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  • Implementation of Excel export with laravel6 and maatsite / Excel


    Compared with import, there are more export scenarios in the project. It is estimated that there are more than ten exports now. The import was written before, and the export will be added. As mentioned before installation, here is the configuration. Although there is a default configuration, there are still scenarios to modify the configuration. […]

  • . net string formatting


    summary: When we convert a type (usually number and time) to a string, we can control the style of its display. The basic writing method is to provide format parameters when calling toString or format methods. Since the specific parameters can’t be remembered, each time you use them, you have to search the Internet for […]

  • [3-minute skill get] javascript floating-point precision processing


    First look at the output of the following calculation: 0.1 + 0.2 Obviously 0.3. But in JavaScript, what is the result? 0.30000000000000004 This is an accuracy problem that is easy to appear in the numerical calculation of the program language, as shown in the figure below, the amount on the bill page is displayed. Causes of problems […]

  • Summary of 68 built-in functions in Python


    Built-in function Built in functions are functions provided by Python for you to use directly, such as print, input, etc. as of Python version 3.6.2, 68 built-in functions have been provided #68 built-in functions # abs()   dict()   help()   min()   setattr() # all()   dir()   hex()   next()   slice() # any()   divmod()   id()   object()   sorted() # ascii()   enumerate() […]

  • Review: basic knowledge of C language 1


    Placeholder: %D,% I, for integer,% f-floating point,% s, string,% C, char.% P pointer,% FL long long,% e scientific count,% G decimal or scientific count. Format placeholders in C: %A,% a reads a floating-point value (p-count (hex count), C99 only) %C read in a character %D read in decimal integer %E convert numerical value to exponential […]