• Handling XML Data Application Practice


    Abstract: GaussDB (DWS) supports XML data types and rich XML analysis functions, and can realize the mapping management function of relational data and XML data. XMLoverview XML is an Extensible Markup Language (eXtensible Markup Llanguage), which can describe very complex data structures and is widely used in data transmission and storage. XML is a markup […]

  • Eoapi x Tapdata plug-in is online: let the data really flow, API management is more convenient!


    This month, Eoapi, a subsidiary of Eolink, which focuses on open source API management tools, and Tapdata, a real-time data service platform, released the first cooperation plug-in – import Tapdata data plug-in, everyone must be curiousHow to realize the linkage between Tapdata and Eoapi? Tapdata provides fresh real-time data for downstream interactive applications, microservices or […]

  • node.js – routing, middleware, mysql


    It’s been so late every day for the past few days. I don’t see much content today. I don’t know why it’s so late after learning. Today’s content is still a bit too much, a bit self-contradictory, let’s talk about it again. 1. First of all, let’s see the concept of routing today. What is […]

  • Cache Coherence Best Practices


    background overview Recently in the team, we have been intensively discussing issues related to Redis cache consistency. The core domains of e-commerce such as merchandise, marketing, inventory, orders, etc. actually have their own characteristics in the choice of cache, so behind these differences in business, we Are there some best practices for reference? This article […]

  • The practice of Kafka in the Meituan data platform


    Kafka plays the role of unified data caching and distribution in the Meituan data platform. With the growth of data volume and the expansion of cluster scale, the challenges Kafka faces are becoming more and more severe. This article shares the practical challenges faced by Meituan Kafka, as well as some targeted optimization work of […]

  • The simplest way to monitor MYSQL


    There are many monitoring methods for the current database, which are divided into three categories: self-contained database, commercial use, and open source, each of which has its own characteristics; for MySQL database, due to its high community activity, there are more monitoring methods. There are various types of monitoring methods. The core of monitoring data […]

  • How to use the operation and maintenance panel to manage the mysql database?


    There are many management and maintenance tools for MySQL. In addition to the command-line management tools that come with the system, there are many other management tools. MySQL is a very popular small relational database management system. It was approved by Sun on January 16, 2008. acquisition. Currently MySQL is widely used in small and […]

  • SQL Abstract Syntax Tree and Rewriting Scenario Application


    1 Background We usually write various simple or complex sql statements, and after submitting, we will get the result set we want. For example, the sql statement, “select * from t\_user where user\_id > 10;”, is intended to filter out all records with user\_id greater than 10 from table t\_user. Have you ever thought about […]

  • 5. Data Access – EntityFramework Integration


    foreword Masaprovided based onEntityFrameworkdata integration, and provides the functions of data filtering and soft deletion. Below we will introduce how to use it? Getting Started with MasaDbContext Install .Net 6.0 New ASP.NET Core Empty ProjectAssignment.MasaEntityFramework, and installMasa.Contrib.Data.EntityFrameworkCore、Swashbuckle.AspNetCore、Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.InMemory、Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools dotnet add package Masa.Contrib.Data.EntityFrameworkCore –version 0.4.0-rc.4 dotnet add package Swashbuckle.AspNetCore –version 6.2.3 dotnet add package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.InMemory –version 6.0.5 […]

  • MySQL DDL execution mode – Online DDL introduction


    1 Introduction Hello everyone, today I will share with you how mysql DDL is executed. Generally speaking, MySQL is divided into DDL (definition) and DML (operation). DDL: Data Definition Language, that is, the data definition language, the related definition operations are DDL, including: new, modified, deleted, etc.; related commands are: CREATE, ALTER, DROP, TRUNCATE truncate […]

  • Redis data tilt and JD open source hotkey source code analysis revealed


    1 IntroductionThe little friend next to me asked me about hot data. After giving him a rough explanation of a wave of redis data skew cases, I also reviewed some methodologies about hot data processing. At the same time, I also remembered the JD open source project hotkey that I learned last year. – A […]