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  • SAP ui5 data type learning notes


    In sapui5data typeUsed as a mechanism to validate user input (for example, “hello” is not an acceptable value for the order quantity) and to ensure that the data is correctly formatted and displayed on the UI (for example, displaying 1234567 as 1234567 when needed). When and supportBidirectional bindingWhen used in conjunction with data models – […]

  • Programmer “confused code” behavior reward! Why does this code run successfully?


    When it comes to programmers, the usual impression for laymen is that they have plaid shirts, large underpants, flip flops, unkempt hair (bald head), dirty face and black circles under their eyes, and that “people are stupid and die quickly”. This is the inherent idea of programmers. However, as programmers in the new century, we […]

  • Study hard go: 4 Variables and data types


    Series articles: Study hard go: 1 Learning lead Study hard go: 2 Environment construction Study hard go: 3 Environment construction – gomod learning Study hard go: 4 Variables and data types Study hard go: 5 Constants and operators Study hard go: 6 Process control Study hard go: 7 Built in collection array Study hard go: […]

  • Kotlin of Android (I) — basic use of kotlin


    preface Kotlin is a static type programming language running on Java virtual machine. It is designed, developed and open source by JetBrains. Kotlin can be compiled into Java bytecode like a class file and run on a JVM. It can also be compiled into JavaScript to run on devices without a JVM. At the Google […]

  • Day2 – variables and data types


    variable Concept: the basic unit of a program definition: Specify variable type Judge the variable type by itself according to the value (type derivation) Omit VaR and define assignment var i int var i = 10 i, j := 20, 10 Basic data type Basic data types: numeric, character, Boolean, string Derived data types: pointer, […]

  • Record an error caused by unspecified JDBC type


    Error reporting site restore A batch stored SQL is tested normally and reported online ### Error updating database. Cause: java. sql. Sqlsyntaxerrorexception: ora-01790: the expression must have the same data type as the corresponding expression The original SQL is written like this <insert id=”batchInsert”> insert into <include refid=”TABLE_NAME”/> ( CID, TS, PHONE, NUM_PACKAGE, COST_MONTHPRICE, COST_PRICE, […]

  • JDBC type comparison


    1.0 standard JDBC types: SQL data type JDBC type code Standard Java types Oracle extended Java type CHAR java.sql.Types.CHAR java.lang.String oracle.sql.CHAR VARCHAR2 java.sql.Types.VARCHAR java.lang.String oracle.sql.CHAR LONG java.sql.Types.LONGVARCHAR java.lang.String oracle.sql.CHAR NUMBER java.sql.Types.NUMERIC java.math.BigDecimal oracle.sql.NUMBER NUMBER java.sql.Types.DECIMAL java.math.BigDecimal oracle.sql.NUMBER NUMBER java.sql.Types.BIT boolean oracle.sql.NUMBER NUMBER java.sql.Types.TINYINT byte oracle.sql.NUMBER NUMBER java.sql.Types.SMALLINT short oracle.sql.NUMBER NUMBER java.sql.Types.INTEGER int oracle.sql.NUMBER NUMBER java.sql.Types.BIGINT […]

  • Table correlation


    1.Create table #Create table create table Table name(       field1Name, field1type       field2Name, field2type       field3Name, field3type   )   create table t_uesr(   id int,   name varchar(4),   age tinyint,   sex varchar(2),   phone varchar(11),   score double(5,2)   );      #(2)View all tables   show tables; (3)Delete tabledrop table Name of the table; #Delete name as:t_user Table ofdrop table t_user; ##View the structure of the tabledesc Name of […]

  • Case of data time zone of JVM virtual machine


    In the process of Java program, the memory it manages will be divided into several different data areas.Xingchi mining serverThese areas have their own purposes and the time of creation and destruction. Some areas always exist with the start of the virtual machine process, while others are established and destroyed depending on the start and […]

  • Variable declaration in ES6


    Xiaobian himself is a front-end. Recently, when working on a project, it has become more and more difficult to realize some front-end functions. Especially in the face of Vue, he doesn’t know some new grammars at all. So I’m going to take advantage of my spare time to seriously study some new features in JavaScript. […]

  • Understand the basic object classes in Java


    1、 Object description Source code note: the object class is the root node of the hierarchical relationship of all classes. As the superclass of all classes, including arrays, it also implements the methods of this class. Note that what is said here is very clear, referring to the class level. Therefore, there is a common […]

  • Lua’s method of judging data type


    1、 Method of judging data typeType (XXXX) the return value of this function is of string type, that is: Copy codeThe code is as follows: a = type(X)   — a=”nil” b = type(a)   — b=”string” a = type(nil) — a=”nil”   2、 Lua scripting language8 kinds ofBasic data type 1. Number: double is used internally2. […]