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  • Talking about the rotten mysql, let’s review it today


    MySQL transaction: MySQL transaction is mainly used to process data with large amount of operation and high complexity. For example, in the personnel management system, if you delete a person, you need to delete not only the basic information of the person, but also the information related to the person, such as mailbox, article and […]

  • MySQL index – underlying structure learning


    preface When it comes to database index, you must be very familiar with it, and you often come into contact with it in your daily work. I have read a lot of related articles, books and courses these days. I decided to sum up an article by myself. Although the article I wrote is certainly […]

  • Why learn data structures and algorithms? Do you know the data structure and algorithm?


    preface Why should we learn data structure and algorithm? Here I give a simple example. Programming is like a car, and the data structure and algorithm is the internal gearbox of the car. A driver who doesn’t understand the principle of gearbox can also drive. Similarly, a driver who doesn’t understand data structure and algorithm […]

  • MySQL must know how to read notes


    MySQL_Note_0 summary The content is so far before Chapter 9 “search with regular expressions” in MySQL The order of knowledge points is not completely consistent with the book: proposition first, then SQL statement The way of expression may not be suitable for general reading habits The writing method of SQL statement is more recommended in […]

  • How to realize the smooth expansion and reduction of dataserver in ant financial services registry


    SOFAStack(Scalable Open Financial AArchitecture stack) is a financial level cloud native architecture independently developed by ant financial services. It contains all the components needed to build the financial level cloud native architecture, and is the best practice tempered in the financial scene.   SOFARegistry is an open source of ant ConfigServer services, which has high […]

  • Mybatis transaction management


    1. What is business A transaction is a series of rigorous operations in an application. All operations must be completed successfully, otherwise all changes made in each operation will be undone. It can be understood as: the program execution unit that updates various data items in the database. For example: grasshoppers on the same rope […]

  • Overview of data structure and algorithm


    1. Data structure data: the operating object of a program, used to describe objective things. Data includes not only numeric types such as integer and real, but also non numerical types such as character, sound, image and video.Data has two characteristics It can be input into the computer. It can be processed by computer. Data […]

  • Learning summary of Django official code style guide


    Python style Not mentioned in the following, all follow Python’s pep8 convention. See the Python code style guide pep8 summary. PEP 8 limits the president to a maximum of 79 characters, but Django allows a maximum of 119 characters (this is the width allowed by the GitHub code review tool). PEP 8 limits the length […]

  • Design a modern cache


    This article is from the contribution of Alibaba Group’s customer experience business group, which is almost based on the work scenario, and has done some research on caching, and translated an article for fellow Chinese to learn. Original: http://highscalability.com/bl Caching is a general method to improve performance. Now most of the cache implementations use classic […]

  • Building restful API using asp.net core 3. X – 4.2 filtering and searching


    Passing parameters to the web API Data can be passed to the API in many ways.  Binding Source Attributes Would tell Model Where does the binding engine find the binding source for.  There are six types Binding Source Attributes:  [FromBody]  Requested body  [FromForm]  Form data in the requested body  [FromHeader]  Requested header  [FromQuery]  Query string parameter  [FromRoute]  Routing data in […]

  • Data structure and algorithm of “do. 028” – Introduction (1)


    First public address:Android programmer diaryAuthor:Ulmus pumilaIf you like, pleasePay attention to, appreciate and seeReading time: 2155 words, 5 minutes Preface First, I want to talk about why I want to write a series of articles on data structure and algorithm, mainly for two considerations: The first is the need of interview. Most of the big […]