• Introduction to git — from operation to theory (I)


    preface This article aims to help students who have not been exposed to git use the basic functions of GIT and GitHub, which is suitable for beginners. Since Git is a tool, a reasonable learning process should first know how to use it, and then understand the concepts of warehouse, branch, conflict and so on. […]

  • Use spingboot to obtain the code, openid and sessionkey of wechat applet


    ​This article is mainly about how to use spingboot to obtain the code, openid and sessionke of wechat applet. I think it has been very detailed To obtain openid and sessionkey, we must first obtain code. We directly call wx.login In this way, we get the wechat code. Next, we open the wechat public platform […]

  • Recommended collection! The most complete in history! Power node Java full version learning tutorial


    As an old programming language, Java still needs a system to learn. Many small partners will study by looking for a variety of learning videos on the Internet, but they often lack a systematic and comprehensive learning route. Therefore, today I will share with you a java learning route and a full set of video […]

  • How does grafana connect to dolphin DB?


    Grafana is an open source web-based data display tool, which is very good at dynamic display of time series data. As a new generation of high-performance time series database, dolphin DB provides not only the data interface of grafana, but also the dolphin DB datasource plug-in of grafana. As long as dolphin DB datasource is […]

  • Automatically upload docker image to GitHub docker registry


    Original text transferred from:Upload docker image to GitHub docker registry automatically with drone』 I’m glad to receive itGitHubGet started with your beta invitationGitHub Package RegistryRelated functions. You can know from the description file that registry currently supports several packages, such asnpm, gem, docker, mvnandnuget, this article mainly introduces how to use drone to quickly connect […]

  • What is the jamstack of the current fire?


    Author:Timothy McCallum, Miley Fu and Vivian Hu Jamstack is a technology stack for building modern Internet applications. It is widely used in edge cloud, serverless computing and big front end, and is also sought after by the capital market this year. What kind of magic does it have? This article will take you to understand […]

  • How to deal with the problem when using air to realize hot overload


    staycourseThe following errors will appear when you directly execute air according to the tutorial, $ air __ _ ___ / /\ | | | |_) /_/–\ |_| |_| \_ v1.12.1 // live reload for Go apps, with Go1.14.0 watching . !exclude tmp building… go: cannot find main module, It needs to be done firstgo mod […]

  • Mongode revisits the road (1)


    Starting mongodb with Windows Service //Create directory d: data/ Conf — > configuration file directory Mongod.conf — > configuration file DB — > database directory Log file directory Mongodb. Log — > logging file First, open the DOS window as an administrator //Execute the following command C:\WINDOWS\system32>mongod –dbpath “d:\data\db” –logpath “d:\data\log\mongodb.log” –serviceName “mongodb” –serviceDisplayName “mongodb” […]

  • Introduction of Django basic course


    Statement: the following is my personal understanding. If you find any mistakes or questions, you can contact me for discussion This tutorial is the first in Django basic tutorial series preface Why is there a lot of learning materials about Django on the Internet? I also want to write a Django tutorial myself. First, I […]

  • C + + basic knowledge: C + + data structure


    C/C++My study skirt   two eight four   seven zero five  】No matter who you areXiaobai or advanced, want to change or want to enter the industry can come to understand, progress together, learn together! Skirt has development tools, a lot of dry goods and technical information to share!   C / C + + […]

  • About PHP (2)


    preface This week or continue to learn PHP, the author or the problems encountered here a brief overview. 1. Database In this, the author did not appear too big problem, but through the following study, the author found that the status of the database is still relatively heavy. The so-called database is where the data […]

  • The use of tortoise SVN


    TortoiseSVN fallback Description: After modifying the file and submitting it to the server, the business said, “the requirements have changed”, just keep the original. terms of settlement: The first step is to restore the file to the previous revision (revert to this revision),And then re submit the document,Then the file on the server is restored […]