• How to disable motd welcome message in Ubuntu


    Ubuntu uses update-motd, which is a dynamic motd generation tool. From the man page: UNIX/Linux system administrators typically convey important information to console and remote users by maintaining text in the file /etc/motd, which is displayed by the pam_motd(8) module at interactive shell login. Traditionally, this file is static text, usually installed by the distribution […]

  • Centos8 installs and uses Ansible (1)


    Ansible is an open source configuration management tool that we use to automate tasks and deploy applications. Using Ansible, you can automate routine tasks such as updating systems, installing software, and configuring services. This article will introduce the basics of Ansible, why you should choose Ansible, and how to install it.Before learning the basic information, […]

  • Centos8 installs and uses Ansible (2)


    Ansible is an open source configuration management tool that we use to automate tasks and deploy applications. Using Ansible, you can automate routine tasks such as updating systems, installing software, and configuring services. Configuring the /etc/hosts file makes it troublesome to use the ip address. You can add the host name corresponding to the node […]

  • Android will drop support for 32-bit apps next year


    Last week, Google officially released Android 13 and was the first to push the system update to Pixel devices, and other OEMs will follow the latest system and push updates to their devices later this year.Recently, Mishaal Rahman found an interesting commit in the Android 13 code repository – “Move tangor to 64-bit only”. According […]

  • Google officially open source Paranoid


    Google recently officially open-sourced Paranoid, a project for identifying common vulnerabilities in cryptographic artifacts.Paranoid supports testing of several cryptographic artifacts, including digital signatures, general pseudorandom numbers, and public keys, to identify problems caused by programming errors or the use of weak proprietary random number generators. According to Google’s official information, Paranoid can inspect any artifact, […]

  • Debian11 installs docker desktop from entry to abandonment


    Recently, due to the needs of some automatic testing, a docker server environment needs to be installed. Check the official site of docker and find that whether it is windows, macos or liunx, the current official site recommends installing docker desktop. Hence, this article. debian install The installation of debian is not the focus of […]

  • Summary of package management commands under Linux system|Prerequisite knowledge before using Linux system.


    Introduced at the beginningLinux distributionIt was mentioned in the classification that it is divided into the following three categories according to the package packaging format: DebianSeries: The package suffix format is.deb, the package management command isapt。 Red HatSeries: The package suffix format is.rpm, the package management command isyum、dnf、zypper。 ArchLinuxSeries: The package suffix format is.pkg.tar.zst, the […]

  • deepin 20.5 released


    As the world’s highest-ranked domestic team Linux distribution, deepin 20.5 was officially released tonight, upgraded the Stable kernel to 5.15.24, fixed the underlying vulnerabilities, and further improved system compatibility and security.According to reports, deepin 20.5 has added a face recognition function module, which supports biometric authentication for the adapted devices, and provides more secure unlocking […]

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux allows to run Linux systems in Windows 11


    Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a very interesting set of subsystems that basically lets you easily run a Linux distribution (and support executing its commands) in Windows 11 (or Windows 10). Best of all, you can install these distributions directly from the Microsoft Store. There are also many popular Linux-based operating systems such […]

  • Dialogue with Cao Hengkang, Vice President of Red Hat: CentOS Stream is the future of CentOS


    As a future release of CentOS, CentOS Stream represents the best way to further drive Linux innovation, bringing the wider ecosystem community closer to Red Hat Enterprise Linux development.“The world is constantly changing, and the development process is constantly being innovated and optimized. Red Hat believes that putting CentOS Stream before RHEL is a more […]

  • How to use Chrony to synchronize time in Centos8


    In Linux Server If we want all Linux servers to have correct time, we have to configure some NTP client which will always get correct time from remote NTP server. Install chrony Use the following command to install chrony in Centos8: [[email protected] ~]# yum -y install chronyAfter chrony is installed, there will be two executable […]

  • Microsoft finds two vulnerabilities in Linux operating system


    The Microsoft 365 Defender research team discovered two vulnerabilities in the Linux operating system, tracked as CVE-2022-29799 and CVE-2022-29800 (collectively known as Nimbushpwn), that could allow an attacker to elevate privileges to gain root privileges and install malware software. According to the presentation, the vulnerabilities can be chained together to gain root privileges on Linux […]