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  • Problems and solutions caused by the introduction of routing in HCNP Routing & Switching


    Previously, we learned about the topics related to routing introduction. For review, please refer tohttps://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/15359902.html; Today, let’s discuss the problems caused by the introduction of routing and the solutions to avoid such problems; Default priority of each routing protocol in the IP routing table Tip: the above is the priority of each routing protocol in […]

  • Capture packets with tcpdump tool


    Tcpdump is a network packet interception and analysis tool on Linux platform, which supports filtering for protocol, host, network port, port, etc. And you can use and, or, not and other logical statements to combine the filters to achieve targeted interception. 1. Monitor the specified network port Use the – I parameter to specify the […]

  • Sniff and then spoof programming under Linux


    Sniff and then spoof programming under Linux 1、 Task description In this task, you will combine sniffing and spoofing techniques to implement the following sniffing and spoofing programs. You need two machines on the same LAN. Ping IP from machine a_ 10. This will generate an ICMP echo request package. If host IP_ If x […]

  • How to use traceroute


    Through traceroute, we can know the path of information from your computer to the host at the other end of the Internet. Of course, every time a packet arrives at the same destination from the same source, the path may be different, but basically the route is the same most of the time. In Linux […]

  • Ping and traceroute principle


    Ping principle Ping is mainly used to detect whether the host can communicate with the host. If you can’t Ping a host, it means you can’t establish a connection with the host. Ping uses ICMP Protocol. It sends ICMP echo request message to the destination host. ICMP Protocol stipulates that the destination host must return […]

  • Kali Linux cracking WiFi password (no external network card)


      Environment preparation: mode 1 (select this mode): Kali Linux, one laptop, USB flash disk (at least 8G) mode 2: Kali Linux, external network card, one laptop, VM   In particular, it is mainly used to crack mode 1. If there is an external network card, it is very simple. You can directly use itVM can […]

  • Packet capture analysis of Wireshark simple protocol


    IExperimental purpose HTTP、TCP、UDP、ICMP、ARP、IP、FTP、TELNETQuery analysis Basically master the use of query commands IIExperimental environment Hardware environment: one windows7 system and one XP system Software environment: VMware Workstation pro, Wireshark >Windows7 system IP: >XP system IP: IIIExperimental steps Get HTTP protocol packet Get TCP protocol packet Get UDP protocol packet Get ICMP Protocol packet Get […]

  • Technology sharing | sudden master-slave replication delay of MySQL


    Author: Liu Kaiyang Beijing DBA, the delivery service team of aikesheng, has a strong interest in learning database and surrounding technologies, likes reading books and pursues technology. Source: original contribution *It is produced by aikesheng open source community. The original content cannot be used without authorization. For reprint, please contact Xiaobian and indicate the source. […]

  • DDoS attack


    IExperimental purpose Understand the principle of DDoS attack Attack with tfn2k IIExperimental environment System environment: Windows environment, Kali environment Software environment:TFN2K IIIExperimental principle DDoS attack principleThe English meaning of distributed denial of service attack is distributed denial of service (DDoS). It uses a large number of DOS service programs installed on different high bandwidth hosts […]

  • ARP Spoofing and man in the middle attack


    1、 Experimental purpose Master ARP Spoofing Attack Master the whole process of ARP Spoofing Attack Learn to prevent ARP Cheating 2、 Experimental environment System environment: Windows environment, Kail environment, XP environment Software tool: packeth 3、 Experimental principle ARP cache 1. There is an ARP cache table in each computer installed with TCP / IP protocol. […]

  • Qnet network test tool


    1、 What is qnet Qnet Tencent wetest open platform recently launched a weak network testing tool qnet for mobile applications, which solves the pain point of special weak network testing on Android devices. Qnet does not need a root phone or a data cable. It provides users with fast, reliable and fully functional weak network […]

  • [network programming] 3 Using packet grabbing to verify TCP three-time handshake


    Wireshark packet capture tool Set the capture filter to the IP address of the target server host Send MySQL connection request to the server: You can see the caught bag: Set the display filter to exclude MySQL messages and only look at TCP messages !mysql || tcp The first three times are the three […]