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  • In node.js source code, why is binding IPv6 the first choice【 [simple knowledge]


    The reason for writing this article is that I saw this line of code in the key part of reading the source code of node.js This means that the listening function is called and the listening port is called So I found the technical manager of cvte, Master Zhang So I click the translation to […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (71): traceroute


    Command introduction The traceroute command is used to display the path information between packets and hosts. The traceroute command takes advantage of the “lifetime” field of the IP protocol and attempts to raise ICMP time by the path from each gateway to a host_ Exceled response. [[email protected] ~]# traceroute -bash: traceroute: command not found [[email protected] ~]# yum install traceroute -y Grammatical format traceroute [-46dFITUnreAV] [-f first_ttl] [-g gate,…] [-i device]             [-m max_ttl] [-p port] [-s src_addr] [-q nqueries]             [-N squeries] [-t tos] [-l flow_label] [-w waittime]             [-z sendwait] [-UL] [-D] [-P proto] [–sport=port] [-M method]  […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (72): tcpdump


    Command introduction Tcpdump command is a package capturing tool in UNIX / Linux like environment. Tcpdump uses the command line mode to filter and grab the packets of the interface. If tcpdump without any options, it will grab the first network interface by default, and it will stop capturing packets only when the tcpdump process […]

  • 14000 stars! The fastest port scanner to date


    [introduction]: mascan   Is a batch port scanner, the program runs on a single machine, transmits 10 million packets per second, can scan the entire Internet in 6 minutes. It is by far the fastest port scanner. brief introduction The input and output of mascan is similar to nmap. If you doubt the performance of […]

  • Springboot + rabbitmq smart home, I didn’t expect to be so simple


    This article is included in personal blog:www.chengxy-nds.topShare technology resources and make progress together I had the honor to participate in the development of a smart home project. Because I have no experience in this field before, I am curious about the development mode and technology stack of intelligent hardware. The product is a combustible gas […]

  • Lay a solid foundation


    preface Countdown to Chinese New Year Today is the last part of the network, network knowledge is also the content of the interview, so we must lay a solid foundation. Network 12 questions, for you. Can you answer these questions I have summarized some questions that will be involved in the network. If you can […]

  • [MySQL source code analysis] MySQL protocol analysis (1)


    #Preface   in the recent process of learning mysql, one thing I always want to do is to analyze the MySQL protocol. Understanding the MySQL protocol is also the process of in-depth understanding of MySQL. The content of this chapter will be divided into two chapters because it is too long. MySQL version: 8.0.20 Packet capture […]

  • Linux Network Management (4) – network test commands: Ping, Telnet, traceroute, tcpdump


    Linux Network Management – network test command 1、 Ping The ping command is used to test the network connectivity between hosts. When the ping command is executed, the ICMP transport protocol will be used to send out a response message. If there is no problem with the network function of the remote host, the message […]

  • From input URL to render page — network protocol


    This is the second article in the column from URL input to page rendering network protocolWe know that TCP / IP divides the network protocol into four layers We focus on the application layer, network layer and transport layer How is data transmitted on the network? Network layer IP If data want to be transmitted […]

  • Record a TCP queue overflow problem troubleshooting process


    1. Preface The problem investigated in this paper is the classic TCP queue overflow problem. Because the TCP queue problem has no obvious index exception at the operating system level, it is easy to be ignored, so I share the investigation process with you. 2. Problem description When a service calls B service interface, the […]

  • MySQL – causes and solutions of MySQL server has gone away


    Possible causes MySQL service down MySQL connection is actively killed MySQL connection timeout SQL is too long, beyond max_ allowed_ Packet limit Analysis and treatment of specific situation MySQL service down It may be an abnormal situation. If the database is down or restarted during the access process, there will be errors in the database […]

  • Illustrated HTTP – Book Sharing (1)


    The first chapter is about web and network foundation 1.1 using HTTP to access the web 1.2 the birth of HTTP 1.3 network foundation TCP / IP TCP / IP protocol family The commonly used network is based on the TCP / IP protocol family. HTTP is an internal subset. 1.3.1 TCP / IP protocol […]