• [tcapsusdb knowledge base] data recovery function of tcapsusdb


    Tcapsusdb is a NoSQL database developed by Tencent. It is customized according to the development characteristics of the game. It has the characteristics of high performance, low cost, high availability and strong flexibility. This paper focuses on the data recovery function of tcapsus. Tcapsusdb uses master and slave as redundant backup of data. The roles […]

  • Does MySQL data table need cross cloud synchronization in disaster recovery?


    Introduction: the important goal of disaster recovery system is to ensure the “continuity” of system data and services. When the system fails, the disaster recovery system can quickly restore service and ensure the validity of data. In order to prevent natural and man-made disasters, force majeure, in the city or other places to establish the […]

  • Automatic configuration (start process)


    ###2.2 automatic configuration (start process) Concept: when we add jar package dependency, we can automatically configure the relevant configuration of some components for us. We can run the written project without configuration or with a small amount of configuration Question: how is spring boot automatically configured and which components are automatically configured? The starting entry […]

  • Dotnet core link mongodb code instance


    This article mainly introduces the dotnet core link mongodb code example, the article through the example code introduction is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to Import namespace using MongoDB.Bson; using MongoDB.Driver; Test example: var client = new MongoClient(“mongodb://”); var database = client.GetDatabase(“foo”); var […]

  • Nexus — build docker private warehouse


    Get nexus ready How to install nexus is not the focus of this article Build docker storage center Blob storage pointImage used to store docker products docker releaseType:docker hostedOwn image publishing center, and push image uses this address Port used What will it look like after adding itJust add onedocker releaseThat’s it Add docker login […]

  • Exceptionfilter of asp.net core MVC global filter (1)


    This class will explain the use of built-in global filter in asp.net core MVC, which will be divided into the following chapters Exceptionfilter of asp.net core MVC filter (1) Actionfilter of asp.net core MVC filter (2) Resultfilter of asp.net core MVC filter (3) Resourcefilter of asp.net core MVC filter (4) Authorization filter of asp.net core […]

  • What’s New in Dubbo-go v1.5


    What’s New in Dubbo-go v1.5 quotation The wave of computer technology has a technological subversion every 10 years, and the relevant knowledge system will be innovated every 5 years at the latest, which will depreciate by half every two years, as well as in the field of application service communication framework. A long-lived communication framework […]

  • Actionfilter of asp.net core MVC filter (2)


    This class will explain the use of built-in filter in asp.net core MVC, which is divided into the following chapters   Exceptionfilter of asp.net core MVC filter (1) Actionfilter of asp.net core MVC filter (2) Resultfilter of asp.net core MVC filter (3) Resourcefilter of asp.net core MVC filter (4) Authorization filter of asp.net core MVC filter […]

  • . net core 2.0 migration tips of web.config configuration file example explanation


    preface I believe we all know that. Net core no longer supports the original web.config configuration file, but uses JSON or XML configuration file instead. The officially recommended project configuration method is to use the appsettings.json configuration file, which may not be acceptable for some existing projects that heavily use web.cofig configuration. But the good […]

  • . net core 2.0 migration tips: how to fix the memorycache problem


    preface As you all know, for traditional. Net framework projects,System.Runtime.CachingNamespace is a common tool, and the memorycache class is often used to implement memory caching. . net core 2.0 does not support system. Runtime. Caching DLL for the time being, which means that the code related to memorycache no longer works. But the good news […]

  • Node series: 2. Modularization


    1、 Write on the front In order to unify the implementation of JavaScript outside the browser, commonjs was born. Commonjs tries to define a set of APIs used by common applications, so as to fill the shortage of JavaScript standard library which is too simple. Commonjs specification includes module, package, system, console, file system, unit […]

  • Detailed explanation of multilingual support in asp.net core


    First, add localization, add view localization, and configure request localization options in configuration services of startup public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) { services.AddLocalization(options => options.ResourcesPath = “Resources”); services.AddMvc() .AddViewLocalization(LanguageViewLocationExpanderFormat.Suffix); services.Configure<RequestLocalizationOptions>( opts => { var supportedCultures = new List<CultureInfo> { new CultureInfo(“en-US”), new CultureInfo(“zh-CN”) }; opts.SupportedCultures = supportedCultures; opts.SupportedUICultures = supportedCultures; }); } Apply requestlocalizationoptions in the […]