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  • Kudu: introduction and architecture of Apache kudu


    Summary:Kudu,Hdfs,Hbase Introduction to kudu Kudu is open source by clouderaStorage engine, low latency can be provided at the same timeRandom reading and writingAnd efficientBatch data analysisAbility, he is a fusionHdfsandHbaseA new component with a new storage component in between. Kudu and HBase HDFS comparison.png Kudu is a big data storage engine, which can be combined […]

  • IOS blog project construction-21-reminder number


    This section will obtain the number of unread messages from Sina‘s interface and display them on the tabbar at the bottom. Request Sina’s interface every few seconds through the timer, and then display the number of various messages obtained through badgevalue. Encapsulates a data model that reminds the request parameters and return parameters that are […]

  • Data governance


    Learning and combing data governance is not deep. If you lose all the content at once and your mind bursts, write it roughly first. The following is fully understood in combination with address data governance. 1、 What is data governanceBusiness, technical and management activities to improve data quality belong to the scope of data governance.Current […]

  • Apizza – quickly generate API documents


    Apizza   It can not only debug the interface, but also quickly generate the interface document, which is convenient for other developers to use 1. Prepare documents In the development mode, when you switch to the document, the parameters and examples will be filled in automatically. You can fill in the information as shown in […]

  • Xuecheng online project summary – day4 page static


    Series articles: Summary of Xuecheng online project – Day1 CMS server building Xuecheng online project summary – Day2 CMS front end development Xuecheng online project summary – day3 CMS page management development Xuecheng online project summary – day4 page static Xuecheng online project summary – Day5 rabbitmq message queue Page static To generate a static […]

  • Angularjs learning notes – Chapter 2 – functions


    1.angular.copy angular.copy(source, [destination]); If no destination is supplied, a copy of the object or array is created If a destination is provided, all of its elements (for arrays) or properties (for objects) are deleted and then all elements/properties from the source are copied to it. If source is not an object or array (inc. null […]

  • Core technology of t-tdsql


    One of the core technologies of t-tdsql is the definition of data model. The combination of full state data model and dual temporal data model creates t-tdsql. 1. The core technology of t-tdsql I is data model In this model, the full state data is reflected in the historical version of the data item; Temporal […]

  • Analysis of opentelemetry


    Introduction:Opentelemetry is an observability project of CNCF, which aims to provide standardization solutions in the field of observability, solve the standardization problems of data model, acquisition, processing and export of observation data, and provide services unrelated to third-party vendors. On February 10, 2021, the tracing spec of opentelemetry reached version 1.0 (link). Based on this […]

  • Kubernetes stability guarantee Manual: insight + plan


    Introduction:Stability guarantee is a complex topic, which needs to ensure the stability of clusters effectively, iteratively and sustainably. A systematic method may solve this problem. Author Wu PengSource|Alibaba cloud official account Kubernetes stability Assurance Manual Series:​ Kubernetes stability assurance manual – minimalist version Kubernetes stability assurance manual – log topic Kubernetes stability assurance manual  —  […]

  • The machine can write SQL. Curd boys (girls) panic


    background Structured query language (SQL) is a special purpose programming language. It is a database query and programming language, which is used to access data, query, update and manage relational database systems. Curd stands for create, update, retrieve, and delete operations. A lot of business code is applied, which is always something curd. With the […]

  • Identity application of ASP. Net core (Part 2)


    1、 Foreword stayPart IIt briefly introduces the identity of ASP. Net core, a framework responsible for user identity authentication. When we select this framework as needed to manage and store user account data in our application, it will be added to our own project. At this time, we will use the built-in data model by […]

  • The past and present of Android project framework


    Hi, everyone. It’s sunny today. It’s a wonderful start.This article tells you about the three popular frameworks of Android, the past and present of the architecture, and my understanding and views on these frameworks. Differences among the three frameworks MVC Architecture introduction Model: data model, for example, we get data from database or network View: […]