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  • Analyze the difference between basic data types and reference data types in JS from simple to in-depth


    one   Data classification of JS in a broad sense JS is divided into two data types: 1. Basic data type: number, string, null, Bollean, undefined, symbol (ES6) Whether it can be changed: no (when the basic data type is re assigned, it will point to a new memory address, and the old one will […]

  • Install redis for Ubuntu 16.04


    brief introduction RedisIs an open source(BSDLicense), memory storage data structure server, is a high-performance serverkey-valueDatabase, cache and message queuing agent. It supports strings, hash tables, lists, collections, ordered collections, bitmaps,hyperloglogsAnd other data types. Built in replication, Lua script, LRU retraction, transaction and disk persistence at different levels, andRedis SentinelProvide high availability throughRedis ClusterProvide automatic zoning. […]

  • [Java from pit entry to abandonment] No 4. Operator


    preface Last articleJava variables and data types are introduced in, so how to run them? In this section, let’s take a look at the operations in java! The main contents of this paper are as follows: Arithmetic operator Relational operator Bitwise Operators Logical operator Assignment Operators Conditional operator Well, don’t say much. Let’s start the […]

  • Compound Data Type of Rust


    summary Long time no updaterustRelated content, update a waveRustLet’s talk about the content of this articleRustComposite data types in. Composite Type Composite data typeIs a data type, which can be composed of original basic data types and other composite types to form a composite type action, also known as combination. This article introducesRustThere aretuple、array、struct、enumSeveral composite […]

  • Exception handling · MSSQL · failed to convert nvarchar value ‘xxx’ to data type int


    Reading time |0.16 minutes word count |260.8 characters primary coverage |1. Introduction & background “Exception handling · MSSQL · failure in converting nvarchar value ‘xxx’ to data type int” Author | SCscHero Writing time | 2021/7/17 PM2:31 Article type |Series Degree of completion |Completed motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. 1、 Introduction & […]

  • Deep cloning of JavaScript objects


    Deep cloning of JavaScript objects objective condition In JavaScript, there are two types of data: Simple data types (string, number, Boolean, undefined, symbol, etc.); Complex data types (object and its secondary types, such as object, array, function, date, etc.); The value of a simple data type is called the original value, and the operation on […]

  • JavaScript variables and data types (1)


    JavascriptVariables and data types (1) This chapter explains some information aboutJavaScriptVariable and data type, storage method, and some other knowledge points. javascriptdata type Basic data type and reference data type nullAndundefined SymbolAndBigInt NumberAccuracy problem 1、 Data type javascriptCommon data types in8Species, which are further divided intoBasic data typeandReference data type。 The basic data types are […]

  • JS to realize deep copy


    catalogue JS implementation Simple deep copy (one shallow copy) Rough deep copy (discard object‘s constructor) Complex deep copy (relatively perfect) Es implementation Clonedeep method in lodash (perfect) 1、 JS implementation 1. Simple deep copy (one layer of shallow copy) ① For circular copy //Copy only the shallow copy of the first layer function simpleCopy(obj1) { […]

  • Introduction to the functions of system functions commonly used in string


    String is widely used in our program development. The following is a summary of more than 20 commonly used cases, function introduction, and a general introduction of strings and strconv package import “strings” The strings package implements a simple function for manipulating characters. import “strconv” Strconv package realizes the conversion between basic data type and […]

  • C language series article summary


    Review of C language knowledge After talking about the knowledge points of C language, the next step is to sort out and summarize, and then you will enter the learning of other knowledge. The chapters of the article are sorted out in the following, and the video version of the article is sorted out in […]

  • Pointer, value type, memory layout


    Analysis of basic data types in memory layout package main import “fmt” func main() { //Basic data type in memory layout var i int = 10 //What is I’s address & I FMT. Println (“I’s address =”, & I) } Analysis of pointer data type layout in memory func main() { /* //Basic data type […]

  • JavaScript variables and data types (2)


    JavaScriptVariables and data types (2) In this chapter, we will explain: Special reference types Type conversion Get data type 1、 Special reference types stayECMAScriptIn, a reference type is a data structure used to organize data and functions together. Generally speaking, an object is an instance of a specific reference type. stayECMAScriptIn the definition of type, […]