• ASP. Net core dependency injection framework


    catalogue 1、 IOC framework 2、 IOC Autofac 3、 Use of built-in Di in net core 4、 Autofac use 5、 Batch injection preface: Remember in the last articleASP. Net core dependency injection detailsFinally, I mentioned how to deal with more and more services. This article will bring solutions. This article is a continuation of the previous […]

  • Tencent cloud database tdsql | in fact, we experience such college entrance examinations every day


    On June 7, 2022, at 11:30 Beijing time, with the completion of the first subject language examination of the college entrance examination, the composition questions of the college entrance examination across the country were officially “unveiled” in front of the public. The title of this year’s national college entrance examination composition in volume B is“Across, […]

  • Ali end: talk about the service registry of micro service architecture


    Service registry In the architecture of microservices, service registry is a core concept. As mentioned in the previous section, a service registry is an indispensable part of service discovery. Generally speaking, a service registry is a network address and database that stores network instances. A service registry should be highly available and its data is […]

  • Analysis of the core idea of webpack


    Analysis of the core idea of webpack We have been thinking about writing a construction tool, but before that, let’s try to sort out the concept of webpack. After all, it is a stone of the mountain that can be used to attack jade, which helps us figure out how to design our own projects. […]

  • Springboot source code – automatic configuration principle


    The code to open the main program is as follows: @SpringBootApplication public class MainApplication { public static void main(String[] args) { SpringApplication.run(MainApplication.class, args); } } You can see that the main program is very simple, with only one annotation @springbootapplication, which is the core of springboot startup Click @springbootapplication to find that it is a […]

  • Net core link tracking skywalking installation and simple use tutorial


    When we use many services, what is the calling relationship between the services? How about the monotonous sequence / time performance of each service? A service error occurred. Which service caused the error? What solutions can we use to solve these problems? In the past, each system made its own log. If there was a […]

  • ASP. Net core five methods of setting URLs


    catalogue preface URL format prerequisite Method 1 use environment variables Method 2 use command line parameters Method 3 use profile Method 4 use useurls Method 5 use Kestrel priority summary preface Using asp Net core 3.1 development requires configuring the port and protocol that the server listens to,Official help documentationFor a brief description, the document […]

  • Intrigue with rust · surround ball


    The off file records polyhedron information, and its contents are parsed intoMeshAfter structure, the bounding sphere can be constructed for polyhedral mesh based on the latter. sphere Define a sphere with a generic structure: struct Sphere<T> { n: Use // dimension Center: vec<t>, // Center Radius: T // radius } Then define thenewmethod: impl<T> Sphere<T> […]

  • Kubebuilder practice III: a quick overview of basic knowledge


    Welcome to my GitHub https://github.com/zq2599/blog_demos Content: classification and summary of all original articles and supporting source code, involving Java, docker, kubernetes, Devops, etc; Series article link Kubebuilder practice 1: preparation Kubebuilder Practice II: first experience of kubebuilder Kubebuilder practice III: a quick overview of basic knowledge Kubebuilder Practice IV: operator requirements description and design Kubebuilder […]

  • [technical remarks] independent modularization of data operation for springcloud microservices


    preface Compared with the various configuration files required for spring’s integration of mybatis and redis, they have been greatly simplified under springboot. You may just need to add a dependency, add an annotation, and then add some attributes to the configuration file to complete the integration. This truly reflects the “Convention is greater than configuration” […]

  • Java thread pool Basics


    5、 Thread pool Multithreading is often used in our development. For example, in Android, due to many limitations of the main thread, some time-consuming operations such as network requests must be run in the sub thread. We often start a sub thread through the new thread, and switch to the main thread through the handler […]

  • The most complete explanation of springcloudalibaba in the whole network 9 ️⃣ Nacos config


    11: Service configuration center: Nacos config 11.1 introduction to service configuration center First, let’s take a look at some problems about configuration files under the micro Service Architecture: The configuration files are relatively scattered. In a microservice architecture, configuration files will become more and more with the increase of microservices, and are scattered in various […]