• Laravel developing backstage API from scratch (1)


    introduce In the development of background interface, now more enterprises choosePHPTo develop the background interfacePythonandNodeJsIt’s a good choice But here we arePHPFor example, based onLaravelFramework development backgroundAPIHere is also if you are engaged in other directions and want to do some backstage workAPIDevelopment can try Of course, I won’t put the example project on my […]

  • Thinking about the project structure of PHP back end organization


    This isBack end developers make a mobile application from scratchThe second part is the back-end part. Introduce the next new project, how to build the back end from scratch. Let’s assume that the project consists of two parts API for WAP site and app; The management background provided to operators. The whole project uses Phalcon, […]

  • Delay loading of angularjs through webpack


    Link to the original text:http://michalzalecki.com/lazy-load-angularjs-with-webpack/ As your single page app expands, it takes longer to download. It’s not good for improving the user experience (tip: but user experience is why we develop single page apps). More code means more files, until the code compression can not meet your needs, the only thing you can do […]

  • Oracle — DV and integrated monitoring


    I haven’t updated it for many days. Today I would like to share with you a knowledge point of Oracle database security. 1. Database vault (DV) “DV” is a very important function of the system which is not commonly used but has high security requirements.In short, it is the traditional database authority architecture by the […]

  • Actual combat cases of killing “rotten code” with a gun


    preface Before I wrote an article about how to write less PHP “bad” codehttps://segmentfault.com/a/11…I feel that many new people don’t understand this. Today, take the clock out function as an example to explain the mystery. There are several types of code development in that article. The demand of addition, deletion and modification Route -> Controller […]

  • Analog amiibo without ntag 215 card


    Amiibo is a NFC function doll released by Nintendo, a Japanese game manufacturer. It is mainly used in Nintendo switch game console. It can upload or receive the stored game data in the game. In the past, simulating amiibo required an Android phone, tagmo program and several ntag 215 cards. Now it only needs a […]

  • The child properties of the left table of yii2 connection are not displayed


    When multiple tables are associated, the association is done well, that is, the fields of sub tables are not displayed, //Controller I thought this would be OK, but I made a mistake Undefined index: testid Later changed to //Controller In this way, it can be displayed without error. This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the […]

  • Angularjs: the difference between factory, service and provider


    Translated fromhttp://tylermcginnis.com/angularjs-factory-vs-service-vs-provider/ When you start using angular, you’ll find that you always fill your controller and scope with unnecessary logic. You should have realized earlier that a controller should be concise and concise; At the same time, most business logic and some repetitive data should be stored in the service. One day, I saw some […]

  • Angularjs learning notes — using requirejs dynamic injection controller


    I’ve been studying recentlyangularjsBecause I think it needs to load a lot of JS files to use it directly, I want to use itrequirejsTo achieve asynchronous loading, and dynamic injection controller. Simple search found a lot of tutorials are very complex to write, so I intend to write about my method, as learning notes. The […]

  • How to write efficient controller in asp.net core


    By following best practices, you can write better controllers. So called “thin” controllers (controllers with less code and less responsibilities) are easier to read and maintain. And once your controllers are thin, you may not need to test them too much. Instead, you can focus on testing business logic and data access code. Another advantage […]

  • Method of dynamically compiling asp.net MVC to generate controller


    When doing the website background management system, sometimes we need to dynamically generate some channels according to the user’s input configuration. These channels need to use the independent controller. At this time, we need to use the runtime dynamic compilation. The code is as follows: using System.Web.Mvc; using System.CodeDom.Compiler; using System.Text; using Microsoft.CSharp; namespace DynamicCompiler.Controllers […]

  • The downward incompatibility of composer 2.0 results in the error of extension installation


    Recently, when deploying the server environment, we encountered a problem caused by the downward incompatibility of the composer version. Please record it. Problem description Background API application is to useThinkPHP6.0In the initial deployment, it always prompts that the controller cannot be found. At that time, I was quite depressed. How could I not find the […]