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  • [convert] javascript high performance array de duplication


    Original address: https://www.cnblogs.com/wisewrong/p/9642264.html   I. test template Array de duplication is a commonplace problem. There are various solutions on the Internet In order to test the performance of these solutions, I wrote a test template to calculate the time-consuming of array de duplication // distinct.js let arr1 = Array.from(new Array(100000), (x, index)=>{ return index }) […]

  • Oracle Statistical User Table Data Volume Implementation Script


    To count the amount of data in all the tables below the user, you can look at user_tables, which contains statistical information. Of course, this may not be very accurate. To be very accurate, you need to directly count tables. The following script is exceptionally uninterrupted and can be executed repeatedly. create table bk_count_tables ( […]

  • Implementation of Docker Data Volume Operation


    Introduction to Data Volume In the previous case, if we need to copy data from the host to the container, we usually use Docker’s copy command, so the performance is still slightly poor, and there is no way to make this copy achieve local disk I/O performance? Yes! Data volumes can bypass the copy system, […]