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  • Webshell safety dog (3)


    1. Use the method contained in the file to bypass WAF: Here is a PHP code: Principle: apply$_ The parameter obtained by get() is assigned to the $filename variable, and then include contains the variable. If you directly access this PHP code, you will be intercepted by WAF   At this time, use PHP online […]

  • From Redux, to handwriting, and then to state management


    Let’s start with the conclusion Redux is a state management library and an architecture Redux has nothing to do with react, but it is a solution to solve the problem that states in react components cannot be shared Pure Redux is just a state machine. All state states are stored in the store. If you […]

  • Building data warehouse and Bi scheme with power Bi


    killer feature This year’s GA with several killer features of power Bi allows it to build a complete one-stop solution for data warehouse / data lake and Bi analysis. Power Bi premium per user – ultra low price Large datasets in power Bi premium – built in complete SSAS engine Dataflows and azure data Lake […]

  • Calculation method and code analysis of the k-th element in PHP data stream


    Design a class that finds the k-th largest element in the data flow. Note that it is the k-th largest element after sorting, not the k-th different element. computing method 1. Use the minimum heap directly. The size of the heap is k, so as to ensure the minimum space occupation. The root node of […]

  • [leetcode] top k problem summary


    Question: Find the number with the largest K In an array In data flow Find the maximum number of K In an array In data flow Find the number of K with the highest frequency In an array In data flow In file This kind of question is suitable for all kinds of follow up […]

  • React design pattern: in-depth understanding of react & Redux principle routine


    Original address This article is part of the author’s react introduction and best practices series, recommended readingTen year changes of GUI application architecture: MVC, MVP, MVVM, unidirectional, clean Communication A great feature of react component is that it has its own complete life cycle. Therefore, we can regard react component as a small self running […]

  • Design of tyk API gateway reverse proxy


    0x1 what is reverse proxy? The previous article introduced the current limiting design of tyk, this record analyzes its anti generation design. I believe that the students who do the back-end have basically heard of the word anti generation (the common posture of nginx). Agents are divided into forward agents and reverse agents. Because we […]

  • GitHub Explorer rewritten with Redux


    Introduction Just after learning Redux, I happened to see an excellent react projectgithub-explorer, the application uses rxjs to process data flow. In order to consolidate learning, it has the idea of rewriting with redux. Source addressDemo address Custom Middleware A custom middleware is used in the applicationapi, it is convenient to write asynchronous action creators. […]

  • [Kotlin Tutorials 19] Kotlin Flows, SharedFlow and StateFlow in Android


    Kotlin Flows This article contains: What is flow, basic concept and usage Different types of flow, stateflow and sharedflow are compared Use of flow in Android Safety collection OperatorstateIn, shareInThe usage and difference of This article is included in the collection:https://github.com/mengdd/KotlinTutorials Coroutines Flow Basics What is flow Flow can send multiple values in sequence. Conceptually, […]

  • Official announcement | Apache Flink 1.14.0 announcement


    In the recent annual report released by the Apache Software Foundation, Apache Flink once again ranked among the top 5 most active projects! The latest version 1.14.0 of the project also reflects its extraordinary vitality, including more than 1000 contributions from more than 200 contributors. We are proud that the whole community has made persistent […]

  • Jetpack LiveData


    Jetpck is the real luxury family bucket introduction Livedata is an observable data storage class. Livedata has life cycle awareness (following the life cycle of activity, fragment or service). Livedata updates only application component observers that are in the active lifecycle state. Full Preview Jetpack livedata overview 1. Instructions 1.1 features Ensure that the interface […]

  • Discussion on flux architecture and Redux practice


    Flux overview Flux is the architecture used by Facebook to build user-side web applications. Compared with other formal frameworks, it is more like an architectural idea to manage and control the flow of data in applications. Here, the data in the application refers to some states of the view in the data page from the […]