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  • Various management methods of SQL Server database


    The scope of application of this paper: a comprehensive description of SQL Server database operations, divided into virtual host and server two cases. This is a long article. Please use the outline below to access it. outline 1、 Virtual host Enterprise manager online installation2. Register remote enterprise manager (SQL2000)3. Register remote enterprise manager (SQL2005 / […]

  • How to activate SQLiteManager


    How can SQLiteManager be activated?SQLiteManager is a powerful SQLite database management tool. The software supports multi-national languages, with functions of visual interface, table management, data browsing and editing, SQL statement query, database file error correction, optimization, etc. it can view SQLite database (encrypted database can also be viewed), which is a very reliable software. Small […]

  • PostgreSQL tutorial (13): database management in detail


    I. Overview: A database can be considered as a named set of SQL objects (database objects), and usually each database object (tables, functions, etc.) belongs to only one database. However, for some system tables, such as pg_database, it belongs to the whole cluster. More precisely, a database is a collection of schemas that contain SQL […]