• TensorFlow Serving


    TensorFlow ServingYou can quickly deploy tensorflow model and launch grpc or rest API. Docker deployment is officially recommended, and a complete tutorial from training to deployment is also providedServers: TFX for TensorFlow Serving. This article is just an exercise to follow the tutorial, which is helpful to understand the whole process from tensorflow training to […]

  • How to check the connected WiFi password on the computer


    1、 Introduction In practical work, you often encounter new colleagues asking you about your WiFi password, but most of the time you can’t remember it clearly. Learn from the video tutorial of a PO master on youtube, sort out this article, hoping to provide help for comrades in need.This tutorial is limited towindowsSeries, there is […]

  • Making activity indicator of swiftui basic prompt box


    Swiftui is still in the development stage, and some views are not yet available. However, apple provides us with reuse mechanism, which makes it easy to transplant historical code into swiftui world. Next, we encapsulate the uiactivity indicator of UIKit through uiviewrepresentable The final effect Implementation steps First, we wrap uiactivityindi cat into an activityindi […]

  • Dreamweaver how to add pictures


    Adobe Dreamweaver, abbreviated as “DW”, Chinese name “dream weaver”, is a WYSIWYG web editor developed by Macromedia company of the United States, which integrates web page production and website management. DW is the first set of visual web development tools specially developed for professional web designers. With it, dynamic web pages can be easily created […]

  • IAPP background one pass PHP source code + IAPP source code


    To share a background source code, there are background PHP source code, IAPP docking source code, a pass IAPP + PHP source code After one hour’s research and testing, 1. Register and log in to repair normal, and sign in is normal 2. All tools are normal 3. Interface, iyu code, part of the tutorial […]

  • In fact, SQL optimization is as simple as eating and drinking water. It teaches you to grasp the essence of SQL!


    preface Sol optimization is not simple. To do well in sol optimization, you need to master the knowledge of database architecture, table and index design, efficient sol method, advanced sol syntax, a variety of optimization tools, and even analyze the business characteristics and understand the shortcomings of the optimizer. Only by establishing sol optimization methodology […]

  • Swift IOS healthkit use case: get body temperature list hkhealthstore


    Swift IOS healthkit use case: get body temperature list hkhealthstore preface It seems that there are few reports about it in ChinaswiftCourse and article, basic isObjectCYes, so send it. To learnSwiftCan go to see Stanford University tutorial, click here, of course, English is good, after reading will. I learned from this tutorial.In addition, installation is […]

  • WSL 2 installation is incomplete


    A series of articles: WSL 2 installation is incomplete Python 3 web crawler Development Practice pdf When learning to crawl, you need to install the scrapy splash library, and then you need to install the docker desktop. It’s very annoying, jumping around like checkers.Then I didn’t expect that there was an error during the installationIt’s […]

  • Springboot introduces local jar package


    preface Due to the docking with Huawei cloud’s data replication service, Huawei cloud does not provide the POM file of Maven public warehouse, but only provides the local jar package for us to download, which is introduced into our own project realization Directly above (copy the jar package to the resource directory, and then pom.xml […]

  • Postman test data


    1、 New staycontrollerWrite new methods in, [email protected] tojsonFormat to get data         stayPostmanThere are two ways to add data Add parameters directly, such as:         withjsonFormat addition         2、 Delete according toidDelete         3、 Modification (similar to addition)           […]

  • Getting blog list of Ajax elementary course


    When I wrote this demo, I originally wanted to directly visit the RSS of Xiaocai blog, but this is obviously cross domain access and is not allowed. Therefore, Xiaocai saves the blog RSS locally, which is an XML format file. It directly requests the local XML file with Ajax. ThroughThis example shows the following techniques: […]

  • A lightweight sales team management system


    Project description Hi, everyone, it’s time to share the source code again. The source code we share today is a lightweight sales team management system, which is a lightweight CRM system based on SSM’s springboot architecture. This project uses many popular technologies, including springboot, Lombok, mybatis, pagination assistant, FreeMarker, springmvc, springmail, baidu map technology and […]