• VIM editor common commands


    Turn pages command effect Ctrl + f The screen moves down one page Ctrl + b Move up one page Ctrl + d Move half page down Ctrl + u Move half page up G Move to last page of document gg Move to the first line of the document Insert and replace command effect […]

  • Messagewriter for Kafka message store


    abstract Messagewriter is a tool class for Kafka to write messages. This part of the code has little to do with the whole system design, but from a local point of view, there are many interesting details, so I also open a short blog to talk about it. Design intent of messagewriter First, let’s list […]

  • Filemessageset of Kafka message store


    abstract Friends who have read the previous blogs may ask that they have been forced so much that they don’t know where the news is stored. The title is clear. This time, let’s look at the underlying operation class filemessageset related to storage. It is a subclass of messageset, which operates the read and write […]

  • Sublime is a summary of shortcuts that you don’t use very much


    ctrl+shift+dCopy the cursor to the current line and paste to the next line ctrl+lSelect current row ctrl+jCombine multiple rows into one row ctrl+shift+kDelete this row

  • Linux VIM editor and restoring files deleted by mistake under ext4 – xmanager tool


    Introduction to main modes of vim VIM command modeQ: are VI and VIM installed in the same package?A: No, VIM is an added version of VI. the most obvious difference is that VIM can be syntax highlighted. It is fully compatible with VI Check a command, which software package is installed: [[email protected] ~]# rpm -qf […]

  • Linux common instructions


    After the database installation fails, enter the command Yum clear allNginx commandStart: start nginxRestart: nginx – s reload###Check whether the JDK is effective Command: Java – version 1. Common commands Ifconfig / IP addr check IP address PWD check current position Tab key is automatically supplemented (pay attention to uniqueness) CD command is the most […]

  • Basic operation of VI editor


    viThe editor is allUnixandLinuxThe Standard Editor under the system is alsoLinuxThe most basic text editor in, after learning it, you willLinuxIn the world of freedom viIt can be divided into three states: command mode(command mode), insert mode(Insert mode)Bottom row mode(last line mode), the functions of each mode are distinguished as follows:  be careful:get intoviAfter that, […]

  • Sublime text2 organize with shortcut keys (non MAC)


    Sublime text2 is a very awesome and sexy code editor. It has always been my favorite editor. The main functions of sublime text include: spell checking, bookmarking, complete Python API, goto function, real-time project switching, multi selection, multi window and so on. It has a beautiful user interface and extraordinary functions, such as mini map, […]

  • Reading notes of Linux shell script introduction


    For more interesting content, please pay attention to WeChat official account:Back end technology cabin Introduction to Linux shell script is a book suitable for beginners to systematically learn bash shell. Wall crack is recommended. The following are my notes on reading this book, hoping to be useful to readers. Output color character Echo – e […]

  • 30 minutes to get started, VIM


    For more interesting content, please pay attention to WeChat official account:Back end technology cabin 30 minutes to get started, VIM VIM is a text editor developed from VI. it is one of the necessary tools for Linux back-end developers. It is jokingly called the God of the editor by the majority of code farmers (the […]

  • Sublime text 2 shortcut


    Sublime Text 2 – Useful Shortcuts The following is taken from the Internet:CTRL + D word selection (press the shortcut key repeatedly to continue down and select the next same text for simultaneous editing)CTRL + G jump to the corresponding lineCTRL + J merge parallel (when multiple rows to be merged have been selected)CTRL + […]

  • Introduction to VIM operation mode


    What is VIM? VIM is a text editor developed from VI. Code completion, compilation, error jump and other convenient programming functions are particularly rich, which are widely used by programmers. Together with Emacs, it has become the favorite text editor for UNIX like system users. VIM’s design philosophy is a combination of commands. Users have […]