• Several forms of asp.net MVC transferring parameters from view to controller


    1. Pass array $(function () { var value = [“C#”, “JAVA”, “PHP”]; $(“input[type=’button’]”).click(function () { $.ajax( { url: “/Home/List”, type: “Get”, data: { valuelist: value }, Traditional: true, // this property must be set, otherwise the value cannot be obtained from the controller success: function (data) { alert(“Success”); } }); }); }); public ActionResult List(List<string> […]

  • Summary of implementation methods of IOS initialization controller


    Summary of implementation methods of IOS initialization controller 1、 Viewcontrollviewcontroller method #import “AppDelegate.h” #import “ViewController.h” @interface AppDelegate () @property(nonatomic,strong) ViewController *viewController; @end @implementation AppDelegate – (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions { //Initialize controller self.viewController = [[ViewController alloc]init]; //Initialize window self.window =[[UIWindow alloc]initWithFrame:[UIScreen mainScreen].bounds]; //Set controller self.window.rootViewController = self.viewController; return YES; } 2、 Viewcontrollviewcontroller and Xib method […]

  • A preliminary study on asp.net core web API


    This chapter will share with you the web API in asp.net core. 1、 Restful architecture style Rest (representative state transfer) is the state transformation of the presentation layer, which is the design style of an interface. Is a new architectural style (an idea) of Web services. Resources: all things are regarded as resources. useThere are […]

  • Secondary development of onos — issuing NETCONF command


    Recently, the secondary development of onos is carried out, mainly realizing the driver development of juniper router. Using NETCONF protocol to read and modify the router configuration, generate NETCONF commands and send them to the router is an important part of driver development. During the development process, we studied the NETCONF related code in onos […]

  • What I have to do with laravel


    About the author Program developers are not limited to language and technology. At present, they are mainly engaged in PHP and front-end development, using laravel and vuejs, and app side using apicloud hybrid development. Fit and sufficiency are the most perfect pursuit. Personal website:http://www.linganmin.cn Recently, I just wrote an H5 movie station for mobile online […]

  • Angular Scouts: $watch() and $observe()


    Because I didn’t know how to use these two methods, I spent some time to understand them; Write down something. If you forget when, it’s easier to find it. First, let’s talk about their two usage scenarios: $watch() $watch()yesangularupperscopeObject. In any controller, but not recommended incontrollerUsed in$watch(); Because it makestestandmaintainIt becomes very difficult. In any […]

  • Introduction to node.js development – simple example of angular


    In “using angularjs”, we mentioned how to introduce angularjs into the node.js project. This time, we provide a very simple example to demonstrate the instructions, data binding, services, etc. in angularjs. I’m going to make a web background management system. Different administrators will have different permissions. The menu seen by the administrator after logging in […]

  • Introduction to node.js development – use angularjs built-in service


    In the last article“Angularjs simple example”A very simple demo using angular is demonstrated in. The article is too long. Some of the contents originally introduced have to be opened separately. These contents are how to use angular services. We’re still based on“Angularjs simple example”To transform it. For the new example, the management menu can be […]

  • On the first day of learning. Net, write an interface to obtain the post list in the database according to the person ID


    Background: Fuhong Hanlin project tries to write its own interface. It obtains the position list in the database according to the personnel ID. it asks the backend for Fuhong Hanlin’s project package. After the installation environment runs, it starts to write the interface Database: sqlserverLanguage: c#Frame: .net-framework The first step is to add a controllerControllers […]

  • K8s actual combat (III) | essence of pod


    preface The previous section released a container into k8s, but the actual operation is pod, so why pod instead of container. Update history 20200531 – first draft – Zuo Chengli Original address-https://blog.zuolinux.com/2020/05/22/about-pod.html The essence of pod The pod packs one or more containers.Pod is the smallest execution unit of k8s.Pod is a process in k8s.Pod […]

  • K8s actual combat (IV) | controller deployment


    preface The previous section mentioned that the pod created directly has no self-healing function. The pod created by the controller can be self-healing, so what is the controller. It can be understood that the container is a bare box. Pod packed the box to facilitate k8s mounting. How to mount several pods in k8s at […]

  • Explain the object calling process in SSH framework in detail


    Explain the object calling process in SSH framework in detail SSH is not a framework, but the integration of multiple frameworks (struts + Spring + Hibernate). It is a popular open source integration framework for web applications, which is used to build flexible and easy to expand multi-layer web applications. The system integrating SSH framework […]