• Digital RMB can be used instead of cash. Shenzhen pilot issue 10 million red packets


    Recently, Shenzhen has made a big move to take the lead in starting the pilot project of digital RMB and jointly issue 10 million digital red packets with the central bank. According to official sources in Shenzhen, a total of 10 million yuan of digital RMB red envelopes were issued, each with a total amount […]

  • RCAST 35: adding type to currency


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  • The world of bitcoin


    brief introduction In 2008, a mysterious man, whose pseudonym is Nakamoto Cong, put forward for the first time in the form of a paper: bitcoin: a peer-to-peer e-cash system( Bitcoin:A Peer-to-Peer From then on, it marked the birth of bitcoin. From 2008 to 2020, after 12 years of development, bitcoin has become the virtual currency […]

  • C ා file copy help class


    Take notes about copying files:      /// ///File help class /// public class FileHelper { /// ///Copy all files in one directory to a new directory /// ///Original catalogue ///New directory generation method ///Copy files in subfolders ///Optional: whether to override (default overlay) public static void CopyFileList(string copyPath, Func newFilePathFunc, bool isCopySubFolder = true, […]

  • Bitcoin and other real-time prices, coincap API instructions, digital currency price acquisition, K-line access, real-time price access free


    Coincap API instructions, digital currency price acquisition, K line acquisition, real-time price acquisition, free of charge Coincap is a foreign API, providing price information of almost all digital currencies, K-line data, WS real-time price interface Coincap API documentation address: https://docs.coincap.io/?vers… Official website address of coincap: https://coincap.io Data screenshot K line data Real time price data […]

  • Common format of numbers


    Three digit one tease: use “n” (it is OK to use n, case insensitive), and the number after “n” is the decimal place //Three decimal places for one tease Console.WriteLine($”{9999.12345.ToString(“N5″)}”); //Three for one round, keep 2 decimal places Console.WriteLine($”{9999.555.ToString(“N2″)}”); //Three decimal places for one tease, 8 decimal places reserved, 0 for missing Console.WriteLine($”{99999999.3.ToString(“N8″)}”); 9,999.12345 9,999.56 […]

  • How is Libra blockchain technology implemented


    As a social giant, Facebook is the world’s leading online social media and social network service provider, occupying the most powerful and influential position in the press. There is no doubt that if the world’s largest company promotes digital currency, encryption technology will soon be firmly applied worldwide. However, the bold idea of publishing cryptocurrencies […]

  • On the relationship between Fisher exchange equation and decentralized storage bandwidth Market


    Ppio is a decentralized storage and distribution platform for developers to make data cheaper, faster and more private. The official website is https://pp.io. 1. Core summaryFisher‘s exchange equation is the mathematical relationship between the quantity of money and the economy discovered by the economist Fisher under the academic framework of his theory of quantity of […]

  • The blockchain tide has come, how can the central bank wait to die?


    Recently, a word – “blockchain” appears frequently on the Internet, but many people often don’t know the exact meaning. So what is “blockchain”? Recently, it was publicly named. What is “blockchain”? In a narrow sense, blockchain is a kind of distributed database which combines data blocks in chronological order and ensures that it can not […]

  • RCAST 35: add type to currency


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  • Do you know the relationship between central bank digital currency and mobile payment?


    When it comes to digital currency, China’s central bank began to study it as early as 2014. Compared with Libra launched by Facebook in the United States, the digital currency of the central bank (DCEP) has entered the public vision for a long time. With the progress of science and technology, money payment has gradually […]