• How to automatically generate lowercase dash routing in asp.net core


    By default, asp.net core uses   http://localhost :5000/HomeIndex   Class. But if you want to use lowercase routes, and these routes are separated by dashes: http://localhost : 5000 / home index they are common and consistent. For example. Net common routing http://localhost:5000/User/ListPages Desired effect http://localhost:5000/user/list-pages 1. How to generate a lowercase route can be set […]

  • [10 MINS/DAY] CSS Transition


    CSS transitionsProvides a way to control animation speed when changing CSS properties. It can make property change a process that lasts for a period of time, rather than taking effect immediately. For example, changing the color of an element from white to black usually takes effect immediately. After using CSS transitions, the color of the […]