• Asp. Net core how to set black and white lists (routing restrictions)


    In the original aspnetmvc, we will use route access restrictions, and write the following in appstart/routeconfig.cs: routes.IgnoreRoute(“{resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}”); However, routeconfig no longer exists in aspnet core MVC CS. How can we achieve the same effect in aspnet core MVC? The middleware we need to use here is urlfirewall 1) Description: Urlfirewall is an open source, lightweight […]

  • Go micro service framework Kratos notes (IV) using Nacos as the remote configuration center


    First meet Nacos Nacos is an open source platform for dynamic service discovery, configuration management and service management. Officially, Nacos is committed to helping you discover, configure and manage microservices. Nacos provides a set of easy-to-use features to help you realize dynamic service discovery, service configuration management, service and traffic management.Nacos helps you build, deliver, […]

  • Microservice best practices: MSE microservice engine


    Introduction:MSE (microservice engine) is a one-stop microservice platform for spring cloud and Dubbo, the mainstream open source microservice frameworks in the industry. It consists of four main parts: microservice Governance Center, microservice registration center, microservice configuration center, and microservice gateway. What is MSE MSE (microservice engine) is a one-stop microservice platform for spring cloud and […]

  • Briefly talk about the animation effect of Core Animation


    Before we start, let’s know the general differences between uiview and calayer (the following four points are highlighted): •UIView Inherited from uiresponder, uiview can handle response events, while calayer inherits from nsobject, so it is only responsible for content creation and rendering. •UIView Responsible for the management of content, while calayer is responsible for the […]

  • . Net core object pool application: extension


    catalogue 1、 Pooled collection 2、 Pooled StringBuilder 3、 Arraypool<t> 4、 Memorypool<t> In principle, all reference type objects can be provided through the object pool, but it is necessary to weigh whether it is worth using in specific applications. Although object pool can avoid GC through object reuse, the objects it stores will consume memory. If […]

  • Understand asp Net core Middleware


    catalogue middleware Middleware pipeline Run Use UseWhen Map MapWhen Run & Use & UseWhen & Map & Map Write middleware and activate it Contract based Middleware Factory based Middleware Contract based Middleware vs factory based Middleware middleware First borrow a picture from Microsoft’s official document: It can be seen that middleware is actually a component […]

  • Understand asp Net core startup class (Startup)


    catalogue Preparation: an asp Net core web API Application Startup class Startup constructor ConfigureServices Configure Omit startup class IStartupFilter IHostingStartup Hostingstartup assembly Hostingstartup feature Activate hostingstartup assembly 1. Use environment variables (recommended) 2. Configure in the program Multi environment configuration Environment configuration mode Environment based startup 1. PutIWebHostEnvironmentInject startup class 2. Startup method agreement 3. […]

  • 2021 upgraded microservice tutorial 3 – Eureka full use guide


    2021 upgraded springcloud tutorial from entry to actual combat proficiency “version h &alibaba& link tracking & Log & transaction & Lock” Tutorial directory “including videos”:https://gitee.com/bingqilinpeishenme/Java-Wiki Eureka service registration and discovery Key points of this article: What is service registration and discovery Use of Eureka CAP Eureka cluster setup What is service registration and discovery Governance […]

  • Who says you can’t find a Java job with a college degree? Self taught Java, first job 13K


    Now we often see on the Internet that Java is saturated, and the junior college can’t find a job, not that the Department can’t find a job, and so on. As a successful career change, I now understand a truth: Those who succeed in changing careers will not go online to say how easy it […]

  • application. Net core example explanation rabbitmq


    catalogue 1、 Introduction to rabbitmq (1) AMQP protocol (2) AMQP terminology (3) Overall architecture of rabbitmq 2、 Install rabbitmq 3、 Rabbitmq has six queue modes in Used in NETCORE (1) Simple queue (2) Work queue mode (3) Publish subscribe mode (4) Routing mode (recommended) (5) Theme mode (6) RPC mode summary 1、 Introduction to rabbitmq […]

  • asp. Net core3.1 cookie and JWT mixed authentication authorization to achieve a variety of authentication schemes


    catalogue Certification authorization identity authentication to grant authorization Default authorization Select authorization summary Developed an internal system of the company, using asp net core 3.1。 In the development of user authentication authorization, a simple cookie authentication method is used, and then several interfaces are developed to call data for other systems. And just a few […]

  • . Use of Autofac in net core


    catalogue Introduction to Autofac Three registration methods of components life cycle Autofac in ASP Net core This article does not introduce the concepts of IOC and di. If you don’t know about IOC before, it is recommended to search relevant information first This article will briefly introduce the basic use of Autofac and its application […]