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  • [wechat applet] network data request


    1. restrictions on network requests in applets For security reasons, the applet official has made the following two restrictions on the request for data interface: Use onlyhttpsInterface of type MustDomain name of the interfaceAdd toTrust listin 2. configure the request legal domain name be careful: Domain name only supports HTTPS protocol Domain name cannot use […]

  • Cross domain solution (easy to understand, continuously updating…)


    Cross domain summary 1. cross domain thinking Cross domain solutions are generally divided into two types: front-end solutions and back-end solutions 1.1 front end solutions The idea of front-end solution is to forward cross domain requests by setting middleware, which is actually reverse proxy, such ashttp:// 8099 interface to access Doubanhttp://www.douban.com/v?a=1 Very, but if the […]

  • Front end development interview May 21, 2021


    Question 1: the difference between Vue and react: 1. Data in Vue is managed by data attribute in Vue object, and data in react is managed by state attribute; 2. Vue is nested and transferred through slot slots. React transfers the parts in the tag to sub components through “props.children”.3.vue:vue JS combines HTML, CSS, and […]

  • Click the button in H5 to download the picture


    In the development of uni app project, one requirement is to click the button to download multiple pictures, and the picture path is returned from the background. (saveimagetophotosalbum in uni app is not available) ——————- the following code is obtained by referring to other people’s methods and my own personal practice Method 1:      var […]

  • Session cross domain problem in ThinkPHP


    Problem description In ThinkPHP SMS verification registration, Xiaobian not only recorded the implementation method of SMS verification code, but also recorded the implementation method of image verification code.Local use, all normal; Both back-end projects and front-end projects are deployed to the server, and everything is normal; After the back-end project is deployed to the server […]

  • Steps of realizing Vue react hybrid development project – micro front end


    //Create core project – Vue vue create vue-core //Create Vue application – Vue vue create vue-child //Create react application – react npx create-react-app react-child in vue-core //On app In Vue file <el-menu :router=”true” mode=”horizontal”> <el-menu-item index=”/”>HOME</el-menu-item> < El menu item index = “/ Vue” > Vue application < / El menu item > < El […]

  • IOS solves cross domain problems


    Problem Description: the Vue project uses Axios requests to make normal requests on Android and PC, but cross domain pre request failure will occur on IOS (ios12 is what we encountered), resulting in network error caught in catch; The reason for the problem is that there are many request parameters in the header and the […]

  • Cross domain? Just install a plug-in!


    The browser introduces the same origin policy for security, which directly leads to the limitation of the function if the front and rear domain names are different by default. With the development of front-end and back-end separation and the separation of front-end and back-end responsibilities, the front-end will have special functionsLocal dev serverFor local development. […]

  • Micro front end – Qiankun example


    1、 What is a micro front end The micro front end is to split different functions into multiple sub applications according to different dimensions. These sub applications are loaded through the main application. The core of the micro front-end lies in disassembly. After disassembly, it will be closed! 2、 Why use micro front end 1. […]

  • Sharedarraybuffer and its use across domains


    What is cross domain Cross domain problem is a problem that front-end developers can’t get around.The so-called cross domain, popular point expression is that the current site requests or loads resources of other domain names.For example, at presentapp.a.comYesfile.b.comCross domain resources are loaded. When the browser renders the current page, it checks whether the resources requested […]

  • Cross origin cross domain request


    Cookie 1993 ushered inimgLabel, this iswebResource loading for the first time <img src=”foo.jpg” /> <img src=”https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/foo.jpg” /> 1994 Set-Cookie: foo=bar 1995 <img src=”https://imgs.developpaper.com/imgs/foo.jpg” /> <script src=”http://somewhere.com/foo.js” ></script> <iframe src=”http://somewhere.com/foo.html” /> At first, such a design would lead to serious problems: whether it is a website, as long as it contains the above label, it will […]

  • “New wheel” PHP CORS (cross origin resource sharing) solves the cross domain requirements of PHP project program setting.


    Yes, everyone who may know about laravel knows that the simple setting of cross domain in laravel is of course a choicebarryvdh/laravel-corsThis bag. cause Yes, I’m really building the wheel again and again,barryvdh/laravel-corsThe package implementation is excellent, but it also has many problems. And my new wheelmedz/corsIt is not specifically to solve its problems, but […]