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  • Talk about Flink’s blobstoreservice


    order This paper mainly studies the blobstoreservice of Flink BlobView flink-release-1.7.2/flink-runtime/src/main/java/org/apache/flink/runtime/blob/BlobView.java public interface BlobView { /** * Copies a blob to a local file. * * @param jobId ID of the job this blob belongs to (or <tt>null</tt> if job-unrelated) * @param blobKey The blob ID * @param localFile The local file to copy to […]

  • Lack of tools for forecasting with the model trained by MS RCNN


    The error message is as follows: Traceback (most recent call last): File “demo/predict.py”, line 8, in from predictor import COCODemo File “/home/zhhu/wjy/mask_scoring_R-CNN/maskscoring_rcnn/demo/predictor.py”, line 11, in from maskrcnn_benchmark.utils import cv2_util ImportError: cannot import name ‘cv2_util’ terms of settlement: Go to GitHub to download maksrcnn benchmark: https://github.com/facebookresearch/makrcnn-benchmark. Copy CV2 util.py under the util directory to maskscoring ﹣ […]

  • Talk about Flink’s blobserver


    order This paper mainly studies the blobserver of Flink BlobServer flink-1.7.2/flink-runtime/src/main/java/org/apache/flink/runtime/blob/BlobServer.java public class BlobServer extends Thread implements BlobService, BlobWriter, PermanentBlobService, TransientBlobService { /** The log object used for debugging. */ private static final Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.getLogger(BlobServer.class); /** Counter to generate unique names for temporary files. */ private final AtomicLong tempFileCounter = new AtomicLong(0); /** […]

  • Using SAP open connector to call the API of the third-party system


    We take the SaaS CRM of hubspot as a third-party system. First, log in to hubspot and create a new API key: Copy the created key to the clipboard: Then log in to the open connector on SAP cloud for customer: Click the authenticate hyperlink. This step is to establish a secure connection between sap […]

  • Install tensorflow + CUDA + cudnn + Python + anaconda3 under Ubuntu


    Follow the links below for general ideashttps://blog.csdn.net/Coding_… Record some of my own experience 1. First of all, let’s talk about my own environment:Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04CUDA version: 10.1Cudnn version: 7.6.5Python version: 1.4Tensorflow version: 2.1Pre installation required: pycharm + anaconda3 2. If the installation speed is too slow when using CONDA, you can consider using Pip’s […]

  • Mongodb visualization tool studio 3T cracking tutorial (Mac version)


    1. download package Download the data-man-mongodb-ent-2019.3.0.jar package. Download address: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1mrww Extraction code: 4316 2. replacement pack Open the studio 3T installation directory:Copy the downloaded package to the installation directory and replace the original package. 3. Run terminal command Execute the following command at the terminal: sudo spctl –master-disable Enter the computer power on password and […]

  • Analog battery charging


    Analog battery charging GitHub address. You can use star if you like Plug in Preview Using tutorials 1. Plug in code copy After downloading, copy the file / battery / battery.vue in the components directory to your own project directory 2. Plug in global configuration Configure the following code in main.js of the project import […]

  • BeanUtils tool details


    Another very useful tool class for Java Bean copy operation, beanuitls:There is a BeanUtils in spring (org. Springframework. Beans. BeanUtils) and Apache Commons BeanUtils (org. Apache. Commons. BeanUtils. BeanUtils) respectively, which provides a pair of pairs.Note that these two classes are under different packages, and the parameter assignments passed in the copyproperties () method of […]

  • Rapidly deploy git project to SVN server of SAE


    This article was originally published on my blog: http://jerryzou.com/posts/gitforsae/ I spent some time writing a script that could quickly deploy a git project to the SVN server of SAE. The code is not complex and there is no deep technology. But it’s really a handy gadget. At least for me, I don’t need to package […]

  • Understanding the network IO model under Linux from the operating system level


    I / O (input output), including file I / O and network I / O. Speed in the computer world despises: Memory read data: nanosecond level. Gigabit network card read data: subtle level. 1 microsecond = 1000 nanoseconds, the network card is thousands of times slower than the memory. Disk read data: millisecond level. One […]

  • Hadoop compilation – + 2. X compilation


    Hadoop + 2. X compilation (CentOS system) In order to make Hadoop more compatible with the current operating system, this article introduces how to compile Hadoop of the current platform 1. Prepare the software jdk 1.8+ Maven 3.5.4 Protobuf 2.5.0 A data exchange format of Google, which is independent of language and platform hadoop-2.x.x-src ant-1.9.7 […]

  • Quick start simulator in Xcode


    Because every time you start the simulator, you have to open a project from Xcode first. It’s too troublesome. So I found a solution on the Internet to start the simulator independently without opening Xcode. 1. Display Xcode package content As shown in the figure below, find Xcode in the application, right click and select […]