• Solution of incorrect MTRR table in Linux with 4G memory


    This will cause NVIDIA’s driver to fail to accelerate 2D,solveThe general solution is to rewrite the MTRR table. echo “disable=2″ >| /proc/mtrr echo “disable=1″ >| /proc/mtrr echo “disable=3″ >| /proc/mtrr echo “disable=4″ >| /proc/mtrr echo “disable=0″ >| /proc/mtrr echo “base=0×00000000 size=0×80000000 type=write-back” >| /proc/mtrr echo “base=0×80000000 size=0×40000000 type=write-back” >| /proc/mtrr echo “base=0xC0000000 size=0×10000000 type=write-back” >| […]

  • Technology sharing | how does video correction work in art teaching?


    In recent years, the online education industry has entered the fast lane of development. People’s demand for education has become more and more clear and demanding. After a storm, we found that onlyHigh quality products and emphasis on user experienceOnly in the post epidemic era can the institutions be more and more prosperous. In the […]

  • Net about the processing of the pictures uploaded by the high-speed camera


    I Foreground page code: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd”> <html xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml”> <head runat=”server”> <title></title> <script type=”text/javascript”> var savePath = “D:\\capture\\”; var isStart = false; function init() { createDir(); } function createDir() { captrue.bCreateDir(savePath); } function startPlay() { isStart = captrue.bStartPlay(); } function stopPlay() { captrue.bStopPlay(); } function getFileName() { var date = […]

  • Talk about claudib’s list command


    order This paper mainly studies the list command of claudib LeftPushCommand claudb-1.7.1/src/main/java/com/github/tonivade/claudb/command/list/LeftPushCommand.java @Command(“lpush”) @ParamLength(2) @ParamType(DataType.LIST) public class LeftPushCommand implements DBCommand { @Override public RedisToken execute(Database db, Request request) { ImmutableList<SafeString> values = request.getParams().asList().tail().reverse(); DatabaseValue result = db.merge(safeKey(request.getParam(0)), list(values), (oldValue, newValue) -> list(newValue.getList().appendAll(oldValue.getList()))); return RedisToken.integer(result.size()); } } Leftpushcommand implements the dbcommand interface. Its execute method extracts […]

  • Several ways of array de duplication


    1. Double layer for loop is used to realize array de duplication let arr = [1,2,3,4,3,2,3,5]; let unique = (arr)=>{ //The first layer is the previous item of the for loop array for(var i=0; i<arr.length; i++){ //The second layer is the last item of the for loop array for(var j=i+1; j<arr.length; j++){ if(arr[i] === arr[j]){ […]

  • Introduction to ISP image processing process


    ISP is at the center of the whole imaging system. picture Article catalogue 1 ISP function 1.1 device control 1.2 format conversion 1.3 image quality optimization 2 ISP algorithm flow ISP function Device control Controls the shutter and gain of the sensor Control lens zoom and focus Control the aperture of the lens Control the […]

  • Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) v1 3.8 release open source knowledge payment solution


    v1.3.8(2021-07-11) to update Correct GitHub warehouse information in Readme Add the command to clear the on-demand address cache Several cache key names are renamed and the background site name is modified to the user site name Label name comparison ignores case Redesign the front and back login interface Correct the parameter description of the picture […]

  • How to pass W3C verification?


    In addition to formulating various labeling regulations, the W3C also provides verification functions to allow web page producers to check whether they really comply with W3C regulations.prefaceIn addition to formulating various labeling regulations, W3C also provides verification function to let Web page producers check whether they really comply with W3C regulationsHow to achieve W3C xhtml1 […]

  • Euclidean algorithm


    Euclidean algorithm The rolling division method calculates the maximum common divisor of two non negative integers a and B. For example, the greatest common divisor of 24 and 30 is 6 Decomposition minimum prime factorDecomposition 24 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 3Decomposition 30 = 2 x 3 x 5 extractExtract 2 x 3 […]

  • Kuguayun classroom (Tencent cloud version) v1 3.9 release open source knowledge payment solution


    v1.3.9(2021-07-24) Update content When there are no courses under the correction category, all course problems will be queried Fixed some path problems in sitemap Fixed issues related to the course package Optimize the relevant logic of Q & a part Optimize relevant logic of comments Optimize browser title display Optimize the logic related to audit […]

  • Technology sharing | how to do video correction in art teaching?


    In recent years, the demand for online education has become more and more clear. After the development of online education, we have only found that there is a higher and higher demand for online educationHigh quality products and emphasis on user experienceInstitutions can survive and thrive in the post epidemic era. In the track of […]

  • Ios15 system startup time acceleration


    The most interesting features in wwdc21 are deeply hidden in the Xcode 13 release notes: All programs and dylibs deployed on MacOS 12 or IOS 15 and later operating systems now use the chain repair format. This format uses different load commands and linkedit data and cannot be run or loaded on a lower version […]