• Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 20 – display ruler


    Display ruler Recall the last lesson Define tag ama Delete tag a:delm a Jump to tag a’a `A jumps to the row and column corresponding to a ‘a jumps to the row corresponding to’ a ‘ View all tags:marks Various marking types ”Is the position of the cursor of the last jump operation ‘”Is the […]

  • HTML draggable attribute


    draggable This attribute specifies whether the element can be dragged. By default, links and avatars can be dragged event Dragged element ondragstartInstant trigger of dragging ondragContinuous triggering during dragging ondragendDrag end trigger Target element ondragenterTrigger for entering the target element (mouse cursor entry) ondragoverEntering and leaving the target element is triggered continuously ondragleaveTriggered when leaving […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 21 – status bar


    Status bar Recall the last lesson We studied the ruler last time Ruler opense ru closese noru Line number opense nu closese nonu Command location opense showcmd closese noshowcmd Jump use29 GJump line number use19 |Jump column number use29 %Skip to 29% of the entire file Prepare the environment #Download material git clone http://github.com/overmind1980/vimtutorial.git #Enter […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 22 – configuration file


    configuration file Recall the last lesson We learned about the status bar last time Expressed by escapeitem controlitemWidth method takeitemGroup approach There is also a main switchlaststatus But it’s troublesome to write a long paragraph to configure every time Can we write a configuration file so thatvimHow about automatic configuration every time? configuration file #First, […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 24 – Custom Colors


    custom colors Recall the last lesson This time we studied the color scheme eurekacolorsLocation of Downloaded and applied color scheme Made their own color scheme Now I want to change the color of the color scheme Is it successful??? First, you have to have your own color scheme #Find the location of colors cd usr/share/vim/vim81/colors […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 29 – # vertical page turning


    Vertical page turning Recall the last lesson We learned about horizontal scrolling last time Rolling amplitude-sidescroll Roll retention-sidescrolloff Auto wrap-wrap g j、g kYou can move up and down line by line The control key that can control the switching linewhichwrap This is the content of horizontal movement However, generally, a line in the program will […]

  • [go] common shortcut keys


    reference materialGoLand / clion common shortcut keys Common shortcut keys:CTRL + SHIFT + F, perform a global lookupCTRL + ALT + L, formatting codeCTRL + ALT + H, view callback function Project related shortcut keysCTRL + E, open the recently browsed file.CTRL + SHIFT + E, open the recently changed file.CTRL + N, you can […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 30 – # screen number


    Screen position line number Recall the last lesson Last time we mainly talked about turning the page :set scrolloff=2Control the upper and lower sky and land Page up and page down (this is the most commonly used) ctrl + fNext screen ctrl + bUp one screen Move the screen up and down one line ctrl […]

  • Linux operation notes [continuous update]


    Common commands File lookup class findFormat: find path – option [- Print] [- exec – OK command] {}Note: When path is an empty string, it defaults to the current path When expression is empty, it defaults to – print Common options: -Name [pattern]: search by name -Type [D / C / B / P / […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 31 – # text block


    Text block Recall the last lesson Turn the page last time Last time, fix the screen position and move the cursor H – HeadMove to the top of the screen M – MiddleMove to the middle of the screen L – LowMove to the bottom of the screen Then fix the cursor and move the […]

  • Golang implements a simple command line progress bar


    Sometimes I can’t see the progress after running the script for several hours, so I want to write a simple command-line progress bar. Something like this The main principle is the carriage return character (moving the cursor to the beginning of the line). In this way, you can reprint a line to overwrite the previous […]

  • Linux (III): VIM usage and account user management


    Life is boundless, learning is boundless What is the VIM editor VIM is a text editor developed from VI. Code completion, compilation and error jump and other convenient programming functions are particularly rich, which are widely used by programmers. In short, VI is an old-fashioned word processor, but it has complete functions, but there is […]