• Webpack5 upgrade Guide


    CssDependency Error: no template for dependency: cssdependency The crux of the problem: webpack development mode cannot be used MiniCssExtractPlugin.loader How to solve the problem:MiniCssExtractPlugin.loader It is used to extract CSS styles into CSS files and compress them. However, the files referenced by the development environment starting webpack devserver are not packaged in the dist directory, […]

  • Atlas team playbook | OKR


    The more confident you are in the future, the more patient you are in the present. The objectives and key results (okrs) approach encourages teams to go beyond the comfort zone and remove obstacles in the path. All teams can start okrs – not just leading the team! If you are on the red light […]

  • 5 powerful excel dashboards


    By ram dewaniCompile | VKSource | analytics vidhya summary Dashboards are everywhere in the industry. Every analyst should be proficient in creating dashboards Excel is a great tool for creating powerful dashboards, and we’ll see five examples from different industries here introduce Visualization is better than a thousand words. Business analysis involves using data to […]

  • Exploration of Livy (3) — Exploration of core architecture details


    In the first two articles, we experienced the function of Livy through the example on the official website, leaving a question: how does Livy do it? This article from the source code to find the answer. Before analyzing the source code directly, draw the conclusion through time sequence, which has an intuitive image The client […]

  • OKR beginner’s Guide (Part 3)


    How ambitious should your OKR be? Ambitious goals are so important that Google’s ten well-known things refer directly to them: We set goals for ourselves, and we know we can’t achieve them yet, because we know that by working to achieve them, we can exceed expectations. Ambitious goals are also known as extended goals. But […]

  • Call external program


    When writing a program, it is often used to call the executable program. This paper will briefly introduce the method of calling exe by C ා. In C ා, process operations are performed through the process class. Process class in System.Diagnostics In the bag. Example 1 using  System.Diagnostics ; Notepad program can be called through […]

  • September 4th Summary – Ajax


    1. Introduction to Ajax What is 1.1ajax? Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a kind of web application technology. It can communicate with the server application asynchronously with the help of client-side script (JavaScript). After obtaining the server-side data, local refresh can be carried out. Then the data response and rendering speed are improved。 1.2 […]

  • Two key steps + 6 key points to make windows applications enjoy the great advantages of k8s


    This article is from rancher labs Foreword In fact, there is no one migration path that can be used to migrate all traditional applications to the cloud. These applications are usually on physical, virtual, or local. While it’s common to redesign the application architecture for cloud native services, this is not the only answer. Rebuilding […]

  • Python two methods of judging whether the keyword key is in Dict


    Python two methods to judge whether the key key is in the dictionary The keyword ‘in’ can be used to determine whether the key is in the dictionary dict If the above method fails, this method is sure to work. Use the dictionary inner function__ contains__ (key)

  • Error: the bean ‘jpaauditinghandler’, defined in null


    error message *************************** APPLICATION FAILED TO START *************************** Description: The bean ‘jpaAuditingHandler’, defined in null, could not be registered. A bean with that name has already been defined in null and overriding is disabled. Action: Consider renaming one of the beans or enabling overriding by setting spring.main.allow-bean-definition-overriding=true Key documents JpaAuditorAware.java package com.nasa.framework.config; import org.springframework.context.annotation.Configuration; import […]

  • Agile and OKR practice (how to make OKR and agile plan coexist)


    Rigid detailed long-term planning (tracking progress against expended budgets) is rapidly becoming a faded nostalgic memory of the past in agile organizations, replaced by forecasts and non static roadmaps. By meeting regularly in front of these visualizations, you will be able to learn, share, and trigger important conversations, resolve dependencies, and invite the behavior of […]

  • OKR beginner’s Guide (Part 1)


    What is OKR? OKR (goals and key results) is the target system used by Google and other companies. It’s a simple tool to adjust and interact around measurable goals. OKR: Google’s goal setting method How is it different from the traditional planning method?OKR is often set up, tracked and reassessed – usually quarterly. OKR is […]