• The date selector is filled by single selection linkage, and the date splicing is carried out by converting it into array form


    1、 RenderingsThe start date is the current day, and the end date can be filled in according to single choice Select this week Select recent March II <div> <RadioGroup v-model=”period” v-on:on-change=”Aperiod”> < radio label = “this week” > < / radio > < radio label = “this month” > < / radio > < radio […]

  • Python time difference calculation


    Method 1: the time to be calculated is a fixed value import datetime c=”2020-12-08 11:30:00″ d1=datetime.datetime.strptime(str(c),”%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S”) d3 = d1 – datetime.timedelta(seconds=900) d3.ctime() Method 2: use the current time for calculation Datetime can view: days, hours, weekday (); Timedelta can view: days, seconds, etc. import datetime d1 = datetime.datetime.now() d3 = d1 + datetime.timedelta(hours=10) d3.ctime()

  • A few days apart (similar question no. 5 of West University of technology in 2019)


    1. Title Description and addressTitle Link2. First attempt Idea: It is calculated according to whether the year / month / day is the same (by default, the previous date is earlier than the next date) Case 1 & case 2: if the year & month are the same, directly subtract the day of the two […]

  • JS to get nearly three months, nearly a month, nearly a week


    Get nearly a week var end = new Date(); var year = end.getFullYear(); var month = end.getMonth() + 1;// 0-11 means January to December var day = end.getDate(); var dateObj = {}; dateObj.end = year + ‘-‘ + month + ‘-‘ + day; If (day – 7 < = 0) {// if before the 7th […]

  • Linux modify user expiration time


    What is the chage command? Chage stands for change age. It changes the user password expiration information. The chage command can modify the number of days between two password changes, as well as the date of the last password change. The system uses this information to determine when the user should change the password. It […]

  • Java calculates two time differences (localdatetime)


    Object introduction Object desc format LocalDateTime Date time yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss LocalDate date yyyy-MM-dd LocalTime time HH:mm:ss Get object instance Function Desc now Get the current time of Gets the specified time judgePrefix is Suffix desc after Whether after passing in the object before Before passing in the object equal equal supported Check for support(Field support, Unit […]

  • Python stunts Chapter 1 Introduction to password cracking with Python 3


    preface To me, the extraordinary thing about Wushu is its simplicity. The simple method is also the right one. At the same time, there is nothing special about Wushu. The closer to the essence of martial arts, the less waste on the performance of moves brief introduction Python’s unique skillsThe first chapter ispythonEntry syntax, the […]

  • Time judge current time set VIP by month


    function nextDay($date,$month){ //1 get today’s time $date time $date_ Today’s date $date_day =date(‘d’, strtotime($date)); //2 get the time after n months $lastday = strtotime(“$date +$month months”); $last_day =date(‘d’,$lastday); $day_benlastday = date(‘Y-m-d’, $lastday); $day_t=date(‘Y-m-t’,strtotime(“$day_benlastday -1 month”)); $day_benlast_day= date(‘t’,strtotime($day_t)); //Get the date of the day $Same_day = date(‘d’, strtotime($date)); //Judge whether the number of days after n […]

  • Prints the calendar for the specified year


    Enter the year and print out the calendar of the year: #include void PrintEnter(int mod); void PrintSkip(int lastday); void PrintTitle(int year,int month); int JudgeDays(int year, int month); void PrintMonth(int year, int mod, int lastday); int main() { int year; //The last day of every month int lastday = 1; Printf (“please enter year”); scanf(“%d”,&year); //What […]

  • Oracle-awr Report


    1: Log in to the corresponding database server and use Su – Oracle to switch to Oracle user (if the current login user is Oracle user, omit this step)2: Find Oracle disk space (/ u01 / APP / Oracle / product / 12.2.0 / dbhome)_ 1/rdbms/admin)3: cd /u01/app/oracle/product/12.2.0/dbhome_ 1 / RDBMS / Admin enter4: Sqlplus user […]

  • Daily temperature


    Title Requirements: thinking Initialize a res to store the returned results. The length of res is the length of the given array of T, and each element of res is 0 Define an array stack to store the subscripts of the T array Traverse the given array T and use enumerate to traverse the index […]

  • Post calculation script of SQL


    In most cases, we can complete the database calculation with SQL (stored procedure), but if we encounter some complex operations that SQL is not good at, we can only read the data out of the database with other programming languages, and then complete the calculation outside the database. Such programming languages often appear in the […]