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  • How does maxcompute analyze funnel model in e-commerce scenarios


    Introduction: taking an e-commerce case as an example, this paper introduces how to use off-line calculation and make funnel chart for you. background Funnel model is actually a tool to judge the operation of products by the conversion rate of various data. Transformation funnel is to judge which link of the product has problems through […]

  • Analysis of Taobao user behavior data based on Oracle


    1、 Analysis background With the continuous development of e-commerce industry in the Internet era, the e-commerce market is becoming more and more saturated, and the competition among e-commerce platforms has entered a white hot stage. Therefore, data analysis of user behavior has become the top priority of platform operation. Based on the Taobao user behavior […]

  • How to use push to improve app activity


    In the increasingly competitive field of mobile Internet, how to improve the user‘s activity is one of the main tasks of APP operators. In addition to optimizing the product itself, message push is also an important means to activate users and improve conversion rate. However, monotonous, untimely and even invalid push will not only disturb […]