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  • In mysql, using code farmer is very busy with IP address database


    After downloading to the database of the busy IP address of the code farmer, we can store it in the MySQL database, and when we need to query the location data of an IP, we can get the correct results through SQL statements. This is a very convenient way to use, and after adding the […]

  • Under the separation architecture of server and web, the front and back users are authenticated by using passport


    Under the separation architecture of server and web, the front and back users are authenticated by using passport Some time ago (about a year ago), I wrote a project, which uses the architecture of separating front-end and back-end codes. At the same time, because of business needs, there are two sets of user table login […]

  • Go carbon version 1.1.0 was released to support Gorm


    Carbon is a lightweight, semantic, IDE friendly date and time processing library. It is the golang implementation version of PHP carbon library. The original intention is to get rid of golang’s anti-human 2006-01-02 15:04:05 format time design and support chain call and Gorm structure.If you feel good, please give me a stargithub:github.com/golang-module/carbon gitee:gitee.com/go-package/carbon Application in […]

  • Suggest collection for future reference! MySQL common error code description


    Let’s first show you a few examples of error analysis and solutions. 1.ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/data/mysql/mysql.sock’ Problem analysis: the database may not be started or the port is prohibited by the firewall. Solution: start the database or firewall, open the database listening port. 2.ERROR 1045 (28000): Access […]

  • External tables of GP Greenplum data loading


    External table is a kind of data table of greenplus. It is different from ordinary table in the following aspects:External tables are used to access data stored outside the greenplus database。 Like ordinary tables, SQL can be used to query and insert external tables.External table is mainly used for importing and exporting Greenplum data。 This […]

  • Ado.Net Five objects and functions


    Connection: establishes a connection to the data source. Data adapter (adapter object): execute operation on data source and return result, establish communication between dataset and data source, write data in data source to dataset, or bind data source according to data in dataset. Dataset (dataset object): a database in memory, which is a collection of […]

  • About the promotion of droole to laravel project, and the choice of golang and the former


    I am a rookie, because I have learned golang for a while and started to use beego to do web projects. But in the process, I suddenly came up with an idea: if I open a new project, should I choose gobee or laravel + swoole? So I wanted to compare which of the two […]

  • MySQL common instructions


    MySQL related instructions: database collation: commonly used utf8_ general_ Ci 1cmd connection database: 1. Version view: mysqladmin — version 2. Connect root: MySQL – u root – P, and enter the password/Exit Ctrl + C or quit  2 query database: show databases; 3 query data table: show tables; 4. Create database: create database name; 5. […]

  • Summary of using egg Mongoose


    preface The project is based on: egg.js Installation configuration 1. Installation dependency npm install egg-mongoose –save 2. Open the plug-in # /config/plugin.ts import { EggPlugin } from ‘egg’; const plugin: EggPlugin = { mongoose: { enable: true, package: ‘egg-mongoose’, }, }; export default plugin; 3. Plug in configuration # /config/config.default.ts import { EggAppConfig, PowerPartial } […]

  • It took me a week to make the company’s management system, just a few steps!


    I am a manager of the enterprise. At this stage of the company’s development, I feel that we have entered a bottleneck period. It is difficult to squeeze out time to do other things. We need a suitable management software to cooperate with our work. Originally intended to buy a set of management software on […]

  • CTF SQL SQL constraint injection


    create table user( id int not null auto_increment, username varchar(30) not null, password varchar(30) not null, primary key(id)); In the real development process, what we usually register users and login users on the major websites is the process of interaction with the database. As shown in the figure above, the first command creates a data […]

  • Database import process from SQLite to MySQL


    There is a small project on hand. SQLite database is online, and MySQL database is used by local development environment for management convenience. Sometimes, in order to verify some data problems online, you want to synchronize the online data to the local, and then import it into mysql. What I thought was very simple actually […]