• Realization of function compose and Coriolis


    Function Coriolis Sometimes there is a need like this add(5)(2)(3)=10add(2,5)(3)=10add(1)(7,2)=10 add(1)(8)(1)()=10add(7,1)(1)(1)()=10add(4)(2,1)(1)(2)()=10 Two ways of writing by Ke Lihua 1、 If the number of parameters passed in satisfies the number of parameters to be executed, the function will be executed function curry_(fn) { //Returns a new function judge with the receive parameter… Args return function judge(…arg) […]

  • [20200129] sub cursor does not share bind_ EQUIV_ FAILURE.txt


    [20200129] sub cursor does not share bind_ EQUIV_ FAILURE.txt –//The production system encountered a large number of bind again_ EQUIV_ Failure causes a sub cursor. I looked at the situation I encountered in my previous tests.–//Links http://blog.itpub.net/267265/viewspace-2156139/ =>[20180613] sub cursor does not share bind_ EQUIV_ FAILURE。–//Other people have suggested to me that the problem may […]

  • Implementation principle of h5ds editor’s timeline


    When I was working on the h5ds editor, I met a requirement: to control the progress of the animation through the cursor of the timeline. Take a look at the rendering: Technology selection: View: react Animation: Here we use CSS3 animation libraryhttps://animate.style/ All right, that’s it! Implementation principle When adding animation, dynamically add animation attributes […]

  • Mongodb: aggregate and aggregatecursor


    Environmental Sciencemongos 3.0.14 aggregate Using aggregate can realize more complex data aggregation operations, such as count, distinct count, group having, etc. The result returned by aggregate is an array. It should be noted that the data size cannot exceed 16m. For example: $pipeline = [ [‘$match’ => $tmpCondition], [‘$group’ => [ ‘_id’ => [‘user_id’=>’$user_id’] ]], […]

  • VIM advanced macro and application of macro


    What is a macro Macros allow us to repeat specific changes in vim. In VIM, we can record and store any key operation to a certain locationregisterFor playback later. To use a macro, you first need to record a macro, that is, input a series of commands, and store the series of commands in a […]

  • First handshake with windows GVIM (installation and configuration)


    Winodws Gvim System:Windows 10edition:Gvim 8.2 Install Gvim Package VIM’s official websiteFind the name of the sidebarDownloadClick inChoose againWindowssystemClick here to download!Maybe in the future, you can see that this is not version 8.2, but it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s above 8.0, it’s OK, but I still recommend to use version 8.2, which is […]

  • Python pymysql


    install The installation of MySQL database is almost as difficult as that of Oracle database. The installation steps are as follows: Install MariaDB Yum install MariaDB MariaDB server #, the default MySQL of centos7 is MariaDB Systemctl start MariaDB # start MariaDB Systemctl enable MariaDB mysql_ secure_ Installation # set the root password MySQL – […]

  • Tkinter (18) spinbox


    Creation and options of fine tuning input part The component consists of three main parts: input area, up arrow and down arrow spin_box = tk.Spinbox(parent, option, …) option explain activebackground Background color when active bg or background Background color bd or borderwidth The angle between the slider and the outer frame of the slot is […]

  • Cursor skipping problem of textinput component in react native


    Daily series of articles are used to record the problems and solutions encountered in daily work and life, not limited to technology. problem I met you today, butNo,One of the problems solved is that the textinput component in react native jumps the cursor and even crashes when it is used as the markdown editor in […]

  • Vue quill editor rich text upload image to seven cattle


    quotehttps://blog.csdn.net/weixin_42080056/article/details/98774354 1. Install Vue quill editornpm i vue-quill-editor2. Introductionimport { quillEditor } from ‘vue-quill-editor’ 3. Vue adds components and hides El upload of element UI <el-upload v-show=”false” class=”avatar-uploader” Action = “seven cattle upload path” :data=’fileUpload’ :show-file-list=”false” :on-success=”uploadSuccess” :before-upload=”beforeUpload”> </el-upload> <quill-editor ref=”myQuillEditor” v-model=”content” :options=”editorOption”> </quill-editor> 4.data fileUpload:{ token:”, key:” }, content: ”, editorOption: { Placeholder: ‘please […]

  • The best vscode in the universe


    This paper mainly introduces the shortcut keys and plug-ins commonly used by vscode in work, aiming at improving work efficiency The shortcut keys in this paper are based on MAC, and the shortcut keys in windows are placed in parentheses: CMD + Shift + P (win Ctrl + Shift + P) [TOC] Zero, quick start […]

  • Django — Web Framework (based on wsgiref)


    1Web Framework Web framework is based on more than ten lines of code, there are many simple and convenient methods, greatly improve the efficiency of development 2Write a web framework based on wsgiref      models.py ”’ Linked database return dictionary format: cursor=pymysql.cursors.DictCursor ”’ import pymysql #Connect to database conn = pymysql.connect (host =’ ‘, […]