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  • Nocode actual combat | want to develop online course selection system? Why bother so much!


    “Focus” and “Star” us,Receive the latest information about Amazon cloud technology every day! As a college student with rich and colorful after-school life, you may have participated in many interest groups. If you read this article, there is a high probability that you will also participate in various computer interest groups. Then you might as […]

  • Code fragment management of sublime Text3 and phpstorm development tools


    Developers often do some repetitive work. The addition, deletion, modification and query of different data tables are similar, and they are repeated. I haven’t written programs for a long time. I use the National Day holiday to read books and write programs at home. Recently, I have always liked using sublime text. I found that […]

  • Online JSON to Clickhouse data table tool


    Online JSON to Clickhouse data table tool Online JSON to Clickhouse data table tool This tool can convert JSON objects into Clickhouse data tables, and supports copying and downloading JSON: (JavaScript object notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. It is based on a subset of ECMAScript (JS specification formulated by the European Computer Association) […]

  • In fact, it is very difficult to do a good job of sub database and sub table


    Why Before the official start, the dishes still need to emphasize that whether your data table should be divided needs to comprehensively consider many factors, such as whether the amount of business data has reached the order of magnitude that must be divided, and whether there are other solutions to solve the current problems? I’ve […]

  • How to create a tablespace with oracle?


    Create a temporary tablespace (Note: D: \ project \ oracletablespace \ fhadmin \ create path manually)*/ create temporary tablespace C##FHADMIN_TEMP tempfile ‘D:\Project\OracleTableSpace\FHADMIN\C##FHADMIN_TEMP.dbf’ size 50m autoextend on next 50m maxsize 20480m extent management local; watermark,size_14,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_20,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk=establishgameData tablespace fhadmin.org*/ create tablespace www.sangpi.comC##FHADMIN_DATAlogging datafile ‘D:\Project\OracleTableSpace\FHADMIN\C##FHADMIN_DATA.dbf’ size 50m autoextend on next 50m maxsize 20480m extent management local; watermark,size_14,text_QDUxQ1RP5Y2a5a6i,color_FFFFFF,t_100,g_se,x_10,y_10,shadow_20,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk=Create a user […]

  • Linux performance monitoring tool wgcloud, function manual


    1、 System introduction Wgcloud is a distributed monitoring system based on Java language. Its core modules include: server cluster monitoring, ES cluster status monitoring, CPU monitoring, memory monitoring, data monitoring, service heartbeat detection, application process management, disk IO monitoring, system load monitoring, monitoring alarm information push. Compared with ZABBIX monitoring tool, it is lighter and […]

  • How to migrate data from SQLite to PostgreSQL database


    SQLite is an excellent embedded database, which is often used in mobile terminal, internal or temporary database, embedded device, Internet of things and other scenarios. It occupies very low resources and may only need a few hundred K of memory. It is a truly open-source unlimited database, cross platform, and supports Linux, MAC, Android, IOS, […]

  • Build Mini blog at laravel 30 sub station


    General idea Demand analysis: our mini blog should at least include: Add / edit / view / delete articles, and article list display functions.Database analysis: Based on this function, we only need a articles data table to store articles.Page structure analysis: you should use template inheritance to create a basic template, including: navigation bar / […]

  • Node.js + Express + access DB to easily realize the full stack development of small programs (Part 2)


    1. New data According to the previous tables and fields, now we want to add data on the applet side. 1) On the home page, we write the new data interface first/routes/anime.jsAdd the following code. New data is generally usedpostRequest. Because asynchronous operation is involved, it is usedasync、awaitPerform the operation. Because there is no file […]

  • How to expand the horizontal capacity of the distributed monitoring system wgcloud and server


    First, starting from V3.0, wgcloud supports the server cluster mode, master slave. Download: http://www.wgstart.com Less than 500 monitoring hosts do not need to be used for server clustering and load balancing. The server is a spring boot architecture and naturally supports high concurrency. Note the configuration of the server, config / application.yml #Custom configuration parameters […]

  • Method of technical scheme design


    background   Some time ago, I took over a job that was still in the scheme design stage, and I redesigned it. I think the business of the new scheme is clearer and clearer than that of the old scheme, which solves the defects of the old scheme. I’m very happy to talk about it […]

  • Migrations and validation of laravel foundation II


    1、 Migration creates a data table and populates data with the seeder database Database migrationIt’s like a databaseversion control , which makes it easy for your team to modify and share the content of the applicationdatabase structure 1.1 create migration php artisan make:migration create_users_table –create=users php artisan make:migration add_ votes_ to_ users_ Table — table […]