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  • Redis Timeout Notes


    Question: A key-value pair already exists in redis, and a timeout period is set for it. If a new value is set for the key, how will the timeout period change? After experiments, the conclusion: the timeout will be lost after re-covering. Then look at the source codeFirst is the set command SET key value […]

  • Source Code – Axios


    Axios content main idea interceptor Cancel Promise: Axios' use of Promises is quite extreme Use the then chain to concatenate your ownrequest interceptor => ask => response interceptorchain, and then execute in an orderly manner Use the asynchronous idea of ​​Promise, separate the resolve method, and provide the ability to actively cancel the request to […]

  • Blog recommended | using Apache pulsar to build edge applications


    This article is translated by Apache pulsar Chinese community volunteers organized by streamnational. The original text comes from the streamnational English blog building edge applications with Apache pulsar, written by Tim Spann, streamnational evangelist. Translator: Yolo, working in the bomc team of BSC bomc ORP. Original link:https://streamnative.io/blog/… In recent years, the explosive growth of remote […]

  • Front end development: comprehensive application of jquery


    jsonJSON is the acronym of JavaScript object notation. The word means JavaScript object representation. JSON here refers to a data format similar to JavaScript objects,Front end trainingAt present, this data format is more popular, and gradually replaces the traditional XML data format. JavaScript custom object: var oMan = { name:’tom’, age:16, talk:function(s){ Alert (‘I will […]

  • Lesson 21 wechat payment: interface rules, parameter setting rules, security specifications


    Article description:   This article is based on the course notes of wechat official account + rapid development of small programs by suzhenwei, a teacher of shengpai network. Course address:   https://study.163.com/course/courseMain.htm?courseId=1004873017 Project address:   https://github.com/wechatdeveloper/WechatVideoCourse Course objectives: Understand wechat payment development and related configurations; Basic processes and rules of wechat payment. 1: Interface rules Transmission mode:To ensure […]

  • 1.15 use of Axios


    15、 Use of Axios 1. install Axios components Cnpm install Axios -s // first install Axios in the project Cnpm install // install other plug-ins required by Axios 2. in main JS join Axios import axios from ‘axios’ import VueAxios from ‘vue-axios’ Vus.use(VueAxios,axios) 3. send Ajax request //Get, put the parameter after the URL this.axios({ […]

  • Using shell to monitor Linux IO


    In fact, ZABBIX is generally used in enterprises to monitor, but here a person writes a shell in his spare time, executes shell scripts regularly through crontab and records them to monitor IO and directly upload shell scripts. #!/bin/bash date=`date -d today +%Y%m%d` #Determine whether a directory exists if [ ! -d “$HOME/sunshine” ] then […]

  • Flutter Alipay payment


    plug-in unit #Alipay tools alipay_kit: ^1.1.0 Note: you can use other plug-ins. It doesn’t matter. Alipay itself is very simple on the client side. I am the same author as the wechat plug-in. I wrote about it. I used it. The score is very low.1. Create application first image.png If you pay, 1 and 2 […]

  • [block] cibersort R calculated the infiltration fraction of 22 immune cells


    Comprehensive developepper authors’ articles and their own operations are summarized as follows for later use.If you have any questions, welcome to communicate Robust enumeration of cell subsets from tissue expression profiles | Nature MethodsThe above is an article by cibersortThree files are required to use the cibersort tool: 1、Cibersort.R 2、LM22.txt 3、genes_exp.txt 1、Cibersort.R This file is […]

  • Online yaml to toml tool


    Online yaml to toml tool Online yaml to toml tool Toml is a semantic configuration file format designed to be small-scale and easy to use. It is designed to be converted into a hash table without ambiguity. The name “toml” is an acronym for “Tom’s obvious, minimal language”. Yaml is a highly readable format used […]

  • Understand http


    HTTP features Stateless: the advantage is fast response, but the disadvantage is that you don’t know the previous information (this is also the function of cookies) No connection: only one request is sent per link Flexible: any type of data object can be allowed Simple and fast: only the request method and path are transmitted. […]