• 14.6.flutter_GetX


    Getview introduction GetViewOnly for registeredControllerThere is one namedcontrollerGetter ofconst StatelessIf we only have a single controller as a dependency, we can useGetViewInstead of usingStatelessWidget, and avoid writingGet.Find()。 Video tutorial address Zero basic video tutorial address How to use getview The method of using getview is very simple, just to inherit your view layer fromGetViewAnd pass […]

  • IOS theme design


    IOS theme Idea of the first scheme: Business party: Add a listening topic change notification, and reset the topic in the notification method Subject manager business: Configuration of topics Send subject change notice Idea of the second scheme Business party: Configure color values and resources for each theme of your business Register the callback block/selector […]

  • How SAP ui5 uses manifest JSON file defines third-party library dependencies


    Jerry’s previous articlesHow to integrate third-party libraries in SAP ui5 applications: a trick to view the printing debugging information of web applications on mobile devicesThis paper introduces a technique for SAP ui5 to define and use the third-party library. Later, in my technical exchange group, Mr. Guo, an SAP expert, reported that there was another […]

  • (excerpt) laravel layering


    (excerpt) laravel layering https://laravelacademy.org/po… The core idea is layeringYou may have noticed that the key to optimizing the application directory structure is to divide the responsibilities of different components, or create different layers for different responsibilities. The controller is only responsible for receiving and responding to HTTP requests, and then calling the appropriate business logic […]

  • Android MVVM mode


    Android MVVM mode concept MVVM mode refers toModel-View-ViewModel。 I believe readers who have read articles about MVP will also find that no matter how abstract, it is inevitable to deal with some logic in our view layer. The view in MVVM mode completely abstracts the state and behavior of the view, and completely hands over […]

  • Development and production of marriage and dating website, Part II


    ​The front-end time is too slow to be updated. Now we will release the code behind the development process of the marriage and dating website of this project, hoping to help you learn and use it. This is the front desk, member part controller Recommendation part class IndexController extends SiteController { public function index($w=””){ if(!$this->uinfo){ […]

  • Animation of six axis manipulator using SolidWorks


    Establish the model and confirm the joint A six degree of freedom manipulator should have six rotatable joints, which means that six degrees of freedom need to be provided when binding constraints. These six joints need to be found. Typical six degree of freedom joints are shown in the figure. Add joint constraints What needs […]

  • Hide and show IOS navigation bar


    1: Show and hide navigation barThe animation caused by hiding in IOS navigation bar can be set in viewwillappear and viewwilldisappear – (void)viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated { [super viewWillAppear:animated]; [self.navigationController setNavigationBarHidden:YES animated:animated]; } – (void)viewWillDisappear:(BOOL)animated { [super viewWillDisappear:animated]; [self.navigationController setNavigationBarHidden:NO animated:animated]; } But not for multi-level jump. If the viewcontroller that hides the navigation bar jumps to the […]

  • Understand kubernetes admission controller


    Hello, I’m Zhang Jintao. Articles published before meContainer image security in the cloud native EraIn (Series), I mentioned Kube apiserver, the core component of kubernetes cluster, which allows components from end users or clusters to communicate with it (for example, query, create, modify or delete kubernetes resources). In this article, we will focus on a […]

  • Pit encountered in laravel value transmission and summary


    1.Model file 2Routing file The instantiated object name is directly passed as a parameter, and the controller can operate as the ID of the current page after receiving it 3Controller file The controller directly depends on the injected topic model and corresponds to $topic, and then renders it to the view, so we can add […]

  • asp. Net core


    Generally, when using injection, one service interface corresponds to one implementation class, and the injection method is constructor injection. However, if there are multiple classes implementing the same interface, different implementation classes need to be selected according to the actual situation. For example, both myemailservice and emailservice in the following code implement iemailservice interface: public […]

  • Kubernetes core combat (V) — statefulsets


    7、StatefulSets Statefulset is an API object used to manage the workload of stateful applications. Stateful set is used to manage deployment and extend a group of pods, and can provide sequence number and uniqueness guarantee for these pods. Like deployment, stateful set manages a set of pods defined based on the same container. But unlike […]