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  • 【SQLite3】 3_ SQL data binding mechanism [common basis]


    SQL statement execution process: analysis compile execute problem When performing 10000 insert operations, SQL statements need to be “analyzed compile execute” 10000 times, which is relatively inefficient; Example: char insert_sql[128] = {0}; for (int i=0; i<10000; ++i) { sprintf(insert_sql, “insert into bindtest values(%d, %d)”, i, i*100); ret = sqlite3_exec(ppdb, insert_sql, NULL, NULL, &errmsg); if (ret […]

  • How to create form in PDF document with Java


    Requirement description Generally speaking, if you want to create a table, the first thing you want to think about is to use EXCEL documents. Secondly, it is feasible to create tables in word and ppt documents, because they are all editable documents. However, it seems impractical to create forms directly in PDF documents. You can […]

  • [SQL interview question 2] MySQL and Oracle Database


    1. If matched, update desc of dictb to corresponding field desc in dicta First create two tables: CREATE TABLE DictA(id1 number, desc1 varchar2(10)); CREATE TABLE DictB(id1 number, desc1 varchar2(10)); Insert into dicta values (1001, ‘fund’); Insert into dicta values (2001, ‘insurance’); Insert into dicta values (3001, ‘securities’); Insert into dicta values (3002, ‘trust’); Insert into […]

  • [pl / SQL] – backup table idea create table and insert into


    After reading this article, you will learn the following: Make a backup when creating or writing complex logic Two methods are introduced 1)INSERT INTO Table SELECT * FROM TABLE 2)CREATE TABLE AS …. …. Select * from TABLE The difference between them is as follows Insert into must first create a table before it can […]