• Ubuntu: ten years, ten key moments


    In the second decade of the 21st century, just after 2010, from Ubuntu 10.04 lts to Ubuntu 19.10, Joey Sneddon, author of OMG Ubuntu, combed the ten most decisive moments during this period. Let’s review them together. 1. Brand rebuilding Ubuntu in early 2010 looks like this: At that time, the Ubuntu logo and font […]

  • [open source project] new advanced functions of laravel shop E-commerce


    function Function list: High performance infinite level classification; Crowdfunding commodity management; Crowdfunding product order logic; Crowdfunding commodity end logic; Payment of orders by instalments; Calculate the installment overdue fee; Refund of installment orders; Adding attributes to commodities; Use elasticsearch to reconstruct the commodity search module; Faceted search; Similar goods inquiry; Index migration of elasticsearch; Second […]

  • Recommendation of web development tools (1)


    See a great series, introduce a lot of powerful tools that are very helpful for web development, and solve a lot of cumbersome problems encountered in development. Let’s share with the translator: Prepros This is a great preprocessor. Prepros can compile many languages (less, sass, SCSS, stylus, jade, slim, coffeescript, livescript, HAML, markdown), compress and […]