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  • Go basic data type


    Go basic grammar package main import “fmt” func main(){ fmt.Println(“Hello world”) } Note: ‘{‘ to the left of curly braces cannot start another line, otherwise compilation error Else in an if… Else statement must be on the same line as “}” of if, otherwise compilation error The package name must be declared in the first […]

  • Go development guide for novices


    It has been more than three months since I joined the ant. During this period, I mainly maintain a server written by go. Although it didn’t take long, I still accumulated some experience. Here is a summary for the students who want to try go.This article will introduce the design concept, development environment and language […]

  • Oracle practice (1)


    I. creation and deletion of tablespaces Declaration: this operating environment is windows, Oracle10g Tablespace? Logical unit of the Oracle database. data base 一个data base下可以建立多个表空间,一个表空间可以建立多个用户、一个用户下可以建立多个表。 create tablespace test datafile ‘c:\test.dbf’ size 100m autoextend on next 100m; Test is the tablespace name Datafile specifies the data file corresponding to the tablespace The initial size of the tablespace […]

  • Summary of data type and JSON format analysis


    1. A few days ago, I learned that there is a simplified data exchange format calledyaml。 I went through itFileI don’t know much about it, but there’s a sentence that makes me open. It says,Structurally, all data can be divided into three types: The first type is scalar, a single string or number, such as […]

  • Explain data types in SQL Server


    Preface In the previous several articles, we have explained the knowledge of index. In this section, we will continue to explain the following content, brief content and in-depth understanding. data type SQL server supports two character data types: normal and Unicode. General data types include char and varchar, and Unicode data types include ncahr and […]

  • Using C ා to construct date data type


    /*********************************** Author: trieagleDate: August 14, 2009Note: please keep this information for reprint************************************/ Using C ා to construct date data typeIn SQL Server 2005, date type is not implemented, but it provides good scalability. You can use CLR to construct date type. Part of it is written with reference to the code of FC.Steps:1. Create a […]

  • Data type acquisition


    Preface In JS, we often need to judge or acquire data types. Most of the time, we use the combination of type and instanceof to judge data types. In most of the codes, the acquisition and processing of data types are ugly. I looked at the judgment and acquisition of data types in Q’s source […]

  • Python? Deep copy and shallow copy


    Deep copy and shallow copy import copy v = 123 V1 = copy.copy (V) V2 = copy.deep copy (V) × deep copy **Copy only copies variable data types, shallow copy only copies the first layer, and deep copy copies all layers Immutable data type: int STR bool tuple Variable data type: list set dictionary Dict […]

  • Invalid attempt to spread non-iterable instance


      The problem is the operation on the data, or the data type, or the data name  

  • Day06-mysql


      data base Enter databaseMySQL – U user name – P password Database hierarchy Database creation Name of create database character set character set collate collation Database deletion Drop database database name Database modification Alter database character set character set (utf8) Query of database show databases; Show create database name select database(); Switch of database […]

  • Java learning Day2


    The basic syntax of Java (1) I. key words Definition: a string with special meaning given by java language and used for special purpose Feature: all letters in the keyword are lowercase II. Identifier Definition: Java for variousvariable、MethodandclassThe character sequence used in the naming of elements is called an identifier (any place where you can […]

  • IOS ——– difference between eak and assign in development


    The difference between week and assign – use week and assign correctly I. difference 1.The difference of modifier variable typesweakOnly objects can be decorated. If the basic data type is decorated, the compiler will report an error – “property with ‘peak’ attribute must be of object type”.assignDecorated objects, and basic data types. When you need […]