• What is the new action of GitHub? Do you use it for automatic testing?


    Experience sharing This article is a taste of experience sharing, not too complex skills, do a minimum code example show, so that everyone can use action, if passing Daniel has advanced skills, please leave a message to share, I will add. The following text begins What is it? It’s aFree AdmissionThe operating system container (Linux […]

  • How to find excellent open source projects


    1. Preface This article describes how to find excellent open source projects on GitHub and find the mine you want. GitHub, as the world’s largest same-sex dating website, is also a very rich mine. GitHub is sometimes more useful than Google, and if you don’t know how to use it to mine, you’re not a […]

  • A recruitment insight from Daniel: What happened to iOS developers?


    During this period, a large number of job seekers have been attracted by lowering the recruitment requirements. Here are my recruitment requirements: Proficient in component architecture, MVP, MVVM, MVC, ROUTER have a strong understanding; Good command of Objective-C language, understanding of object-oriented programming ideas, with strong design capabilities; Proficient in APNS, UI layout, database, network […]