• IOS custom date demo sharing


    There is a project requirement to select a date, which is this: After reading the demo of several dates on the Internet, it’s too thick and cumbersome to transplant, and then I plan to write it myself. Let’s write a simplified demo first. There are several key points: First, get the number of days in […]

  • Shell time (date) related commands


    date +%F date -d last-day +%Y-%m-%d date -d yesterday +%Y-%m-%d date -d next-day +%Y-%m-%d date -d tomorrow +%Y-%m-%d date -d ‘2 days ago’ +%Y-%m-%d date -d ‘2 weeks ago’ +%Y-%m-%d date -d ‘2 months ago’ +%Y-%m-%d date -d ‘2 years ago’ +%Y-%m-%d date -d ‘2 days’ +%Y-%m-%d date -d ‘2 weeks’ +%Y-%m-%d date -d ‘2 […]

  • VBS date (time) formatting function code


    Core code ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 currentTimeStr1 = CStr(Year(Now()))&”-“&Right(“0″&Month(Now()),2)&”-“&Right(“0″&Day(Now()),2)&” “&Right(“0″&Hour(Now()),2)&”:”&Right(“0″&Minute(Now()),2)&”:”&Right(“0″&Minute(Now()),2) currentTimeStr2 = CStr(Year(Now()))&”-“&Right(“0″&Month(Now()),2)&”-“&Right(“0″&Day(Now()),2)   WScript.Echo currentTimeStr1 […]

  • SQL Server date functions (summary)


    1、 Statistical statement 1. — statistics of current [> data after 00:00 of the current day] Select * from table where convert (nvarchar, dateandtime, 111) = convert (nvarchar, getdate(), 111) order by dateandtime desc 2. — statistics this week Select * from table where DateDiff (week, [DateAdd], getdate()) = 0 3. — statistics of current […]

  • Go date is the number of termtables


    Pipe/ h2> The number of points from the storage tank:? a>termtablesTo process the export and import of the data, please refer to the output of the power supply or the system management data at the place where the user is located at the time of import, according to the verification and test, if it is […]

  • Check whether the eight digit number is a valid date


    Test whether the eight digit number is a valid date String : Regex : [Ctrl + a all optional note: to introduce external JS, you need to refresh the page again]

  • Country enables MS-DOS subsystem to use international time, date, currency, case conversion and decimal separator


    Country send   MS-DOS   The subsystem can use international time, date, currency, case conversion and decimal separator. grammarcountry=xxx[,[yyy][,[Drive:][Path] FileName]] parameterxxx  Specify the country code.  yyy  Specifies the code page for the country (region).  [Drive:}[Path] FileName  Specify the location and name of the file containing the country (region) information.  /?  Display help at the command prompt.  notescountry […]

  • Date regular expression of regular application


    1 Overview First of all, we need to point out that both WinForm and webform have very mature calendar controls. In terms of ease of use and scalability, it is better to use calendar controls to select and verify dates.A few days ago, I saw posts that need regular dates in several sections of CSDN, […]

  • Example of SQL Server dynamic stored procedure saving data by date


    In the project, a large amount of data information is often saved to the database. If only one table is used to save the data, it is certainly not realistic. The preferred solution is to establish a dynamic table by date to save the data. Without changing the code of saving method, dynamic stored procedure […]

  • Shell script to determine whether the date entered is correct


    Today’s topic is to determine whether the input date is correct, using the function in our previous 03 exampleHere’s the code #!/bin/sh # valid-date — Validates a date, taking into account leap year rules. exceedsDaysInMonth() { case $(echo $1|tr ‘[:upper:]’ ‘[:lower:]’) in jan* ) days=31 ;; feb* ) days=28 ;; mar* ) days=31 ;; apr* […]

  • Shell determines the year code according to date, month and week


    Three time variables are known time1=”Fri Aug 23 11:35:21″ time2=”Mon Sep 2 16:18:09″ time3=”Tue Sep 3 16:06:33″Given that these three times can be determined to occur in 2011-2013, how to quickly determine which year? Desired output: time1=”2013/8/23 11:35:21″ time2=”2013/9/2 16:18:09″ time3=”2013/9/3 16:06:33″ #!/bin/bash time1=”Fri Aug 23 11:35:21″ time2=”Mon Sep 2 16:18:09″ time3=”Tue Sep 3 16:06:33″ […]

  • Linux file search and other basic commands (3)


    1. Linux contains a large number of files, for file search, Linux provides the find command. Find is a very effective tool. It can traverse the target directory or even the entire file system to find some files or directories find [path…] [expression] amongexpressionThere are three types: options, tests and actions. Multiple expressions are separated […]