• Amazing ASP.NET Core 2.0


    preface The change and development speed of asp.net core is fast. When you find that you have not mastered asp.net core 1.0, 2.0 is about to be released. At present, 2.0 is in Preview 1, which means that the function has been basically determined. Students who have not studied asp.net core can start from 2.0 […]

  • Multi Center disaster recovery practice: how to realize real multi activity in different places?


    Introduction:In the realization of multi live in different places, the core technology to solve the real multi live in different places is that the data can be synchronized in two directions between three or more centers. Based on the three center and cross overseas scenario, this paper shares a multi center disaster recovery architecture and […]

  • Asp.net core gracefully saves user secrets in the development environment


    preface In the process of application development, sometimes it is necessary to save some confidential information in the code, such as encryption key, string, user name and password. The usual way is to save it to a configuration file. In the past, we will save it to web.config, but in asp.net core, this method may […]

  • $scope,$injector,$rootScope


    $injector, $rootscope and $scope are important things in the angularjs framework. Clarifying the relationship between them is very useful for our subsequent learning and understanding of the angularjs framework.1. Obtain the required services from the injector through $injector.get (“servicename”).2. Scope is the scope in angularjs (actually the place where data is stored), which is very […]

  • Promise concurrency control


    problem It is required to write a method to control the number of promise concurrency, as follows: promiseConcurrencyLimit(limit, array, iteratorFn) limitIs the number of promises executed at the same time,arrayIs an array of parameters,iteratorFnAsynchronous operations performed in each promise. background In development, it is necessary to execute post logic after multiple promise processing, which is […]

  • Common registries in microservice architecture


    Take stock of commonRegistration Center The above figure basically shows the interaction process of the registry, reflecting the relationship between the three roles: Service provider (server): Report to registrycenter after service startupregisterAn example of myself Send to registrycenter periodicallyheartbeat(heartbeat), prove that you can survive for a while Initiate logout to registrycenter when the service is […]

  • [tcallusdb knowledge base] data recovery function of tcallusdb


    Tcaplus DB is a NoSQL database developed by Tencent. It is customized according to the development characteristics of the game. It has the characteristics of high performance, low cost, high availability and strong elasticity. This paper focuses on the necessary data recovery function in tcaplus high availability. Tcallusdb uses active and standby for redundant data […]

  • ASP. Net core MVC project implements multilingual instances (Globalization / localization)


    Just recently, I’m implementing a multilingual function for a razor MVC project, which is called globalization, localization and whatever. The final effect is to switch the language of the whole station with one click, and only need to write a set of pages when developing. Let’s get to the point First, we need to create […]

  • ASP. Net core lightweight AOP solution: aspectcore


    What is the aspectcore project? Aspectcore project is a lightweight AOP (aspect oriented programming) solution suitable for ASP. Net core platform. It better follows the modular development concept of ASP. Net core. Using aspectcore, it is easier to build low coupling and easy to expand web applications. Aspectcore uses emit to implement efficient dynamic proxies […]

  • Best practices for service grid


    Introduction: service grid is a dedicated infrastructure layer used to handle communication between services. It is responsible for reliably delivering requests through a complex service topology that includes modern cloud native applications. In recent years, new technologies and concepts have emerged one after another. The introduction of these technologies is essentially around the improvement of […]

  • ASP. Net core introduction and installation tutorial


    Introduction to ASP. Net core Asp.net core is a new open source and cross platform framework, which can be used to build modern Cloud Applications Based on network connection, such as web applications, IOT (Internet of things) applications and mobile backend. Asp.net core can run on the. Net core or the complete. Net framework. Its […]

  • . net core + angular cli / angular 4 development environment building tutorial


    1、 Basic environment configuration 1. Install vs 2017V15.3 or above 2. Install the latest version of vs code3. Install node.jsAbove v6.9 4. Reset the global NPM source and correct it toNPM image of Taobao: npm install -g cnpm –registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org 5. Install typescript cnpm install -g typescript typings 6. Install angularjs cli cnpm install -g @angular/cli […]