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  • Why do apps develop “dark mode” one after another? Youku best practice summary


    1、 Origin With the official release of IOS 13 and Android 10, the term “dark mode” has gradually come into our view. All major apps have included the adaptation of dark mode in their development agenda, and the voice of users for dark mode support is also very high in public opinion. Youku host and […]

  • An indispensable ancient scroll Library


    Recently, I am busy with developing a desktop app, the main technology is based onelectronandangular.js. During the development process, I found that the scroll bar in windows is extremely ugly. As a program ape of design background, I couldn’t bear it, so I built a scroll bar wheel in off hours, calledangular-nice-bar (View demo)。 I […]

  • How to load the dark mode of website automatically?


    How to load the dark mode of website automatically? This article is translated from:Going dark (Web Edition) ? Source:Technology lovers weekly: issue 107 – Ruan Yifeng Time: May 15, 2020 23:54:03 Dark mode era has come Now there’s a new trend – blackening things. In the past, you had to decide the style of your […]

  • Kotlin dark mode (night mode)


    Recently, I saw the Yankee official account and talked about the dark color mode. So I realized it on kotlin, and the following is the effect picture. Android 10 calls this dark theme. Switching to dark color can reduce the power consumption of the phone and make it easier to use in dark environment 1. […]

  • [App Engine] about Apple IOS 13 dark mode


    _ This post is finally provided by apicloud technical consulting Kenny Recently, people are very concerned about the dark mode, because Apple has issued an official announcement https://developer.apple.com/news/?id=03042020b At this time, some media also released the news that “wechat does not fit the dark mode and will be removed from Apple’s shelves”, which caused widespread […]

  • Developing Android applications with kotlin (12) – dark theme


    Dark theme Styles and themes A style is a collection of properties that specify the appearance of a single view. Styles can specify attributes such as font color, font size, and background color. A theme background is a style that applies to the entire application, activity, or view hierarchy, not just to a single view. […]

  • Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol.18 about the design of react


    Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol.18 Since 2011, Facebook adopted the react framework on news feed for the first time. In the past decade, many useful functions and tools in the react ecosystem have been developed under the guidance of many design ideas and philosophy. What is the most impressive design? Fiber, hooks or suspend? […]

  • Why are apps developing “dark mode”? Youku best practice summary


    1、 Origin With the official release of IOS 13 and Android 10, a term “dark mode” has gradually come into our view. All major apps have put the adaptation of the dark mode into the development agenda, and the users’ voice for the support of the dark mode is also very high in public opinion. […]

  • IOS dark mode adaptation


    Not suitable for dark mode Add a new field directly in info User Interface Style Set the value to Light Adapt to dark mode You don’t need to add the field in info to match the dark mode But in eachUIWindow,UIViewController,UIViewAdd the following method to it -(void)traitCollectionDidChange:(UITraitCollection *)previousTraitCollection In this method, judge and change the […]

  • Android Q dark theme example


    Android Q dark theme example Learn how to apply dark themes. The first-hand materials are official documents and corresponding Google samples Official document: daynight – adding a dark theme to your app:https://medium.com/androiddevelopers/appcompat-v23-2-daynight-d10f90c83e94Official document: dark theme:https://developer.android.com/preview/features/darkthemeOfficial case: Android darkthemehttps://github.com/googlearchive/android-DarkTheme 1、 Introduction to dark theme Starting with support library 23.2.0, appcompat has added a new theme:Theme.AppCompat.DayNight It […]