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  • A brief analysis of mart stream processing in 5g Era


    The introduction of 5g network increases the demand for data volume and speed, which brings pressure to the traditional data architecture. The demand for absorbing data traffic is growing unprecedentedly. At the same time, intelligent and dynamic decisions should be made across multiple data streams to promote execution. Current data stream processing architectures are usually […]

  • Analysis of Java common data stream application examples


    This article mainly introduces the Java common data flow application example analysis, the article through the example code introduction is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to It can be divided into byte stream (8bit) (InputStream, ouputstream) and character stream (16bit) (reader, writer) according […]

  • redux-thunk


    1、 What is Redux thunk We know that when an asynchronous call returns to the front end is out of control. For Redux, a strict data stream, how can it be asynchronous?The basic idea of Redux thunk is to encapsulate asynchronous requests through functions, that is, to return a function in actioncreator and call it […]

  • Why did I choose react over Vue?


    At present, the three main front-end frameworks are react, Vue and angular, which are excellent in their specific scenarios. Among them, Vue is a good progressive JavaScript library, which is easier to develop styles and build UI. I prefer react because react has unique advantages The concept of react functional programming makes the code more […]

  • Process analysis of HTTP 2.0 request initiated by go


    From the official account: New World grocery store preface FollowingHTTP request in go — Analysis of HTTP 1.1 request processAfter that, it took nearly a month to write this article. Reading suggestions Http2.0 is basically consistent with HTTP1.1 in establishing TCP connection and secure TLS transmission channel. So I don’t recommend reading itHTTP request in […]

  • Spark streaming learning notes


    characteristic: Spark streaming can realize streaming processing of real-time data stream, and has good scalability, high throughput and fault tolerance. Spark streaming supports data extraction from a variety of data sources, such as Kafka, flume, twitter, zeromq, kinesis and TCP sockets. It also provides some advanced APIs to express complex processing algorithms, such as map, […]

  • Application Comparison of mobx and Redux in react


    This article collates the recent Redux, mobx in react use comparison, you can according to personal preferences, reasonable useView full demo Redux state management Basic usage process of Redux First of all, the basic steps of using Redux are sorted out createStoreCreate state collectionstoreParameters are relevant during initializationreduceras well asmiddleware, which will be explained in […]

  • How to generate online machine learning samples based on Flink?


    Compared with offline machine learning, online machine learning has better performance in the timeliness of model updating, model iteration cycle, business experiment effect and so on. Therefore, it has become an effective way to improve business indicators to migrate machine learning from offline to online. In online machine learning, sample is the key link. This […]

  • Flink — running architecture


    Task submission process Flink submits the task, and the client uploads Flink jar package and configuration to HDFS Then submit the task to the Yan ResourceManager The ResourceManager allocates the container resources and notifies the corresponding nodemanager to start the applicationmaster. After the applicationmaster starts, it loads Flink jar package and configuration to build the […]

  • Construction and practice of super large scale online real time anti fraud system based on Flink


    Author: Guan Heyu In the era of big data, financial technology companies usually use consumption data to comprehensively evaluate users’ credit and repayment ability. In this process, some intermediary agencies will collect a large number of numbers and carry out the “maintenance” work, that is, to make these numbers form normal consumption and communication records […]

  • Apache Flink infrastructure and concepts


    cxhfuujust https://www.cnblogs.com/cxhfu… Apache Flink is an open source computing platform for distributed data stream processing and batch data processing. It can support streaming and batch processing applications based on the same Flink runtime. The existing open source computing solutions take streaming and batch processing as two different application types, because they provide totally different SLAs: […]

  • Idea is so powerful that the debugger supports real-time data stream analysis. Do you know how to run the code in advance?


    I collated advanced Java materials free of charge, covering Java, redis, mongodb, mysql, zookeeper, spring cloud, Dubbo high concurrency distributed course, a total of 30g, you need to get it yourself.Portal:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/osB-BOl6W-ZLTSttTkqMPQ 1. Enhancement of debugger: Data Flow Analysis Assistant   Intellijidea v2020.1 adds data flow analysis aids to the debugger, which predicts and displays possible […]