• The method of remote debugging. Net core Linux Application in wsl2 through windows Visual Studio


    In the past two days, I debugged the.NET Core application in Linux. At the same time, I found that debugging.NET Core application in Linux is not easy. I am used to coding and debugging in visual studio. Now I want to test. Net core application in Linux simply and quickly. Therefore, through this article, we […]

  • . net core 2.2 upgrade 3.1


    Write on the front When Microsoft updates the. Net core version, the action is often very big, so that every time it updates the version, it has to be careful. There are too many holes. Often, a function or component is quietly removed, or XX method is no longer supported, so it takes a lot […]

  • Detailed explanation ASP.NET Principle of core endpoint routing


    Endpoint routing first appeared in the Internet ASP.NET Core2.2, in ASP.NET Core3.0 was promoted to first class citizen. Motivation of endpoint routing Before the emergence of endpoint routing, we usually define MVC middleware resolution routing at the end of the request processing pipeline. This means that in the processing pipeline, the middleware before MVC middleware […]

  • Laravel source code analysis starts from the entrance


    preface The way to improve your ability is not to use more tools, but to use your own tools. Today we start with the first step of laravel’s launch. Import file Laravel is a single entry framework, all requests must go through index.php define(‘LARAVEL_ Start ‘, microtime (true)); // get the start time Using composer […]

  • (16) Integrate spring cloud Architecture – refresh configuration with spring cloud bus


    We use the spring cloud distributed microservice Cloud Architecture to build B2B2C e-commerce system. In addition to the system services of the architecture itself, we split the B2B2C business services into different business microservices. As our business system becomes larger and more complex, various configurations will increase. Once the configuration file is modified, the service […]

  • How to deploy. Net core 3.1 on alicloud functional computing


    When deploying applications using alicloud ECS or other common VPS services, you need to manually configure the environment, monitor the behavior of ECs, and make patches, which is a bit complicated. Fortunately, many cloud vendors (Alibaba cloud, azure, etc.) provide serverless services. With the help of serverless, developers can focus more on code development and […]

  • IOS application ID, package ID, appid, bundleid Application Tutorial


    Application ID: also known as package ID, appid, bundleid, package name, different packaging platforms! (each app needs to have one ID card, which is unique) 1. Select the description file, click add in the lower right corner, and click Add application ID With ID: three paragraph format, such as the app name is Taobao, can […]

  • How to use. Net core httpclient


    preface Since the birth of httpclient, its usage has been controversial. In the era of framework, there have been quite a number of classic misuse cases, including TCP link exhaustion, DNS change imperceptibility and so on. Interested students to find their own research. In. Net core version, ihttpclientfactory is provided to create httpclient to solve […]

  • Inverse solution of objectid in. Net core


    preface When designing a database, we usually need to assign a primary key to the business data table. In many cases, in order to save trouble, I use the guidguuid directly. However, in monggodb, objectid (hereinafter referred to as OID) is implemented internally. The implementation of the source code is given in the driver of. […]

  • New start of the new year


    At the beginning of the new year on January 2, 2020, Nacos star broke through 10000, marking a new milestone. Thank you for your support, trust and help!!! Since 17 months of open source, Nacos has released 22 versions, successfully cutting into the three core ecosystems of Dubbo / spring cloud / cloud native. It […]

  • ASP.NET The implementation of proxy forwarding in core


    preface Let’s talk about the development background of this article first Under the background of front and back end separation, our customers have requirements again~ To separate the front end from the back end ~ however, for various reasons, there is no way to use a pure front-end framework (in fact, the learning cost is […]

  • How to solve the pain of serverless landing?


    In the process of online development of traditional business, team cooperation is needed. Everyone develops a part, merges the code, develops joint debugging, and then carries out resource evaluation, test environment construction, online environment construction, test online, operation and maintenance. However, in the era of serverless, developers only need to develop their own functions / […]