• Source code analysis | testing PostgreSQL code coverage using Gcov and lcov


    This article was first published on March 30, 2016 at 15:34:34 introduction Generally, one of the criteria for judging a test case is the code coverage. A good test case should cover all the code. So here’s the problem, let’sHow do you know if this test case covers all the code? Taking PostgreSQL as an […]

  • Typescript + rollup to quickly build js-sdk


    introduce typescript-library-starterIt is a scaffolding tool for open source typescript development foundation library, which can help us quickly initialize a typescript project(official website address), interested students can understand. Initialize project git clone https://github.com/alexjoverm/typescript-library-starter.git typeScript-sdk-demo cd typeScript-sdk-demo npm install Introduction to file directory After the dependency installation, open the project directory,TypeScript library starterThe generated directory structure […]

  • Seed of webpack + angular (Part 2)


    Seed of webpack + angular (Part one)The construction, production and hot compilation display of the project are introduced. introduce Here is mainly about testing. Many companies are doing agile development. There are many methods for agile development, but no matter which method is adopted, testing is necessary. Verification of code, verification of function, timely feedback […]

  • Examples of golang unit testing and coverage


    1 Overview C / C + + and Java (as well as most of the mainstream programming languages) have their own mature unit testing frameworks, the former such as check, the latter such as JUnit, but these programming frameworks are still third-party products in essence. In order to execute unit testing, we have to build […]

  • Using coverage to analyze code coverage of WSGI project


    About coverage Coverage is a Python code coverage analysis tool. Please refer toPython code coverage analysis tool For web services started with Python, coverage can be used to analyze their coverage easily. For details, please refer to:Using coverage to analyze code coverage of Python web projects Now let’s talk about the analysis of WSGI project. […]

  • Jest unit test Quick Start Guide


    Technical exchange group: https://fiora.suisuijiang.com/Link to the original text: https://github.com/yinxin630/… Jest is a simple, easy to use and powerful testing framework install yarn add -D jest use establishtestCatalog, addingplus.spec.jsfile describe(‘example’, () => { it(‘should equal 2’, () => { expect(1 + 1).toBe(2); }); }); implementyarn jestperhapsyarn jest test/plus.spec.jsRun test cases Successful results Failure result Output test […]

  • Websocket go project, recruit small partners to develop and maintain~


    Using go to implement websocket protocol, but there are still more details to be polished. I want to recruit a partner to do development, maintenance and testing, and learn together. Project address: github.com/yeqown/websocket Current progress: Read and write frame in websocket Conn implements open / read / write / close Support TLS connection Support receiving […]

  • Jacoco is not milk tea, but it is as delicious as milk tea. Don’t you try it?


    ​ It’s a long time since the last article. I don’t know what I’m doing every day, so the time has slipped away. Today, I’d like to talk about the jacoco that I sorted out some time ago. Jacobo is an open source code coverage tool for the Java language. 1. Why jacoco? Jacobo is […]

  • Websocket go project, recruit small partners to develop and maintain together~


    We have implemented the websocket protocol with go, but there are still many details to polish. We want to recruit a partner to develop, maintain and test together, and learn together. Project address: github.com/yeqown/websocket Current progress: Complete frame reading and writing in websocket Conn enables on / read / write / off TLS connection support […]