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  • Analysis of current limiting


    preface Each system has a processing peak when doing pressure test. When it is close to the peak and continues to accept requests, the whole system will respond slowly; In order to protect the system, we need to refuse to handle the overload request. This is the current limiting that we will introduce below. We […]

  • How to limit the request flow in ASP. Net core


    Translation link:https://www.infoworld.com/art… In application development, you may have the idea of controlling the request frequency of users to prevent malicious attacks of some users. Specifically, in order to prevent the well-known denial of service attacks and limit the access times of an IP in a period of time, to solve this problem, we need to […]

  • Getting started with nginx source code


    Li le Introduction Why do we need to learn nginx? High performance, high stability and elegant modular programming are not mentioned. Let’s just say one reason: nginx is the most popular web server at present. According to statistics, one out of every three websites in the world uses nginx. If you don’t understand nginx, you […]

  • Iqiyi’s microservice architecture practice in Dubbo ecology


    Introduction:This paper summarizes the author’s sharing of “iqiyi’s microservice architecture practice in Dubbo ecology” at the 2020 cloud native microservice conference, focusing on iqiyi’s experience in using Dubbo, sentinel and other development frameworks, as well as the construction experience of microservice ecosystem. By Zhou Xiaojun   Iqiyi middleware team leader Reading guide: This paper summarizes […]

  • Micro service avalanche and Countermeasures


    High cohesion and low coupling of microservices First of all, I would like to mention a division principle of microservicesHigh cohesionandLow coupling。High cohesion: the parts with high correlation should be concentrated as far as possible, not scattered.Low coupling: two related modules reduce dependence as much as possible. It should be said that modularity and low […]

  • Have to understand the series of current limiting


    Brief introduction of current limiting Now when it comes to high availability systems, we will talk about high availability protection means: caching, degradation and current limiting. This blog mainly talks about current limiting. Current limiting is the abbreviation of rate limit, which means that only specified events are allowed to enter the system, and the […]

  • Sentinel go integrates Nacos to realize external dynamic data source


    Introduction:In 2020, sentinel will launch the native version of goSentinel-GolangAnd continue to make breakthroughs in the cloud native field. This paper will explain how to integrate in sentinel golang with a caseNacosAs an external dynamic data source, the flow control rules are stored in Nacos, and the rules are dynamically updated in real time. This […]

  • Spring cloud Alibaba series (6) practical application of sentinel


    1、 Persistent configuration of sentinel In the previous chapter, we used dashboard to set various rules for sentinel clients, but these rules are stored in memory by default, which is extremely unstable and cannot be used in the generation environment, so we need to persist them. DataSourceThe common implementation methods of extension are as follows: […]

  • Using modelviewset + modelserializer


    1. DRF initialization Eight core functions of DRF framework 1. Authentication (user login to verify whether the user name, password or token are legal) 2. Permissions (different tables can be operated according to different user roles) 3. Current limiting (limiting interface access speed) 4. Serialization (return JSON) 5. Pagination 6. Version (interface version number, V1 […]

  • How to design an API gateway?


    1. Background 1.1 what is API gateway API gateway can be seen as the entrance of the system to connect with the outside world. We can process some non business logic logic in the gateway, such as permission verification, monitoring, caching, request routing, etc. 1.2 why API gateway is needed RPC Protocol to http. In […]

  • Nginx can only load balance? No, no, no; it’s stronger than you think!


    Nginx should be one of the most popular web and reverse proxy servers. It is a high-performance web server born in Russia, especially in the case of high concurrency. Compared with Apache, it has excellent performance. In addition to load balancing, what other uses does it have? Let’s take a look.1、 Load balancingNginx can realize […]

  • Is gateway good or bad for distributed system?


    Soul torture Do distributed systems need a unified gateway? What are the advantages of gateway? Will gateway bring disaster? The design of distributed system is generally divided into centralization and decentralization. Like the popular micro service mode, the essence is to split all kinds of business into independent processes to achieve business scalability. With the […]