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  • The most rigorous Ajax request encapsulation


    1、 Encapsulating AjaxAjax, the most rigorous encapsulation, can copy references directlyajax.js function sendAjax(obj){ /First determine whether the URL is passed in if(!obj.url){ /No pass Throw new error (‘address required ‘) / throw custom error } /After the URL is passed in, you need to verify whether the URL is a string if(Object.prototype.toString.call(obj.url) !== ‘[object String]’){ […]

  • Laravel creates an exception handling response format suitable for API


    After laravel catches the exception globally, it will convert the exception into the corresponding data format and return it to the user. If you want the specified data format to be appropriate, we just need to rewrite the handling method after exception capture. Exception handling process Illuminate\Foundation\Exception\HandlerThe render method in is used to convert an […]

  • HTML5 API formdata — using


    FormData brief introduction XMLHttpRequest Level 2 adds a new interface, formdata. Using formdata object, we can simulate a series of form controls with some key value pairs through JavaScript. We can also use the send() method of XMLHttpRequest to submit the “form” asynchronously. Compared with ordinary Ajax, the biggest advantage of using formdata is that […]

  • xlswriter+yield+websocket


    xlswriter+yield+websocket This is a high-performance Excel / CSV Library Based on xlwriter + yield, which integrates websocket to push the progress of Excel operation.This class inherits from the extension of xlswriter and encapsulates some common methods while maintaining the usage of base class.Xlswriter document https://xlswriter-docs.viest.me/Source code: https://github.com/yzh0325/xl…Why use xlwriter to operate excel? Due to memory […]

  • Talking about Python: consolidating the foundation of Python


    As we all know, JSON object is undoubtedly the most commonly used lightweight data exchange format for back-end programming and front-end data rendering, and it is also a text format independent of programming language. Generally speaking, there are two main operations for JSON object in Python programming, one is to convert Python object to JSON […]

  • JQuery sends Ajax


    POST $(function(){ //Request data (object | array) const param = { Name: “Li Kui,”, age: 20 }; $.ajax({ Type: “post”, // request mode contentType: “application/json; Charset = UTF-8 “, // the media type of the request parameter url: ” http://localhost : 8080 / xxx / xxx / “, // request address Data: JSON. Stringify (param), […]

  • Broadcasting of remote sensing resources (2) | 11 classic remote sensing data sets


    Abstract: semantic segmentation is the most commonly used method for land classification based on remote sensing images. Following the previous training course of land classification model, several major open remote sensing data sets are organized. Original: hyperai super nerve Key words: remote sensing data set ﹣ semantic segmentation ﹣ machine vision In the last issue《Remote […]

  • Technical summary – project start [infrastructure manufacturing – Automatic SQL generation + import encapsulation]


    Because this project does not use framework, it uses SQLite database. You can imagine how much splicing SQL will be used in the later business, which will be quite troublesome. Once the database changes, a lot of things will have to be changed. So the basic is to encapsulate and generate SQL. Reflection and custom […]

  • How does alink read and write libsvm data?


    Alink is a machine learning algorithm platform based on Flink. Please visit alink’s GitHub for more information. This article mainly shares one of the skills of using alink, how to read and write libsvm data. Libsvm data format is libsvm( csie.ntu.edu . TW / ~ cjlin /) is a common data format in the field […]

  • HTTP interview questions


    HTTP status code classification 1XX server received request 2XX request successful 3xx redirection 4xx client error 5xx server error * Common status codes 200 success 301 permanent redirection 302 temporary redirection 304 resource not modified 404 resource not found 403 no permission 500 server error 504 gateway timeout * Methods request method Get data Post […]

  • Edit publish develop separation: git as NoSQL database


    Dynamic web page is the next problem to be solved. We read data from the database, then dynamically render a static page, and cache the server to cache the page. Since we can use software like varnish and squid to cache pages – indicating that they can be static, why not consider using static web […]

  • Infrastructure construction practice of big data platform based on Cloud Computing


    The current trend of big data platform infrastructure construction is cloud and open. This platform needs to provide all kinds of big data related PAAS services, and also needs to make the simple and flexible combination of various services to meet the changing and customized needs. How to provide a flexible, agile, yet stable and […]