• What is the difference between JS regular expression literals and regular expressions created using the new regexp constructor


    When we only use character replacement in JS, we often encounter two writing methods, direct literal 1、str.replace(/&nbsp;/ig,””); 2. New regexp Test code <form name=form1> String: < input name = “T1” value = “123456” > Mode: / < input name = “T2” value = “^ \ d * $” >/ </form> <script language=javascript> function c1() { […]

  • Regular expressiond metacharacter (relative to the number 0-9)


    Regular expressiond metacharacter:\ The d-ary character can match the numeric character, which is equivalent to “[0-9]. Grammatical structure: Constructor mode: new RegExp(\\d) Object Direct Quantity Method: /\d/ Browser support: IE browser supports this metacharacter.Firefox supports this metacharacter.Google Browser supports this metacharacter. Example code: Example 1: var str=”I love antzone \n and you 360″; var reg=new […]

  • Meaning of Regular Expressionswd


    Regarding regular expressions, I believe many people know that, but many people’s first feeling is difficult to learn, because at first glance, feel completely irregular, and all kinds of special symbols, completely ignorant. Resolving doubts about regular expressionsw anddhttps://www.jb51.net/article/154754.htm In fact, just don’t understand the regular, understand you will find that the original use of […]

  • Resolving doubts about regular expressionsw andd


    <?php $string=’April15,2003′; $pattern=’/(\w+)(\d+),(\d+)/i’; $replacement=’${1},${3}’; echo preg_replace($pattern,$replacement,$string); ?> The result of this expression is April 1, 2003 Reason: ( w+) can match April15 completely, but because ( w+) has ( d+) after ( w+), in order to match the defined rules, ( w+) will match April1, ( d+) will match 5.This can be avoided by replacing […]