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  • Talk about my views on the future development of flutter and “nested hell”


    Future development of flutter I have to mention flutterFuchsiaSystem, which is an operating system that has not been officially released, citing the senior vice presidents of Android and chromeHiroshi LockheimerIn a podcast, fuchsia was introduced as follows: Not only mobile phones and personal computers, in the world of Internet of things, more and more devices […]

  • Unoconv Chinese garbled code


    Basic introduction Unoconv is a cross platform tool for converting document formats Universal Office Converter – Convert between any document format supported by LibreOffice/OpenOffice. Command support To view the fonts installed in the system, we can use the FC list command. If there is no such command in the system, we need to install the […]

  • Daily soul ask – what is your understanding of node.js? Advantages and disadvantages? Application scenario?


    What is it? Node.js open source and cross platform JavaScript runtime environment It is a server-side, non blocking I / O, event driven JavaScript running environment Advantages and disadvantages 1. Better performance in handling high concurrency scenarios2. Suitable for I / O-Intensive applications shortcoming 1. Not suitable for CPU intensive applications2. Only single core CPU […]

  • The asp.net core razor page cannot be updated in real time during debugging


    . net core is currently a major cross platform architecture of. Net, so the common page in the. Net core project is the razor page, and we often modify the code while debugging to develop the project.     Unfortunately, by default,. Net core does not support us to see the effect while changing in […]

  • Real time Olympic gold medal list based on signalr


    system architecture Three terminal WinForm background data management + asp.net MVC foreground data display + xamarin.forms mobile end cross platform app Because my code level is average, I encountered some problems during the period, such as signalr cross domain, xamarin.forms cross platform notification, RTF text displayIt took a lot of time, some solved and some […]

  • What’s new in swift 5.5


    Swift 5.5 is built into Xcode 13. Although the version number is only increased by 0.1, which seems to be a small version upgrade, it has brought a lot of new content. The biggest update is the introduction of a new concurrent programming method. Included in this article: http://www.cocoachina.com/art… Conditional compilation supports expressions Swiftui will […]

  • A crawler movie station based on golang


    Go Movies Shadow station implemented by golang + redis (low-level crawler). No management background, effect station:https://go-movies.hzz.cool/Support mobile terminal access and playback Built in automatic crawler, which basically meets the daily film viewing needs. GitHub address https://github.com/hezhizheng/go-movies Home page effect Use installation #Download git clone https://github.com/hezhizheng/go-movies #Enter directory cd go-movies #Generate a configuration file (redis db10 […]

  • Fluent vs native and react native: check performance


    Lao Meng Guide: This is a paid article translated by Lao Meng. The ownership of the article belongs to the original author. Welcome to Lao Meng’s flutter exchange group and translate 2-3 paid articles every week. You can’t miss it. Original address:https://medium.com/swlh/flutt… Today, some of the most popular solutions for building mobile applications are native […]

  • Ruffian Heng bimonthly issue 39


    Ruffian Heng embedded semi monthly: issue 39 Here we share some interesting projects / tools and some hot news in the embedded field. The lunar year is divided into 24 solar terms. We hope to release one issue on time on each festival day. This journal is an open source project (GitHub:JayHeng/pzh-mcu-bi-weekly), you are welcome […]

  • Python gets and sets the Current Windows window


    In the process of screen automation in Python, it is inevitable to involve the operation of windows. Theoretically, it can be realized with mouse and keyboard + screen recognition (complete simulation of people), but it is a little troublesome to do it. If cross platform compatibility is not considered, the introduction of Win32 GUI library […]

  • Go’s advantages


    Go is highly respected as an efficient industrialized language, which is directly related to the advantages of the language itself: The syntax is simple, easier to use and more efficient than other languages; With garbage collection (GC), there is no need to manually apply for memory release, which can effectively avoid bugs and improve performance; […]

  • How do I run Linux on windows? Here is a guide!


    Author: majianguo link:https://www.cnblogs.com/majianguo/p/8047676.html I’ve known some windows subsystems for Linux before, and I heard it mentioned recently, so I installed an Ubuntu on my windows 10 professional edition. It’s really convenient to run. There’s no need to install desktop virtualization applications to develop Linux programs on windows in the future. Here are the specific steps. […]