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  • Summary of 68 built-in functions in Python


    Built-in function Built in functions are functions provided by Python for you to use directly, such as print, input, etc. as of Python version 3.6.2, 68 built-in functions have been provided #68 built-in functions # abs()   dict()   help()   min()   setattr() # all()   dir()   hex()   next()   slice() # any()   divmod()   id()   object()   sorted() # ascii()   enumerate() […]

  • Review: basic knowledge of C language 1


    Placeholder: %D,% I, for integer,% f-floating point,% s, string,% C, char.% P pointer,% FL long long,% e scientific count,% G decimal or scientific count. Format placeholders in C: %A,% a reads a floating-point value (p-count (hex count), C99 only) %C read in a character %D read in decimal integer %E convert numerical value to exponential […]