• Deep MNN: a new method for batch effect correction of scrna SEQ based on deep learning model


    On August 10, 2021, the intelligent algorithm team of precision Health Research Institute of Shenzhen Huada Academy of life sciences published in the well-known academic journal frontier of genetics(Frontiers in Genetics)A research paper entitled “deep learning based single cell RNA sequencing data batch correction using mutual nearest neighbors” was published online,This paper presents a new […]

  • OpenGL learning 27 – gamma correction


    Gamma correction In the old digital image era, most displays are picture tube displays. The physical properties of these displays are such that twice the input voltage does not produce twice the brightness. The relationship between input voltage and brightness is roughly exponential with an index of 2.2, which is called the index of the […]

  • Solution to the problem of picture direction uploaded by iPhone HTML5


    If you use HTML5 to write image cutting and upload, you may encounter the problem of wrong image direction on the iPhone. Here are the solutions to share with you,The FileReader and canvas of HTML5 are used. If you haven’t contacted the students, learn about their methods first. //This method is the change event of […]

  • Python + opencv implementation of rotating text correction


    Suppose we have an image in which the text is rotated at an unknown angle. In order to correct the angle of the text, we need to complete the following steps: 1. Detect the text range in the graph 2. Calculate the angle at which the text is rotated 3. Rotate the image at a […]

  • ISP black level correction (BLC)


    summary introduce Black level correction is the lowest point of black. In terms of 8bit data, it refers to the video signal level without a line of bright output on a certain calibrated display device. Define the corresponding signal level when the image data is 0. reason So why do we need black level correction? […]

  • ISP – DPC


    summary introduce In the image sensor, there are defects in the array technology formed by each light acquisition point on the sensor, or errors in the process of optical signal conversion, which will cause the information of some pixels on the image to be incorrect, resulting in inaccurate pixel values in the image. These defective […]

  • ISP Foundation (10) – gamma correction and its implementation


    In Figure 2, the left image is the original image, and the middle image is gamma = 1 / 2.2. In the correction result, the gray value of the left half of the original image is higher, and the gray value of the right half is lower. After gamma = 1 / 2.2 correction (middle […]

  • 22SiMn2TiB code


    22SiMn2TiB armor steel, code 616. It is a kind of martensite heat-resistant high-strength special steel. It has excellent gun resistance, strong destructive impact resistance, uniform and stable performance, good shape and surface quality. It has high comprehensive mechanical properties at high temperature. It is used to manufacture high temperature structural parts and protective devices. It […]

  • Thingjs encapsulates this skybox technology, realizing less than 20 lines of code!


    Sky box is the background applied to the scene to display the texture of sky, space or enclosed structure. Thingjs encapsulates this skybox technology, realizing less than 20 lines of code! After referencing the map component script, the earth camera parameters will change, and the sky box needs to be corrected. Why is it the […]

  • Chapter 2 bjrobot IMU automatic calibration


    1、Lay the car flat on the floor and open a terminal with the virtual machine in the data ssh In the past, the main control terminal startedroslaunch znjrobot bringup.launch 。 2、Open another terminal,ssh Past main control terminal,stay ~/catkin_ws/src/znjrobot_project/znjrobot/param/imu Under the pathstart-up imu Correction command.rosrun imu_calib do_calib 3、Press enter to complete the calibration. Remember: runimuAutomatic correction, must jump to~/catkin_ ws/src/znjrobot_ Run […]