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  • [experience sharing] Ubuntu installs deepstream6 0


      Welcome to my official account, reply to 001 Google programming specification.   O_o   >_<   o_O   O_o   ~_~   o_O This tutorial details the installation of deepstream6.0 on Ubuntu Method for 0. Some versions require: Ubuntu 18.04 GStreamer 1.14.5 NVIDIA driver 470.63.01 CUDA 11.4 TensorRT 8.0.1 1. Installation dependency Installation dependency sudo […]

  • STL: internal implementation principle and basic usage of vector


    1. Implementation of vector class Definition of important structures: template<class T> class myVector{ public: typedef T value_ type;// Alias element type typedef value_type* pointer;// typedef value_ type* iterator;// iterator typedef value_ type& reference;// quote typedef const value_ type* const_ pointer;// const pointer typedef const value_ type& const_ reference;// const reference typedef size_ t size_ type;// […]

  • The jetpack navigation toggle causes redrawing


    1. Phenomenon Use navigation to jump between fragments. When switching using the bottom tab effect, fragments will refresh every time. This effect is certainly not what everyone wants, so it needs to be solved. 2. Cause Cause of the problem: when the navigation group jumps to another fragment, the navigation () method uses the ft. […]

  • Windows logs in to Ubuntu via SSH


    Generate windows public key Execute in CMD of windows: SSH keygen – t RSA, and enter directly during execution. After execution, it will be displayed in C: \ users \ XXX \ The following three files are generated in the SSH folder: id_ RSA is the local private key id_ rsa. Pub is the public […]

  • Source installation php7


    Source installation php7 1、 Download PHP source package PHP official website Click download to download the latest version of PHP 2、 Compile and install decompression tar -vjxf php-7.2.5.tar.bz2 configure ./configure –prefix=yourpath You may need to install: yum install gcc yum install libxml2-devel make make install implementyourpath/bin/php -m, if you can see the PHP extension, the […]

  • ASP. Net MVC plug-in development simplification scheme


    Web management system can be huge to unimaginable places, if you want, in an ASP Net MVC project, this project will become very huge and it will be difficult to cooperate. To solve this problem, ASP Net MVC introduces the concept of areas and divides modules into areas – however, area is still a part […]

  • Ubuntu unzip rar


    Generally, Ubuntu installed by default cannot unzip rar files. You can unzip rar files only after the RAR unzip tool is installed. In fact, installing rar decompression tool under Ubuntu is very simple. It can be done quickly in only two steps. Installation method of RAR decompression tool under Ubuntu: Compression function Install sudo apt […]

  • Windows server2012 R2 cannot install. Net Framework 3.5


    Errors are reported as follows:   An error is reported when adding a function through the server manager   terms of settlement: 1. Unzip the windowsserver2012r2 image file and copy the SXS directory under the sources directory to Disk C of the target host (C: \ SXS)   2. Specify alternate source path   Installation […]

  • Talk about the queryable state of Flink


    order This paper mainly studies the queryable state of Flink example Job @Test public void testValueStateForQuery() throws Exception { StreamExecutionEnvironment env = StreamExecutionEnvironment .createRemoteEnvironment(“”, 8081, SubmitTest.JAR_FILE); env.addSource(new RandomTuple2Source()) .keyBy(0) //key by first value of tuple .flatMap(new CountWindowAverage()) .print(); JobExecutionResult result = env.execute(“testQueryableState”); LOGGER.info(“submit job result:{}”,result); } Here, a job is run, which takes the first […]

  • JDBC source connector for deep interpretation of Kafka connector


    abstract The project needs to use Kafka stream to load the data in MySQL database, and then do a data filtering function similar to ETL. In this way, the Kafka data imported into a topic and the data in the database connected to MySQL through Kafka connect are filtered and de duplicated. content 1、 Kafka […]

  • Nginx integration of state secret SSL Protocol


    1 background Nginx itself supports the standard SSL protocol, but does not support the state secret SSL protocol. This paper describes the complete process of the state secret SSL Protocol (one-way) configured by nginx for learning and reference only. Features: nginx does not need to change the source code and supports any version. 2 EnvironmentThe […]

  • ES6 (VI) – object


    Object Can the object attribute be abbreviated? Declare an object. Key and value can be omitted The above key must be a string. If a dynamic variable (calculation attribute name) is added to the key Abbreviation for method ES6 can add asynchronous functions How do I copy one object to another—— Object.assign() If source and […]