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  • How does alink read and write libsvm data?


    Alink is a machine learning algorithm platform based on Flink. Please visit alink’s GitHub for more information. This article mainly shares one of the skills of using alink, how to read and write libsvm data. Libsvm data format is libsvm( csie.ntu.edu . TW / ~ cjlin /) is a common data format in the field […]

  • HTTP interview questions


    HTTP status code classification 1XX server received request 2XX request successful 3xx redirection 4xx client error 5xx server error * Common status codes 200 success 301 permanent redirection 302 temporary redirection 304 resource not modified 404 resource not found 403 no permission 500 server error 504 gateway timeout * Methods request method Get data Post […]

  • Edit publish develop separation: git as NoSQL database


    Dynamic web page is the next problem to be solved. We read data from the database, then dynamically render a static page, and cache the server to cache the page. Since we can use software like varnish and squid to cache pages – indicating that they can be static, why not consider using static web […]

  • Infrastructure construction practice of big data platform based on Cloud Computing


    The current trend of big data platform infrastructure construction is cloud and open. This platform needs to provide all kinds of big data related PAAS services, and also needs to make the simple and flexible combination of various services to meet the changing and customized needs. How to provide a flexible, agile, yet stable and […]

  • Django parsing angular’s post data


    In the process of using Django and angular, we encountered a problem that angular Posts data to Django. // Angular $http({ url: “myviews”, method: “POST”, data: {‘text’: ‘hello world’, ‘date’: ‘2017-01-04’} }) # Django def myviews(request): print request.POST print request.body The above will be printed out <QueryDict: {}> u”{‘text’: ‘hello world’, ‘date’: ‘2017-01-04′}” And that’s […]

  • How to download files with Axios


    First the conclusion, then the details: The configuration responsetype of the front-end Axios is’ blob ‘(key) The server reads the file and returns it to the front end in the format of content type: ‘application / octet stream’ After receiving the data, the front end uses blob to receive the data, and creates a tag […]

  • Comparison of XML JSON protobuff


    Comparison of XML, JSON and protobuf formats for data interaction 1. JSON: the most popular web project is JSON. Because the browser supports JSON data very well, it has a lot of built-in function support.2. XML: the most widely used in Web service, but its data is more redundant than JSON because it requires pairs […]

  • Data exchange and interaction between front and back end


    brief introduction Front end data interaction. Summarize the way of data exchange before and after. No matter whether the project is separated or not, the data interaction between the front and the back is needed, so we should master a variety of data exchange methods to face different business requirements. It is suggested that from […]

  • 3. After understanding these, Fang dares to write JSON with Jackson on his resume


    You have to work very hard to look effortless. This paper has been published byhttps://www.yourbatman.cnIt includes spring technology stack, mybatis, JVM, middleware, etcspecial columnFor free study. Pay attention to the official account.Bat’s Utopia】Break through one by one, grasp deeply, and refuse to stop. preface Hello, I’m your Batman. Last article: 2. Gee, Jackson used to […]

  • Serialization step


    At present, front-end and back-end separation, front-end Vue react, and back-end micro service framework have become the mainstream. The front-end and back-end languages are not unified, and the data format needs to be aligned. The JSON format is simple and easy to parse, which has become the solution of intermediate format. There are still some […]

  • Antd dynamic add / delete form


    *Preface When writing a project, I encountered the need to add a whole form dynamically. At that time, I also encountered a pit. I didn’t get the correct posture. Therefore, I wanted to write this article to record the problem.Easy online demo:https / / stackblitz.com/edit/react -x435fn?embed=1&file= index.js *Demand Because the data in the form still […]

  • Tree search (tree used: iView’s tree)


    1、 Requirements: enter a node name, select the node and expand its parent node.2、 Core: make the node’s selected as true and its parent’s expand as true.3、 Template: <Col span=”24″> <Input prefix=”ios-search” v-model=”searchName” clearable Placeholder = “please enter name” @on-enter=”searchTree” /> </Col> <Col span=”24″> <Tree :data=”treeData” ></Tree> </Col> 4、 Definition: Treerawdata: [// the data format […]