• Using identity to store data with dapper in. Net core2.0


    Preface I haven’t written a blog for many days. In view of the rise of leisure and boredom, I want to write a blog, so I should make a note for myself. After so many days, my writing is still so bad, please forgive me. Today, I’d like to share some of the actual situations […]

  • How to use dapper in C Chen


    preface: Dapper is a lightweight ORM tool. If you use Entity Framework and NHibernate to deal with big data access and relationship mapping in small projects, it’s a bit of a bull’s-eye. You think ORM is time-saving and labor-saving, and dapper will be your best choice. Object relational mapping (ORM) has been used for a […]

  • How to use dapper to process multiple result sets and multiple mapping instances


    preface Object relational mapping (ORM) has been used for a long time to solve the problem of mismatch between object model and data model in relational database during programming. Dapper is an open source, lightweight ORM developed by stack overflow team. Compared with other ORM frameworks, dapper is very fast. Dapper’s design takes performance and […]

  • C# Video Tutorial Using Dapper Easy Access to SQL Server Database (Core Source)


    Hello everyone,I’m Rector, a. NET developer focused on community building. Neter. I previously launched a series of video lectures on “C Video Tutorial Easy Access to SQL Server Database Using Dapper”. This lecture is mainly aimed at beginners of C# or small partners who are willing to know Dapper. It involves: What is Dapper Online […]