• . net core memory recycling mode and performance test comparative analysis


    . net core two GC modes: Server GC / Workstation GC Server GC : It is mainly used in multiprocessor systems, and as a ASP.NET Default configuration for the core host. It creates a GC heap for each processor and performs the recycle operation in parallel. The GC of this mode can maximize throughput and […]

  • Configuration details of. Net core development


    be familiar with ASP.NET Must be right web.config The document is no stranger. stay ASP.NET In the environment, if you want to add configuration parameters, you will also operate in this file. Among them, Appsettings and connectionstrings are the two most commonly used items. In order to get the configuration information in the file in […]

  • Explain deployment on azure Asp.NET Core Web App


    In the era of cloud computing, when you want to deploy a website, the first choice must be a variety of cloud services. So what kind of cloud services can be used to deploy one in the fastest way ASP.NET What about the core website? Azure’s web app service is a good choice. Next, we […]

  • ASP.NET Example code for core to implement captcha with skiashrp


    preface This paper does not implement a completed captcha sample, but provides another idea of using the drawing API under the current. Net core 2.0, and shows it in the form of a simple demo. Skia Skia is an open source 2D graphics library, which provides a variety of commonly used APIs, and can run […]

  • On word2vec (1)


    1 word2vec In most tasks of natural language processing, a large number of text data need to be transferred to the computer for information mining for follow-up work. But at present, the computer can only deal with numerical data, and can not directly analyze the text. Therefore, converting the original text data into numerical data […]

  • Spring 5 source code analysis series (1) — spring 5 framework module


    Spring has about 20 modules in total, which are integrated into core container, AOP and device support, data access and integration, web, message sending and test. Each module collection or module that makes up the spring framework can exist alone, or can be implemented by one module or multiple modules jointly. The module composition and […]

  • ASP.NET Several ways to adjust the size of HTTP request in Core


    1、 Preface Why ASP.NET Core is a web development platform, because it has a highly extensible request processing pipeline. We can customize this pipeline to meet the HTTP processing requirements in various scenarios. Many features of ASP. Net core application, such as routing, authentication, session, cache, are also customized to achieve message processing pipeline. We […]

  • ASP.NET Application of nuget in VS


    Why use nuget In short, nuget can make our work more convenient. When we need to reference some libraries in our project, such as jQuery Newtonsoft.Json We need to download these libraries from the Internet, and then copy them to each project in turn. When some class libraries are updated, they have to be repeated […]

  • SSO SSO + JWT privilege control practice based on spring security oauth2


    summary In the previous article “design of permission system based on spring security and JWT”, we have discussed the authorization system based onSpring SecurityandJWTThis paper will further practice the usage and practice of authority system based onSpring Security Oauth2Implementation of multi system single sign on(SSO)AndJWTAfter all, this requirement is quite common. Code has been open […]

  • Distributed communication


    Today we will discuss distributed communication technology. Why distributed communication is needed When we talked about distributed resource scheduling, we made an analogy between each node in the distributed system and the process of the operating system. We know that the process communication mechanism is needed because of the data exchange between the processes of […]

  • Using dotnet dump to find the reason why. Net core 3.0 takes up 100% of CPU


    The company’s products have been continuously upgraded in line with. Net core 3.0 preview. Once deployed to a Linux server, there will occasionally be a process that takes up 100% CPUBecause the service is deployed in the cloud, remote debugging cannot be used; this problem cannot be reproduced on Linux server or windows development machine […]

  • Graphic tutorial of using IOC in WPF in. Net core 3.0


    preface We all know that. Net core 3.0 has released the sixth preview version. We also know that. Net core 3.0 now supports the creation of WPF projects. Today, WPF is used when writing a code generator client, so we will record the process of creating and Using WPF, hoping to help you. Of course, […]