• Database summary


    Introduction of database service concept Database: mainly used for effective analysis and processing of a large number of data informationDatabase server: MySQL maridbDatabase: storing data, classifying user information — user information base, commodity information — commodity transaction information — payment businessDatasheet: Datasheet informationData field: store specific content information, store information specificationData line: real every legal […]

  • Oracle Foundation (6): sequence, view, index


    1、 Sequence Sequence is a special object in Oracle database, which can generate continuous integer values. It can be used by multiple objects in the database, and is mainly used as the primary key value.1. Create sequenceStart value with:1Increment by: 1Maximum value: maxvalue:100Minimum value: minvalue:1Cycle | nocycleBuffer: cache 20 | nocache (default: 20)  create sequence s1;Note: […]

  • Summary of sqoop learning


    Sqoop is an open source project of Apache. It belongs to the Hadoop family. Its core function is the data conversion and transmission between relational database and Hadoop. From the name, you can probably see: SQL + Hadoop = sqoop. At present, there are two main versions of sqoop, which are sqoop1 and sqoop2. The […]

  • Notes 4 of Python web development: foundation of Django development


    Why Django In a certain period of time, limited technology, the construction of a high-quality website, Django has become almost the only solution.Django takes all the possibilities into consideration. To this extent, complexity means comprehensiveness. After all, time is more important! Django features Powerful database function Powerful backstage function Elegant website Template system Cache system […]

  • One article quick introduction sub database sub table (compulsory course)


    There were a lot of new entrants beforeJavaThe fans leave a message, want to learn the technology of sub database and sub table systematically, but I haven’t made up my mind to do it. Now I catch up with the company’s project in usesharding-jdbcFor existingMySQLThe architecture is transformed into sub database and sub table, so […]

  • Exchange 2013 learning note 8: mailbox Mobile


    1.1 on the exchange server DC1, click the windows start menu, find “exchange administrative center”, and then click. 1.2. Click “to”, select “mailbox“, and then select the user to move the mailbox, and click “to other databases” under the mobile mailbox in the lower right corner. 1.3. Input the name of the new migration processing. […]

  • Interview of senior engineer by PHPer in eight years (Reprinted)


    This is a negative teaching material, I hope to arouse the vigilance of some programmers. In the past half a month, after several interviews, I have almost set my own position – there is still a little distance from Tencent’s T3 position. Because I have been used to staying in a small company for 6 […]

  • Mongodb technology from 0 to 1+


    This is Chen Shi’s award-winning article in the “Qingmang dialect growth” mongodb essay competition. Let’s enjoy it together. preface By chance, I found that Mongo Chinese community had organized a essay soliciting activity. Although I was still on the way to becoming a big man, it was good to take part in it. So there […]

  • Make big data analysis easier, 4 steps to teach you to play with mongodb Bi connector


    Mongodb uses Bi connector to support Bi components to access mongodb directly using SQL or ODBC data source. In the early days, mongodb directly used PostgreSQL FDW to realize the conversion from SQL to MQL. Later, mongosqld, which is more lightweight, supports the connection of Bi tools. Install Bi connector ReferenceInstall BI Connectorhttps://docs.mongodb.com/bi-connector/master/installation/ wget https://info-mongodb-com.s3.amazonaws.com/mongodb-bi/v2/mongodb-bi-linux-x86_64-rhel70-v2.12.0.tgz […]

  • PostgreSQL 13.0 official version released! More new features coming


    This article was published by PostgreSQL Global Development Group on September 24, 2020 with the assistance of the translation volunteer group of China open source software promotion alliance PostgreSQL branch. PostgreSQL global development team today announced the official release of PostgreSQL 13, the latest version of the world’s most advanced open source database. PostgreSQL 13 […]

  • ZABBIX quick start deployment


    For some special reasons, part of the environment is not built on the cloud, but on the hosted physical machine, which leads to many things that the cloud can help us to do, now we have to do them ourselves.For example: monitoring system. in line withDo not want to be the front end of operation […]

  • MVC + efcore project practice – warehouse management system 2 – build basic framework configuration efcore


    This course officially enters the development part. First of all, we should build the project framework first, or keep consistent with the previous progressive style. In addition to the necessary components, we should try our best to use native functions to facilitate our understanding.   Development tools: vs 2019 or above Database: SQL Server 2017 […]