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  • Python basic tutorial


    CONTENTS Python basic data type Eleventh class hour Twelfth class hour Thirteenth class hour Fourteenth class hour Fifteenth class hour Sixteenth class hour Seventeenth class hour Eighteenth class hour Nineteenth class hour Twentieth class hour     Python basic data type Human beings are very intelligentYou can tell by experience and intuition what is a […]

  • The extended operator of ES6 has three points (…)


    To understand the extension operator of an object is very simple. Just remember one sentence: The extension operator (…) in the object is used to take out all traversable properties in the parameter object and copy them to the current object let bar = { a: 1, b: 2 }; let baz = { …bar […]

  • An example of the implementation of set type in golang


    Preface This article mainly tells you how to use the grammatical features of go language to realize the set type data structure and share it for your reference and study. Let’s have a look at the detailed introduction. demand The data structure of set type is essentially the same as list. It’s just that set […]

  • Programming foundation of Java Foundation


    Basic data type Java is a strongly typed language. The data stored in Java is of type, and its type must be determined at compile time. The basic data type variable stores the data itself, while the reference type variable stores the spatial address of the data. Basic type conversion Automatic type conversion When a […]

  • React parent child component nesting context


    Scheme 1 import React from ‘react’ import ReactTypes from ‘prop-types’ /*// outermost parent component export default class Com1 extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props) this.state = { color: ‘red’ } } render() { return This is the parent component } } //Sub components in the middle class Com2 extends React.Component { render() { return This […]

  • Summary of java knowledge points (1)


    JVM (Java virtual machine): source file – > compiler – > bytecode file – > interpreter – > program; JDK: Java development kit; JRE: Java runtime environment, Java runtime environment; Java is a strongly typed language, that is, all the data it stores are typed, and its type must be determined at compile time; Data […]

  • Deep understanding of data structure of classes in Objective-C


    1、 Structure of class The code in OC is implemented in the bottom layer, using C and C + +, so to study the class structure in OC, you can turn the code of OC into the code of C + +. First, look at the structure of nsobject. Create a file and simply write […]

  • C / C + + data types


    C / C + + data types C includes five basic data types:void, integer, float, double, andchar. type describe Bytes Range of values void Null type 1 int integer 4 -2^31 ~ 2^31-1 float Floating point type 4 double Double precision floating point type 8 char Character type 1 Gets the bytes and bits of […]

  • Python advanced path (3) tuple tuple User Guide


    More secure data types than list Hello, today I’d like to introduce a more secure Python built-in data type: tuple and its basic usage What is a tuple Tuple is another ordered data type, similar to list. The main difference is that tuples cannot be modified after they are created. So, tuple is different from […]

  • Oracle to sqlserver


    Different types of basic data In Oracle, there are some basic types with the same name as in sqlserver, but the format of the data stored is different. The date type is accurate to seconds in Oracle and days in sqlserver Table structure All the tables in Oracle have a common field, ROWID, which exists […]

  • Mysql database


    Mysql database > >It’s a bit messy, but it’s very detailed. > Installation, startup and basic configuration of MySQL — Linux version MySQL installation, startup and basic configuration — Windows version MySQL installation, startup and basic configuration – Mac version > A preliminary understanding of MySQL database MySQL table operation MySQL record operation MySQL index […]

  • JavaScript syntax and data types


    JavaScript variables     Summary     Put a specific value into the variable. Then this variable represents our specific value. If we want to use this value again, we don’t need to recalculate or do other operations. We can directly use variables to get the previously stored value. Simply put, a variable is a […]