• IOS UI automation best practices (Advanced)


    How to improve the automation rate How to reduce the later maintenance cost CheckPoint Design How to Debug Classic bug analysis

  • Coase Theorem and blockchain


    Coase Theorem: As long as the property right is clear and the transaction cost is zero or very small, no matter who is given the property right at the beginning, the final result of market equilibrium is efficient and Pareto optimal resource allocation is achieved. The existence of enterprisesIt is to use a large contract […]

  • Using aiops to optimize the cost of kubernetes cluster


    Kubernetes is one of Google’s open source game changing products, which makes the workflow of many organizations more efficient. With kubernetes, you can flexibly manage the resource requirements of the application according to the requirements of the application. It provides the flexibility to allocate the required CPU, disk, and ram to applications based on workload […]

  • Construction of efficient data Lake based on jindofs + OSS


    Why build a data lake In the early era of big data, Apache HDFS is the first choice to build a data warehouse with massive storage capacity. With the development of cloud computing, big data, AI and other technologies, all cloud manufacturers are constantly improving their own object storage to better adapt to Apache Hadoop […]

  • Efficiency comparison of tree structure


    Binary search tree concept Binary search tree, also known as binary search tree, binary sort tree, has the following characteristics: The values of all nodes in the left subtree are less than the root nodes All nodes in the right subtree are larger than the root The left and right subtree of the node itself […]

  • SQL Server reading and importing Excel data


    1、 Introduction Using openrowset and opendatasource functions of SQL server, you can read Excel data just like querying data table. However, it’s not so easy to make these two functions work normally. If you don’t understand or configure them well, you will doubt your life by reporting errors all the way. 2、 Configuration 2.1 component […]

  • Performance tuning of gaussdb (DWS): path intervention


    Absrtact: path generation is the main stage of table association mode determination. This paper introduces several factors that affect path generation: cost_ Param, scan mode, join mode, stream mode, and analyze how to intervene in the path generation from the principle. 1、 Cost model selection As the name suggests, cost_ Param is a parameter that […]

  • Appropriate education ERP management system can save you a lot of trouble


    Educational ERP software development can help schools, colleges and educational institutions deal with various management processes. From providing education to managing students, focus on the quality of teachers’ education, staff and activities on campus, libraries and other facilities. With the development of education departments around the world, schools, colleges, and educational institutions have encountered difficulties […]

  • With the advent of machine learning era, they use Amazon sagemaker to do this!


    What is Amazon sagemaker? In order to solve many problems of machine learning and make it easy for data scientists, Algorithm Engineers and business developers to master machine learning, AWS launched Amazon sagemaker machine learning platform service in November 2017, and has continuously enriched its functional components in the past two years. In the magic […]

  • Notes cache


    cache What is cache? A temporary place for storing data (frequently used data). Because the cost of getting the original data is too high, I can get it faster. Understanding the definition of cache hit & cache miss What to do after cache miss? If there is still space in the cache, you can save […]

  • The beginning of database performance tuning: analyze statistics


    Abstract: This paper briefly introduces what is statistical information, what statistical information records, why to collect statistical information, how to collect statistical information and when to collect statistical information. 1 why: why do you need statistics 1.1 query execution process The following figure describes the key steps that gaussdb’s SQL Engine needs to go through […]

  • JIRA and confluence: the best way of enterprise deployment


    In atlassian, we provide customers with different ways to deploy atlassian products: they can be deployed on the cloud managed by altassian, or on the server or data center of their own choice. For enterprise users who need a self hosting version, the data center version provides the reliability and flexibility required by large and […]