• Vscode shortcut key to improve productivity


    1、 Open / view 1. Open command tray MacOS: Shift+Cmd+P Windows: Shift+Ctrl+P 2. Open Settings MacOS: Cmd+, Windows: Ctrl+, 3. Close the current tab / window MacOS: Cmd+W Windows: Ctrl+W If no tab is open, close the current window 4. Open / close command line MacOS: Ctrl+` Windows: Ctrl+` 5. Turn sidebar on / off […]

  • Improve sublime text workflow


    Set shortcut key for any operation Sublime has three operations for word conversion:upper_case,lower_caseandtitle_caseBut it’s strange that the first two have shortcut keys, but the third one doesn’t, which can’t be tolerated. But it is not even set in the default configuration. How to change it? Find the name of the sublime operation The first problem […]

  • lotus520


    A classic SQL is found, and the rolling calculation balance is realized by an update code without a circular cursor. For the convenience of understanding, test with examples SELECT * FROM #t1 ORDER BY sn sn plh sid chkshl jcshl1 S0002 20.0000 980.00002 S0003 10.0000 1010.00003 S0003 10.0000 1010.00004 S0003 10.0000 1010.00005 S0002 10.0000 980.00006 […]

  • 20 vscode shortcuts to help you move bricks faster


    Original link This article aims to help people who use vs code develop faster. Not everyone has time to study every hint and skill to find the one that helps them develop faster – because there are too many. So I’ll list my favorite shortcuts that I can use to develop quickly. let’s start! Merge […]

  • Example of using pymysql to call MySQL database


    #Import pymysql module import pymysql #Connect to database conn = pymysql.connect( host=”localhost”, user=”root”, password=”123456″, database=”fanis”, charset=”utf8″ ) #Get a cursor cursor = conn.cursor() Create table sql = “”” CREATE TABLE if not exists user( id INT auto_increment PRIMARY KEY , name CHAR(10) NOT NULL UNIQUE, age TINYINT NOT NULL );””” cursor.execute(sql) #Clear table data sql […]

  • Sublime Text3 User Guide


    1、 Introduction to sublime Text3 Sublime text is an excellent cross platform editor with beautiful interface and powerful functions, such as code thumbnail, python plug-in, code snippet, custom menu, etc. Currently, the latest version of sublime text is sublime Text3 (build 3114), which supports windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems. 2、 Sublime Text3 installation […]

  • Custom atom code snippet


    Atom can generate code snippets very well, which can improve the efficiency of code writing. However, some default snippets may not meet our expectations or we want to add our own snippets, so we need to customize them. For example, JS filereqThe generated fragment has a semicolon at the end, which I can’t bear for […]

  • Vs2017 common shortcut keys


    Project related Shortcut keys describe Ctrl + Shift + B Generation project Ctrl + W, S Show Solution Explorer Ctrl + W, P Show properties window Ctrl + Shift + A Add new project to project Shift + Alt + A Add existing item Navigation correlation Shortcut keys describe CTRL + M, CTRL + O […]

  • Sqlserver uses cursors to update data in batches


    Sqlserver uses cursors to update data in batches Intro Cursors can be very useful sometimes. When updating a small part of data, they can easily update the data. There is no need to write another small tool to do this, just write SQL directly Sample Here is a practical example: –Declare field variables DECLARE @RegionCode […]

  • MySQL cursor learning and application example


    Who? (what is a cursor?)Official definition of cursor: it is a data buffer opened by the system for users to store SQL execution results. Each cursor area has a name. The user can obtain records from the cursor one by one through SQL statements, assign them to variables, and submit them to the main language […]

  • How to add code snippets in sublime text


    When we write code, we always encounter some code fragments that need to be reused. At this time, we need to copy and paste repeatedly, which greatly affects the efficiency. We can solve this problem by using the snippet function of sublime text. Generally speaking, it is to save our common code separately, and then […]

  • Oracle database small knowledge point arrangement


    –Database stores data   –What are the main databases on the market   –Oracle MySQL –IBM DB2 Finance –Microsoft SQL Server   –These are relational databases.   –NoSQL is not only SQL, but also typical mongodb   —————– —————————————- –What are the classifications of database languages — ************************************** /*** 1. Data definition language (DDL), create, […]