• [original] analysis of Linux PCI Driver Framework (3)


    Background Read the fucking source code!–By Lu Xun A picture is worth a thousand words.–By Golgi explain: Kernel version: 4.14 Arm64 processor Tools used: source insight 3.5, Visio 1. General First review the PCIe architecture diagram: This article will talk about the driver of PCIe host, which corresponds toRoot ComplexPart, equivalent to PCIHost Bridgepart; This […]

  • Asp. Net core security – client IP whitelist restrictions


    preface This article shows how to use ASP Net core application. There are two ways to set IP whitelist authentication. You can use the following 2 methods: Middleware for checking the remote IP address of each request. MVC action filter that checks the remote IP address of a request for a specific controller or action […]

  • Uiscrollview making picture carousel


    Uiscrollview picture carousel nstimer I have some knowledge in the open class tonight I hope to give it to my students in this way In this way, you can turn on your mobile phone to learn knowledge anytime and anywhere Remember the sentence when the class started!Posture has never been so sexy! Learning has never […]

  • Angularjs development template


    preface Angularjs is one of the more difficult frameworks to get started, which is officially providedangular-seedIt’s not easy to use, and it’s very unfriendly to novices, so I’ll do it myselfangular-boilerplateWhether it is for learning or simple component development, it can save a lot of time.Address:https://github.com/bornkiller/angular-boilerplate instructions Pre configuredpackage.jsonAndbower.jsonFile to ensure localNode, NPMEnvironment, pre installedbower,grunt,gulpTools. […]

  • Simulate amiibo without ntag 215 card


    Amiibo is a NFC doll released by Japanese game manufacturer Nintendo. It is mainly used on Nintendo switch game console. It can upload or receive stored game data in the game. Previously, simulating amiibo required an Android phone, tagmo program and several ntag 215 cards. Now it only needs a Linux host with Bluetooth module. […]

  • CRD resources of container scheduling system k8s


    Previously, we learned about k8s node stain and pod’s tolerance to node stain. For review, please refer to:https://www.cnblogs.com/qiuhom-1874/p/14255486.html; Today, let’s talk about expansion k8s related topics; The process of creating a resource object on k8s We know that in k8s, resources have types. Different types of resources have different definitions and fields; When a user […]

  • Angularjs form focus simple instruction


    preface AngularjsOur way of thinking is driven by dataDOMChange is usually realized by the cooperation of command and controller. It provides almost complete operation experience in form operation. For functions not implemented by the official, they can only be implemented by themselves. For example, when doing form verification, use the coding method to implement the […]

  • Flutter takes you to geTx


    GetX Getx:https://github.com/jonataslaw/getx at present ✨ 1.9k But influtter.ioIt has been 2.5k in and has been loved by the majority of developers. Without much nonsense, we can directly get to the point: Counter example for geTx The “counter” item created by fluent by default has more than 100 lines (including comments). In order to show the […]

  • A preliminary study of angular (2)


    Today, I mainly want to talk about the inheritance of $scope, $rootscope and controller. I believe that many beginners like me will encounter a problem when using angularjs to develop the front end, that is, the control logic of some pages will be used by some other pages, even variables. For example, many form submission […]

  • In ASP Net core to inject dependencies into the controller


    preface ASP. Net core MVC controllers explicitly request dependencies through constructors. ASP. Net core has built-in support for dependency injection (DI). Di makes applications easier to test and maintain. Constructor Inject The service is added as a constructor parameter, and the runtime parses the service from the service container. Interfaces are often used to define […]

  • [go] go language practice gin framework project to achieve Chinese English switching


    If the project requires multi language display, similar to the switching between Chinese and English on websites, the following method can be used The main idea is that when the HTML content of the page is displayed, it cannot be fixed on the page. It needs to allocate variables from the controller to display and […]

  • laravel5. 5 + jwt-auth 1.0. 0-rc. 2 multi table and multi user authentication specification


    install composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel sample “5.5.*” Installation dependency composer install Install JWT auth composer require tymon/jwt-auth or In composer JSON, add ` “tymon / JWT auth”: “^ 1.0.0-rc. 2″` Terminal: composer update stayconfig/app.phpofprovidersin ‘providers’ => [ … Tymon\JWTAuth\Providers\LaravelServiceProvider::class, ] Terminal operation:php artisan vendor:publish –provider=”Tymon\JWTAuth\Providers\LaravelServiceProvider”Will produceconfig/jwt.phpConfiguration file for Rerun:php artisan jwt:secretGenerate key Build model function: […]