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  • Identity application of ASP. Net core (Part 2)


    1、 Foreword stayPart IIt briefly introduces the identity of ASP. Net core, a framework responsible for user identity authentication. When we select this framework as needed to manage and store user account data in our application, it will be added to our own project. At this time, we will use the built-in data model by […]

  • The past and present of Android project framework


    Hi, everyone. It’s sunny today. It’s a wonderful start.This article tells you about the three popular frameworks of Android, the past and present of the architecture, and my understanding and views on these frameworks. Differences among the three frameworks MVC Architecture introduction Model: data model, for example, we get data from database or network View: […]

  • IOS ZFJ redislib super convenient key value pair storage solution, SQLite data model repository, APP cache solution


    preface I have written a data model storage method before when I was working as a cache framework in my last company. Specifically, it is encapsulated on the basis of fmdb and directly stores the data model, as follows: IOS – fmdb based operation encapsulation, model object addition, deletion, modification and query Recently, I’m not […]

  • Data chart analysis model of Java programming development


    Statistical analysis of data Implementation of multi curve chart analysis Basic needs analysis Suppose that at the age of monsters and the end of the year, we need to make statistical analysis on the traffic flow in and out of each road checkpoint, mainly from the perspective of traffic flow and license plate location. Business […]

  • Understand $digest() and $apply() in angular


    Translated fromhttp://www.sitepoint.com/understanding-angulars-apply-digest $digest()and$apply()It’s the two core and sometimes misleading parts of angularjs. We need to have a deep understanding of how the two work so that we can understand how angularjs itself works. The purpose of this article is to explain to you that in your day-to-day use of angularjs to write code,$digest()and$apply()How it really […]

  • Objective SQL officially released version 1.3.5


    Objectivesql is a Java ORM framework based on activerecored mode. It has zero configuration, automatically generates database access logic code based on the defined domain model, and provides convenient API to simplify SQL programming in Java coding process, improve the development efficiency of application system and reduce the amount of code. After three months of […]

  • Cassandra data modeling


    one   summary Apache Cassandra stores data in tables, each consisting of rows and columns. CQL (Cassandra query language) is used to query the data stored in the table. Apache Cassandra data model is based on query and optimized for query. Cassandra does not support relational data modeling for relational databases. Cassandra data modeling focuses […]

  • Realization of full stack cash register system (node + Vue) (Part one)


    The front-end gradually tends to be backward, engineering and automatic development. Mastering a back-end language has become an indispensable stage for us. The appearance of node enables us to build a simple operation background and realize the development of the whole stack. Now we develop a set of node background system based on Vue through […]

  • In simple terms vue1.0: Overview


    MVVM framework Vue Vue.js The goal of is to implement data binding and composite view component of response through as simple API as possible. Data binding of response (data driven view) As can be seen from the figure,The view on the left (DOM) and the data on the right (common JS object) are bound through […]

  • How to draw charts with JavaScript and HTML5 canvas


    Original text:https://code.tutsplus.com/zh-…Original: John negoitaTranslation:Stypstive In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use JavaScript and canvas to display digital information on pie and doughnut charts. There are actually easier ways to create a chart than from zero to one, such as using theThis chart Library But if you want to know what’s behind the library, […]

  • Distributed basic data model and query language


    Most applications are built by stacking data models layer by layer. The key problem for each layer is: how to represent it with the next layer? For example: As an application developer, he observes the real world (including people, organizations, goods, behaviors, capital flows, sensors, etc.) and models them through objects or data structures, as […]

  • The eve of Domain Driven Design: object oriented thinking


    object-oriented Object oriented technology is a kind of technology to solve the problemworldUnderstanding and abstract methods. thatobjectWhat is it?Object is the understanding and abstraction of the world, and the world is also called objectcreation. Understanding the world is more complicated, but the world is made up ofthingIt’s made up of.It is such a relationship that […]