• . net core simple read JSON configuration file


    background At present, I find it a bit troublesome for. Net core on the Internet to read the configuration file in JSON format. I want to make it easier. At present, the mainstream form of. Net core is to store configuration file information in JSON format, which is different from previous configuration files in XML […]

  • Springboot + k8s + discard springcloud.eureka


    Spring boot generally uses spring cloud family bucket to develop microservice framework, and the whole project is containerized, arranged through k8s, and k8s has its own service discovery mechanism, so we can also discard Eureka in spring cloud and directly use k8s’s own services.#Add component org.springframework.cloud spring-cloud-starter-netflix-ribbon org.springframework.cloud spring-cloud-starter-kubernetes-ribbon 0.3.0.RELEASE org.springframework.cloud spring-cloud-starter-kubernetes 0.3.0.RELEASE Attention points […]

  • . net core simple use of built-in IOC of MVC (Continued)


    This article is based on. Net core 2.0.In the previous chapter, [. Net core] simple use of built-in IOC of MVC has explained the simple use of IOC in daily MVC, and there are also some contents to be supplemented. Next, we will answer these questions: what is the combination of filter and IOC in […]

  • 2017 latest code hosting service evaluation report


    Code is the starting point of Devops process and the basis of all R & D processes. Code hosting can “escort” the code, ensure the security and availability of the code, and provide some basic services around the code, such as Mr, issue, etc. Domestic code hosting environment background:Most individual developers will choose to host […]

  • New starting point of the new year


    At the beginning of the new year on January 2, 2020, Nacos star broke through 10000, which set a new milestone. Thank you for your support, trust and help!!! Nacos has released 22 versions since 17 months of open source, successfully cutting into three core ecosystems: Dubbo / spring cloud / cloud native. We have […]

  • Stook: a minimalist react state management library


    From hooks A year ago, in September 2018, react hooks was just released. At that time, hooks was not stable API, and could only be used in version 16.7.0-alpha.0. At that time, I had a hunch that the state management solution based on hooks would gradually rise. At that time, I created an ideal state […]

  • A detailed explanation of several class libraries commonly used in. Net core project (worth collecting)


    Preface It has been nearly 15 years since Microsoft launched. Net platform in 2002. In the wave of rapid Internet iteration, many languages have been eliminated, and more new languages have emerged. But. Net is still firmly standing in the front-line camp of system development platform, and with the arrival of the official version of. […]

  • . net core uses openxml to export and import Excel


    Exporting excel is a very common function of programs. Net core can export excel with the help of open XML SDK. Open-XML-SDK Open XML SDK is an open source project of Microsoft. The open XML SDK is an open source class library for open XML documents (docx, xlsx, and pptx). It can: Very good performance […]

  • Spring cloud set up registration center and service registration


    Last article “principle of microservice registration center”, read this one! 》This paper introduces the concept and principle of the registration center, and introduces the process of using Eureka to build the center and register services to the registration center. Contents of this article 1、 Eureka introduction2、 Set up a registration center3: Registration services 1、 Eureka […]

  • Asp.net core uses urlfirewall to filter requests


    I. Preface Urlfirewall is an open-source and lightweight middleware for filtering HTTP requests. It can be used in webapi or gateway (such as Ocelot), written by myself, and open-source in GitHub: https://github.com/stulzq/urlfirewall (local download) 2、 Introduction to urlfirewall Urlfirewall is an HTTP request filtering middleware, which can be matched with the gateway (Ocelot) to shield […]

  • How to add a unified model validation processing mechanism to ASP.NET Core


    I. Preface Model validation is provided by asp.net MVC. We can add data annotations to the properties of model (dto). Before entering action, we will verify whether the input data is legal according to the data annotations. The following describes how to uniformly handle validation and return error information. I don’t have much to say. […]

  • A complete instance of asp.net core + docker + Jenkins for continuous integration


    Preface In order to avoid repeated build and release in projects with separate front and back development, we need to deploy a continuous release environment, while the current development environment servers are based on CentOS, so after each local release, they need to pack, upload and deploy, which is very cumbersome. Therefore, the relatively mature […]