• Redux learning notes – Vol.2 – Basics


    Prev: Redux learning notes – Vol.1 – Introduction Action Action is the payload that transfers data from the application to the store.It is the only source of store data, generally throughstore.dispatch()Pass the action to the store.For example, chestnuts: const ADD_TODO = ‘ADD_TODO’; //An action can be expressed as: { type: ADD_TODO, text: ‘Build my first […]

  • GitHub loading slow? Slow download? Slow browsing? A few tips for you to take off with one click!


    I remember, it was a sunny night. Just because I looked back, I decided to go to the programmer’s road. From then on, the CV Dafa kept in mind and the code was with me. On this day, just as I turned on the computer and was ready to happily use the CV method to […]

  • Help: limited access to notebook connected mobile hotspots


    When a laptop connects to a mobile hotspot, sometimes when it is disconnected and reconnected, limited access rights will be displayed       I have to restart the computer to connect, or the mobile phone can be used after resetting the hotspot password. When the hotspot is turned off and reconnected, I can’t use […]

  • CSS in the middle, pointing North completely


    CSS horizontal vertical center problem is too common, finishing a wave In line single line text It is common to center the elements in a row horizontally text-align: center; The vertical center of multi line text of line elements can be solved by table layout. Of course, flex can also be done properly <div class=”container”> […]

  • 4. How to set color correctly in Xib


    4. How to set color correctly in Xib After writing for a long time, I found that it was not as good as others, so I reprinted it directlyIOS development: setting the right design color for app Let’s summarize If it is found in the development processInterface Builder(including Xib and storyboard) after running, the colors […]

  • [CSS] how to hide scrollbar without losing scrolling function (two lines of code)


    There are many answers to the hidden scroll bar on the Internet, but I found that most of them are CV DafaThat’s what happened to me todayRecently, react encapsulated a table component by itself. Due to the lack of style, the tableheader and tablebody are not alignedObsessive compulsive disorder – want to get rid of […]

  • Android gets security code SHA1


      Step 1: Win + R output CMD, enter the command line, find the JDK installation path, and enter the bin folder Step 2: input keytool.exe -List – keystore plus. Android folder debug.keystore File path Step 3: input the password. In general, if there is no password, press enter directly     The last CV […]

  • The judgment of ES6 function


    Affected by the original array judgment, the judgment function in the code is as follows: isFunction = (obj)=> { return Object.prototype.toString.call(obj) === ‘[object Function]’; } There has been no problem. Until these two days, I thought that I would not compile the code ases5Because of business requirements, only support is neededchromeAndchromeNativeasync/awaitIt is not easy to […]