• Baidu super chain is invited to attend South Korea’s find 2019 Financial Technology Summit: open up international influence with China’s self-developed technology


    Recently, find 2019 financial technology summit was held in Seoul, South Korea. Guests from all over the world and people in the industry discussed the development and trend of blockchain technology. The conference was supported by the South Korean ministerial government and attended by well-known technology enterprises and financial institutions such as Samsung and Woori […]

  • Oracle error 6550 when importing DMP file


    Oracle error 6550 when importing DMP file Add in import statement   STATISTICS=NONE   solve the problem Value of Statistics:Description: specifies how to handle the database statistics when importing There are the following options: Default value: always   Always import database statistics NONE   Do not import database statistics SAFE   When there is no […]

  • Install sublime Text3 in Linux


    To download the Linux Installation Package:http://www.sublimetext.com/3 obtain : sublime_ text_ 3_ build_ 3200_ x64 . tar . bz2 Decompression: tar – xvvf sublime_ text_ 3_ build_ 3200_ x64. tar.bz2 sublime_ text_ 3/ sudo mv sublime_text_3/ /opt Create link: sudo ln – S / opt / sublime_ text_ 3/sublime_ text /usr/bin/sublime_ text Create Icon: sudo CP […]

  • Simple HTTP service


    Simple HTTP service loadhttpmodular const http = require(‘http’); usehttp.createServer()Method to create awebThe server const server = http.createServer(); registerrequestRequest event, when the customer service request comes, it will automatically trigger the serverrequestRequest the event, and then execute the second parameter: callback processing server.on(‘request’, function(request, response) { //Return the data and end the request at the same […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 54


    plug-in unit MediumClapFlutter A Custom Floating Action Button (FAB) library like clapping effect on Medium flutter-alipay A flutter plugin to use alipay. WiFiFlutter Plugin Flutter which can handle WiFi connections (AP, STA) flutter-statusbar-manager Flutter StatusBar Manager for iOS & Android flutter-plugin-scaffold A scaffold for writing flutter plugins flutter-plugin-record Flutter imitates wechat voice recording function and […]

  • Update on January 25, 2021: new article details


    After several months of transformation, the technology team of segmentfault has realized the containerization of the website and the separation of the front and back ends of some pages. The page you are looking at is a front-end and back-end separated version. Adhering to the style of segmentfault, our technology stack introduces theSwooleandReactAnd greatly improve […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 55


    Journalism Flutter 1.17 | 2020 first stable release! Dart 2.8 released The latest development of flutter Web: explore more possibilities! course Fluttercodex: a solution for online code coverage of flutter plug-in unit flutter-h5pay A Flutter plugin for h5pay(Support WeChat and Alipay) flutter-link-preview A Rich Link Preview flutter plugin. futuristic Makes it possible to safely execute […]

  • How to set copyright information in Authorware?


    If you want to set a copyright information in Authorware to prevent others from deleting it, how to delete it? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Macromedia Authorware v7.0 Chinese registration Version (with registration code) Software size: 46.8MB Update time: 2017-01-22Download now 1. Open Authorware and enter the work interface; […]

  • World Intellectual Property Day: using blockchain to realize “no thieves in the world”


    April 26 is the 20th World Intellectual Property Day.With the development of economy, intellectual property infringement disputes occur frequently, which not only disturbs the market order, but also attacks the innovation enthusiasm. The importance of intellectual property protection has been raised to a new height. Xiao Yang, the user of Baidu super chain trusted certificate […]

  • GitHub: we won’t delete anything from you unless we really need it


    《GitHub: We won’t take down any of your content unless we really have to》 Author: Daphne Leprince – ringuetLink to the original text: https://dwz.cn/zVJfZzm6Compiled by: Si Fu @ Xu Jiu GitHub’s latest report says freedom of expression will come first It’s not just the social media giants that are trying to convince users of the […]

  • The number of good pairs


    Here’s an integer array nums. If a group of numbers (I, J) satisfies nums [i] = = nums [J] and I < J, it can be considered as a good number pair. Returns the number of good number pairs. Source: leetcodeLink: https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/number-of-good-pairsThe copyright belongs to Lingkou network. Commercial reprint please contact the official authorization, non-commercial […]

  • Remove Windows Defender completely


    Uninstall completely: Copy the following code into the text, name the suffix as CMD, right-click and open it in administrator mode, otherwise an error will be reported Need to downloadinstall_wim_tweak.exeThis software, behind the package has. 1 @echo off 2 cd /d “%~dp0” 3 echo Uninstalling … 4 CLS 5 install_wim_tweak.exe /o /l 6 install_wim_tweak.exe /o […]