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  • Vue part of front end interview (1) — talk about your understanding of MVVM


    Talk about your understanding of MVVM [answer] MVVM consists of model, view and ViewModel Model represents the data model, and data modification and business logic can also be defined in the model; View represents the UI component, which is responsible for transforming the data model into UI and displaying it; ViewModel is an object that […]

  • Learning record of mongodb master class (day 22)


    Write it at the front Because I want to design a database to practice, I temporarily decided to skip the operation and maintenance part and directly learn the part about “system architecture” in Chapter 4. Day 22 Today, we are going to learn the Chapter 41 | mongodb application scenarios and selection. Please click here […]

  • python flask_ Introduction to restful interface development


    Python version: Python 3.8 First, let’s take a look at the simplest example: when we get to access’ / Hello ‘, we return success app.py from flask import Flask app = Flask(__name__) from flask_restful import Api,Resource class HelloWorld(Resource): def get(self): return ‘success’ api.add_resource(HelloWorld, ‘/hello’) if __name__ == ‘__main__’: app.run(port=3000) Next is the upgrade version. We […]

  • A concise, efficient and customizable open source Android comment control — commentview


    @TOC catalog 1、 Control Overview 1.1 INTRODUCTION Commentview is a concise, efficient, customizable open source Android comment controlReply mode of building review、Drop down to refresh comments、Load more comments、Load more repliesAnd other functions,Customizable(style, data model, layout), which can be easily expanded according to requirements. 1.2. Functional features Functional features Support drop-down refresh comments Support pull up […]

  • Mongoengine + Flash Development tips (1)


    1. The data model class refers to itself, such as a list of people who are concerned carelist = ListField(ReferenceField(‘self’)) 2. Query the reference field. The reference field can only query the objectid, and other fields cannot be queried, unless the objectid of the target object is found first, and then the reference field is […]

  • Analysis of [IOS] core data I — enabling core data


    Core data is a very important way of data persistence in IOS. Fmdb, which has been used to store data before, seldom uses core data. However, it is necessary to understand the data persistence method on this large scaleDue to the limited understanding of the author, please correct the incorrect place, thank you! Before we […]

  • EF Core-1


    Thinking with questions, Hello everyone! A few days ago, I learned about the development mode of EF core: DB first (database first), model first (mode first), code first (code first). Most of my contacts are DB first. If you understand, some open source background projects will have the latter two, because it is convenient for […]

  • 30 minutes to understand the core concepts of graphql


    Write in front In the last article RPC vs rest vs graphql, we made a macro comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the three. Moreover, we will find that generally simple projects do not need graphql, but we still need to have a certain understanding and mastery of the new technology, so we will […]

  • Learning summary of Django official code style guide


    Python style Not mentioned in the following, all follow Python’s pep8 convention. See the Python code style guide pep8 summary. PEP 8 limits the president to a maximum of 79 characters, but Django allows a maximum of 119 characters (this is the width allowed by the GitHub code review tool). PEP 8 limits the length […]

  • Basic principles of Django App Design


    basic principle Every app should do just one thing. Its function should be described clearly in a simple statement. If more than one “and” is used in the description process, it may mean that the app is a little big and needs to be split. James Bennett:The art of creating and maintaining a good Django […]

  • Basic content of Vue


    1. Vue life cycle:The process from creation to destruction of Vue instances is the declaration cycle. From creating instances, initializing data, compiling templates, mounting DOM (- > rendering), updating (- > rendering, unloading and other processes, we call it the life cycle of Vue. There are eight stages as follows:Before / after creation, before / […]

  • Data model best practices recommended by two scoops Django


    Add or modify the data model can not be sloppy, the operation of the data should be carefully considered. Recommended Django data model related packages: django-model-utils: use its timestampedmodel django-extensions: use its administrative commandsshell_plus, which automatically loads the data model of all installed applications Basics Split applications with many data models No more than 5 […]