• Optimization algorithm learning | cuckoo algorithm principle and python implementation


    Hello, guys~ It’s time for algorithm learning again, so today I’ll introduce a not too new algorithm – Cuckoo algorithm. Come and study together~ 01 algorithm background Cuckoo search algorithm (CS), as its name implies, must be related to cuckoo. Yes, this algorithm is a new natural element based heuristic algorithm proposed by British scholars […]

  • Bron, cow! Cuckoo, cow!


    This is why’s 86th original article In my earlier articles, I wrote about bloom filter: Alas, this terrible typesetting is beyond words In fact, writing articles is the same as writing code. When I see a piece of code with hot eyes, I want to spit fragrance: which code is this? As a result, the […]

  • 【ASPLOS’20】Elastic Cuckoo Page Tables


    ☕ Parallelized address translation [asplos’ 20] elastic cuckoo hash page table paper reading notes Elastic Cuckoo Page Tables: Rethinking Virtual Memory Translation for Parallelism https://dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10… brief introduction basic thought The sequential pointer tracking of traditional multi-layer cardinal page table is transformed into fully parallel search, and the memory level parallel address translation is realized for […]

  • I implemented a more comprehensive version of golang’s cuckoo filter


    Original address “Judging whether a value is in a huge set” (hereinafter referred to as set membership test) is a common data processing problem. In the past experience, if a certain false positive rate is allowed, then the bloom filter is the first choice, but now we have a better choice: the cuckoo filter.Recently, the […]