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  • Kafka: the TA that real time can’t do without


    1、 Preface With the development of technology and market demand, real-time development has become an indispensable part of the current big data development. In the whole real-time development link, data acquisition needs to be written to Kafka, and data processing also needs to use Kafka. Today, we will give a brief introduction to Kafka, the […]

  • Principle and practice of spark connector writer


    stayPrinciple and practice of spark connector readerIn, we mentioned that spark connector is a data connector of spark, which can be used to read and write external data system. Spark connector includes two parts: reader and writer. This paper mainly describes how to use spark connector to write Nebula graph data. Spark connector writer principle […]

  • Monitoring PostgreSQL with Prometheus + grafana in docker environment


    design sketch Environmental preparation Prepare the docker environment, including docker compose. Here, you can directly use the docker compose configuration file. $ mkdir docker-composes $ git clone https://github.com/docker-composes/postgres.git $ git clone https://github.com/docker-composes/grafana.git $ git clone https://github.com/docker-composes/prometheus.git Note: the following operations start from the docker compositions directory. Container configuration Postgres exporter configuration vim postgres/exporter/docker-compose.yml Set the […]

  • Example analysis of the method of configuring Druid data source with springboot


    This paper describes the method of configuring the Druid data source with springboot. The details are as follows: Druid is an open source database connection pool of Alibaba. Integration of Druid data source process during development. 1. Modify pom.xml <dependency> <groupId>mysql</groupId> <artifactId>mysql-connector-java</artifactId> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>com.alibaba</groupId> <artifactId>druid</artifactId> <version>1.0.26</version> </dependency> Add the above configuration. 2. Edit and […]

  • Wamsimpledatasource, a more elegant way to write static uitableview


    Well, before we start, I’d like to present the address of GitHub project with both handshttps://github.com/WAMaker/WA… order I believe IOS developers often encounter such pages: For such a static list, we can drag it out directly with storyboard or create it directly with code. Personally, I would choose to create it directly with code. However, […]

  • Flutter improves the problem of taowa hell


    preface This article is an article I’ve always wanted to write, and I’ve finally made up my mind. The little friends who write flutter may feel that under some popular flutter articles of nuggets, some flutter topics of Zhihu, or some forums, spraying flutter is always an eternal topic. If you are unconvinced, go up […]

  • Visual studio report solution supporting PDF export


    Click to get Tools > >Devixpress reporting is a report platform with perfect functions under. Net framework. It comes with easy-to-use visual studio report designer and rich report control set, including PivotTable and chart. Therefore, you can build reports with incomparable and clear information. Devexpress. Net reporting v20.2 supports PDF export – visual signature, enhanced […]

  • Excellent project of performance competition | score simply, combine efficiently, optimize tidb operator with shuffle


    Author: Huang Jianbo, cloud computing technology development engineer; Jin Ling, shopee software development engineer. Their team huang-b won the first prize in the performance competition. This paper will introduce the design and practice process of shuffle optimization tidb operator project. In our usual impression, separation and integration are a pair of contradictory concepts, but this […]

  • Roma compose: the new weapon of Roma


    Absrtact: it is a very difficult task to complete an association query across data sources without Roma compose. 1. Why was Roma compose born Just imagine such a scene, the director asked Xiao Pei to send him a report before work tomorrow. Xiaopei excitedly opened the list of requirements. Good guy, the report needs to […]

  • Exploration and practice of real time task resource optimization of like Flink


    By Shen Lei With the completion of Flink k8s and real-time cluster migration, more and more Flink real-time tasks are running on the k8s cluster. Flink k8s improves the flexible capacity expansion and reduction ability of real-time cluster during the big promotion, and better reduces the cost of machine capacity expansion and reduction during the […]

  • Introduction to thinkp6.0.3 framework


    Development environment: win7 x64, php7.3.4, mysql5.7.26, composer 1.10.10, Apache 2.4.39, thinkphp6.0.3 Environment construction   nodejs   + NVM (version management)+   Composer (Alibaba data source) + NPM   + Yarn + CGR (data source management — CGR source) Pull ThinkPHP into global dependency     composer   global require topthink/think Create TP dependent project composer […]

  • Magic API: a good news for Java back end developers and a sharp tool for interface development


    Introduction to magic API Magic API is a rapid interface development framework based on Java. The interface is written through the UI interface provided by magic API and automatically mapped to HTTP interface. The common HTTP API interface development can be completed without defining Java objects such as controller, service, Dao, mapper, XML and VO […]