• C — cycle


    ————Resume content———— In C language, there are three loops: while loop, do – while loop and for loop.     1、 While loop While: first check whether the conditions for starting the loop are met. When the conditions are met, repeat the statements in the loop until the conditions are not met. The basic form […]

  • CSS counter counter and content summary


    The content attribute was introduced as early as css2.1. You can use the: before and: after pseudo elements to generate content. The content attribute is now supported by most browsers, and the support for the content attribute can be found in the caniuse.com The following is the current support: The content attribute is most commonly […]

  • Mutex in go concurrent programming


    Friendly tips:This article takes about 5 minutes and 45 seconds to read. Please give more advice on the shortcomings. Thank you for your reading.Subscribe to this site We often have concurrent access problems in the design of large projects. Concurrency is to solve the accuracy of data and ensure that the data in the same […]

  • [cartoon] concurrent simulation tool for Java Concurrent Programming


    Original statement: This article comes from the official account [fat pig learning programming], please indicate the source of the reprint. In the last section [cartoon] Java Concurrent Programming three bug sources (visibility, atomicity, orderliness) we talked about the three bug sources of concurrent programming. Before they started to enter the concurrent world, fat rolling pig […]

  • 2020python exercise 12 — function objects and closure functions (1)


     @2020.3.20  1. Code practice of multi branch if optimized by function object def foo(): print(‘foo’) def bar(): print(‘bar’) dic={ ‘foo’:foo, ‘bar’:bar, } while True: choice=input(‘>>: ‘).strip() if choice in dic: dic[choice]()   2. Write the counter function, call one time, add one on the original basis reminder: 1: Need to use knowledge: closure function + […]

  • Microservice – how to limit and fuse service current


    1、 Service avalanche Microservice architecture is to divide a single application into various small and connected services, and each service completes a single business function. Compared with the traditional monomer services, microservices have the advantages of isolation, technology heterogeneity, scalability and simplified deployment. Usually, an application is composed of multiple microservices, and the data interaction […]

  • MVC and Vue


    MVC and Vue This article was written on July 27, 2020 The first question is: is Vue an MVC or an MVVM framework? Wikipedia tells us: MVVM is a variant of PM, and PM is a variant of MVC. So to a certain extent, whether Vue is MVC or MVVM or not, its ideological direction […]

  • The basis of using Redux in fluent


    This paper describes in detail how to integrate and use Redux in fluent. The concept, principle and implementation of Redux can be used by the readers themselves. This article does not repeat. Redux Library https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… Integrating Redux Modify the pubsepc.yaml , add dependency flutter_redux: ^0.5.2 Basic integration Create project Use the fluent command first flutter […]

  • Vue computing and listening properties


    Computed property computed Computational properties are useful when dealing with complex logic. We can use methods instead of computed, and the effect is the same, but computed is based on its dependency cache, and the value will be retrieved only when the dependency changes. With methods, when rendering again, the function will always be called […]

  • The problem of line number in MySQL


    1. Line number problem Row numbers are consecutive integers that are assigned sequentially to rows in a query result set. The support of MySQL database in line number is not very friendly. There is no similar row provided by other databases_ Number solution, so getting the line number is a very tricky problem. 2.1 analysis […]

  • Building blockchain based on Java language (2) — workload proof


    The final content is subject to the original texthttps://wangwei.one/posts/789… introduction stayLastIn this paper, we implement the most basic data structure model of blockchain, add blocks and connect them with the previous block. However, our implementation is very simple. In the real bitcoin blockchain, adding each block requires a lot of calculation. This process is well […]

  • How to learn Vue’s 03: MVVM in Vue


    MVVM framework MVVM is an abbreviation for model view ViewModel. The advantage of this mode is that if the data in JS is changed, the DOM structure will change accordingly, and there is no need to modify DOM manually. Model is data, view is DOM, and ViewModel is used for communication between model and view. […]