• Linux file search and other basic commands (3)


    1. Linux contains a large number of files, for file search, Linux provides the find command. Find is a very effective tool. It can traverse the target directory or even the entire file system to find some files or directories find [path…] [expression] amongexpressionThere are three types: options, tests and actions. Multiple expressions are separated […]

  • Java date time and date conversion code


    This article mainly introduces the Java date time and date mutual conversion implementation code, the article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to java.util The package provides a date class to encapsulate the current date and time. The date […]

  • Regular expressions matching yyyy MM DD date format


    In fact, I also have a headache about regular expressions. Baidu has collected some information. To sum up, let’s leave a backup here. Questions to consider: what is the legal date; the number of days in each month is different; the problem of leap year…. 1. Legal date: the date and time between 12:00:00 midnight […]

  • Usage examples of shell language date


    I didn’t do anything serious today. I had a meeting. I’d like to write some knowledge about Shell Scripting Language. This is also the method used in completing the requirements of a business side two days ago. I hope it will be useful to you. First of all, let’s see how the date function is […]

  • Processing method of Oracle date type field


    (1) In the English version of Oracle, the default date format is’ dd-mon-yy ‘, for example,’ 01-jan-98 ‘ In the Chinese version, the default date format of Oracle is’ Day Month Year ‘, such as’ 21-august-2003′ or ’21-august-03′ (2) Convert string to date Using Oracle inner function to_ date() To_ The parameter of the date() […]

  • Implementation of batch output of string or date to windows clipboard


    The following operations need the help of clip.exe (C:\Windows\System32\ clip.exe ), which comes with the system and does not need to be downloaded. C:\Windows\System32>clip /?   CLIP  Description:Redirects the output of the command line tool to the windows clipboard. This text output can be pastedTo other programs.  Parameter list:/? Displays this help message.  Example:Dir | […]

  • Code of searching folder by date under vbs


    On Error Resume Next dtmTargetDate = “20020301000000.000000-420” strComputer = “.” Set objWMIService = GetObject _     (“winmgmts:” & “!\\” & strComputer & “\root\cimv2”) Set colFolders = objWMIService.ExecQuery _     (“Select * from Win32_Directory Where CreationDate > ‘” & _         dtmtargetDate & “‘”) For Each objFolder in colFolders     Wscript.Echo objFolder.Name  Next

  • Date format using date in golang (using java style)


    This paper introduces the use of date in golang to format the date. The details are as follows: Github https://github.com/noogo/date Date Date is a date package based on time wrapper. Through this package, you can quickly create date, get time stamp, milliseconds and most important date format. In addition, you can continue to use all […]

  • How do desktop computers change the time and date?


    Next, I’d like to introduce the method of changing the time of desktop computer to novice. Notebook is also the same method. I hope it can help you. step First find the bottom left corner where the time is displayed and click set time and date Click and open it, and click on it as […]

  • Detailed explanation of optimizing the performance of date format in Vue


    In many projects, it is necessary to convert the long integer date format to other date formats. In Vue, we can customize the corresponding filter filter to perform the function of date format. If you directly introduce the method of moment, when using NPM run build — report, you will find that moment.js The file […]

  • Code of creating folder with date by batch processing


    Core code: Copy codeThe code is as follows: @echo off MD “photo% date: ~ 0,4% date: ~ 5,2%” The current date% date: ~ 0,4% is a year and% date: ~ 5,2% is a month

  • DOS batch date command using method


    1. System helpC:\>date /? Displays or sets the date. DATE [/T | date] Type date without parameters to display the current date setting and promptYou enter a new date. Press enter to keep the original date. If the command extension is enabled, the date command supports the / t command option, which tellsThe command outputs […]