• Detailed explanation of JavaScript anti shake function debounce


    Definition and interpretation The anti shake function, debounce, refers to a function that executes only the last time in a certain period of time, no matter how many callbacks are triggered. If we set a function with a waiting time of 3 seconds, if we encounter a function call request in these 3 seconds, we […]

  • How to prevent JS jitter through examples


    Preface This topic often exists at the same time with event triggers. In order to investigate whether the interviewers can comprehensively consider the implementation ideas in some specific business processes (information flow, search box input query), etc. subject In some information lists, waterfall flow is usually used to load the corresponding data when rolling one […]

  • Functional debounce in angular. JS and vue. JS


    Problem description In the search input box, only when the user stops typing, do subsequent operations, such as launching Http requests. Students who have studied electronic circuits should know how to prevent keys from shaking. The principle is the same: that is to say, when the action is invoked in n milliseconds, the action will […]