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  • JavaFX integrates Sqlite and Hibernate to develop crawler applications


    Catalogue[Hide] 0.1 Preface: 0.2 Interface 0.3 Maven environment 0.4 Project structure 0.5 Integration of Hibernate 0.5.1 SQLiteDialect. Java database dialect code 0.5.2 Hibernate.cfg.xml Hibernate configuration file 0.6 Project Initialization Connection Database Automatically Creates Tables: 0.6.1 Create databases and tables for the first run of the program 0.7 JFoenix Interface Development 1. JFoenix table TreeTable 1.0.1 […]

  • What is Huawei Cloud Distributed Cache Redis Service?


    Huawei Cloud Distributed Cache Redis Service is a Redis-compatible memory database service. Based on the dual hot standby high-availability architecture, Huawei Cloud Distributed Cache Redis Service provides a variety of caching types, such as single machine, master-slave, cluster and so on. It provides users with high-performance, high-availability and scalable data caching services. Compared with the […]

  • Python database connection tool DBUtils


    DBUtils is a python module suite that allows secure and efficient connections between multithreaded Python applications and databases. Modular The DBUtils suite consists of two subsets of modules, one for compatible DB-API 2 interfaces and one for PyGreSQL. Universal DB-API 2 variant Module dependencies under this subset are shown in Figure 1: Classic PyGreSQL variant […]

  • Scapy-redis Data Reduplication and Distributed Framework


      Data Reduplication Generating fingerprint: using hashlib’s SHA1 to encrypt request body, request URL and request method, and return a 40-bit 16-digit string called fingerprint fp = hashlib.sha1() fp.update(to_bytes(request.method)) fp.update(to_bytes(canonicalize_url(request.url))) fp.update(request.body or b”) return fp.hexdigest() Entry: (Queue de-duplicates requests objects, Zset de-duplicates fingerprints) If the request needs to be filtered and the fingerprint of the […]

  • PingCAP University offers free online courses. Come and light up TiDB DBA skills!


    At the end of last year, we launched the PingCAP University Training Certification Scheme, which has received wide response from community partners. PingCAP University has launched five off-line training sessions. More than 100 participants participated in four-day off-line PCTP training at PingCAP Beijing & Shanghai Office.Dry goods density phase, dang, high。 < center > Off-line […]

  • Basic Data Query of Relational Database SQL: Subquery, Group Query and Fuzzy Query


    Preface In the last article, the SQL sentence grammar commonly used in relational database is mainly the general structure of relational database. This article will elaborate on the SQL grammar of relational database query. Grammatical Review SELECT [ALL | DISTINCT] <Target List Expressions> [, <Target List Expressions>]… FROM <Table Name or View Name> [, <Table […]

  • MongoDB 4.0.3 Installation (centos)


    1. Download the installation package of mongoDB under / usr / local curl -O https://fastdl.mongodb.org/linux/mongodb-linux-x86_64-4.0.3.tgz 2. Decompression: tar -zxvf mongodb-linux-x86_64-4.0.3.tgz 3. Rename mv mongodb-linux-x86_64-4.0.3.tgz mongodb-4.0.3 4. Enter folders, add data and logs folders cd mongodb-4.0.3 mkdir data mkdir logs 5. Enter the bin directory and add new configuration files cd ../bin touch mongodb.conf 6. Edit […]

  • Detailed illustration of SqlServer 2005 database synchronization configuration


    <1> Software PreparationsMachine A: SqlServer 2005 Management Studio + WinServer 2003 Enterprise (as Publisher)Machine B: Sqlserver2005 Management Studio Express + WinXP (as a Subscriber) First: [Preparatory conditions] <1> Software Preparations Machine A: SqlServer 2005 Management Studio + WinServer 2003 Enterprise (as a publisher) Machine B: Sqlserver2005 Management Studio Express + WinXP (as a Subscriber) (You […]

  • Advanced Data Query of Relational Database SQL: Reduplication, Composite Query, Connection Query, Virtual Table


    Preface The next one is the basic data query of relational database SQL: sub-query, grouping query and fuzzy query, mainly the basic data query of relational database. Including sub-query, grouping query, aggregate function query and fuzzy query, this paper introduces several advanced data query SQL grammar of relational database, including virtual table, de-duplicate query, combination […]

  • Use DataWorks to Schedule AnalyticDB Tasks


    DataWorks, as a popular large data development and scheduling service in Ali Yun, has recently joined the support for AnalyticDB, which means that all AnalyticDB customers can acquire powerful abilities in task development, task dependency management, task scheduling, task operation and maintenance, etc. Now let’s introduce them carefully as follows. How to use DataWorks to […]

  • MSSQL Practice – Database Backup Encryption


    abstract In the sharing of the monthly reports of the special topics of SQL Server Security Series, we have shared: how to use symmetric keys to realize SQL Server column encryption technology, how to use asymmetric keys to realize SQL Server column encryption, how to use mixed keys to realize SQL Server column encryption technology, […]

  • 02. MySQL – Basic Operation of Database


    The database is the outermost layer (the largest unit) of data storage. 1. Creating a database Basic grammar: create database database name [library options]; Example: Create a database using create database   Library Options: Related attributes of the database Character set: Charset character set, which represents the default specified character set for all tables stored […]