• Pytorch realizes the conversion of tensor, image, CPU, GPU, array and so on


    1. Create the tensor of Python torch.rand ((322424)) # create a random value of 3D tensor with the size of (322424) torch.Tensor ([3,2]) create tensor, [3,2] 2. The conversion between the tensors on CPU and GPU, that is, the tensors created by python b = a.cpu() # GPU → CPU a = b.cuda() #CPU → […]

  • The solution of pytorch random number generation using too much CPU


    Pytorch random number generation takes too much CPU Today, in the process of using python, we find that the CPU utilization rate is too high. After checking, it is found that the random number is generated in the CPU first, and then the. To (device) is called to transfer it to the GPU. As a […]

  • Pytorch uses CPU to load model operation mode


    Load model to CPU without GPU and CUDA support take model = torch.load(path, map_location=lambda storage, loc: storage.cuda(device)) Change to model = torch.load(path, map_location=’cpu’) Then delete the. CUDA () method after all variables The above pytorch uses CPU to load model operation mode is the whole content shared by Xiaobian. I hope it can give you […]

  • To solve the problem of high CPU utilization of Mongo database caused by regular expression matching ($regex)


    One day, it was monitored that the CPU utilization rate of Mongo database was much higher. After checking, it was found that it was caused by the following statements: db.example_collection.find({ “idField” : { “$regex” : “123456789012345678” } , “dateField” : { “$regex” : “2019/10/10” }}) Usually, when I encounter this situation, my first reaction is […]

  • How can centos7 view CPU memory and other system performance parameters?


    When you view the system’s resource parameters under Linux, you will sometimes forget its method. Now share the method record as follows 1. Open terminal or log in directly, as shown below 2. Click in and enter the following commandCPU versionIf my computer is i7, the display is as follows 3. Check the number of […]

  • Linux Installation uses CPU limit to limit CPU utilization


    With more and more programs on the Linux system, the CPU sometimes can’t do what it wants. Some processes can limit the CPU. Cpuliimt perfectly solves this problem. The installation and use of cplimit are very simple. Let’s take a look.1. Cplimit installation1.1 Ubuntu/Debian: Copy code The code is as follows: # apt-get install cpulimit […]

  • Java CPU performance analysis tool code example


    This article mainly introduces the Java CPU performance analysis tool code example, the article through the example code introduction is very detailed, has the certain reference study value to everybody’s study or the work, needs the friend may refer to background Students who have dealt with production problems can basically encounter the sudden slow down […]

  • Using dotnet dump to find the reason why. Net core 3.0 takes up 100% of CPU


    The company’s products have been continuously upgraded in line with. Net core 3.0 preview. Once deployed to a Linux server, there will occasionally be a process that takes up 100% CPUBecause the service is deployed in the cloud, remote debugging cannot be used; this problem cannot be reproduced on Linux server or windows development machine […]

  • How to fix bug vulnerability in 18362.329 of win10 system with high CPU utilization


    Recently, Microsoft released the official patch update of 18362.329 of May version of 2019 windows 10 update. Users can click the “check update” button in windows update to obtain the kb4512941 patch update, and then click the new “download and install now” option, which has been used for optional update or function update. According to […]

  • How to check CPU performance and core number?


    If you want to view the CPU performance and other parameters, how can you view them? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1. Hold with one handCTRL and shift,On the other hand, click ESC. Can be called out“Task Manager”, or right-click the taskbar,Select task manager. 2. Select“performance”Tab. 3. You can seeThe main frequency […]

  • Command usage of monitoring CPU and virtual memory running information in Linux


    mpstatMpstat is the abbreviation of multiprocessor statistics, which is a real-time system monitoring tool. Its reports and CPU statistics are stored in the / proc / STAT file. In a multi CPUs system, it can not only view the average status information of all CPUs, but also view the information of specific CPUs. The most […]

  • How to bind CPU for process under CentOS? How to bind CPU for process under CentOS


    Taskset is a CPU tuning tool that can assign system tasks to a specific CPU This paper takes nodejs as an example First, query the nodejs process pgrep node 19277 19283 Step 2: lock the CPU Taskset – PC 0 19277 (where 0 represents cpu0, and so on) taskset -pc 1 19283 Step three, get […]