselasticsearch/encoding/json。 1、 Create models Create a new model directory in the project, and create two files in the directorymodel.goandresponse.go, add a line of code generation […]

  • Vulnhub actual combat -dr4g0n b4ll target 👻


    Vulnhub actual combat -dr4g0n b4ll target Address:http://www.vulnhub.com/entry/dr4g0n-b4ll-1,646/Description: in fact, there are no novel skills in this article. The right lifting method used is the article written earlier on Linux lifting the right through the path variable:https://www.cnblogs.com/tzf1/p/15408386.html(you can go and have a look!) This article is simple. There are no special skills! 1. Description It means […]

  • Doris Development Notes 2: optimize the hot code of the storage layer with SIMD instructions


    Recently, we have been developing Doris’s vectorized computing engine. During CPU hot spot troubleshooting, we found the CPU hot spot problem on the storage layer. Therefore, we try to optimize this part of CPU hotspot code through SIMD instructions, and achieve good performance optimization results. Borrow this note to record the discovery of the problem, […]