• Introduction to fluent and the development of cross platform development


    preface Why do we need cross platform development? In essence, cross platform development is to increase code reuse, reduce the workload of developers for different adaptation of multiple platforms, reduce development costs, improve business focus and provide a better experience than the web. Generally speaking, it means saving money, laziness and experience. Three times of […]

  • Free front-end team recruitment – IOS Development Engineer


    [work content]Responsible for the development of free customer app related businesses.Through the pre research and practice of mobile terminal related technologies, continuously improve the product operation performance and interactive experience. [job requirements]Bachelor degree or above in computer related major, solid OC technical skills, familiar with mobile terminal development processExcellent coding habit and logical thinking ability, […]

  • Uiview control


    Uiview is a view display, which is mainly used for user interaction. It is responsible for rendering the content of the area and responding to touch events in the area. It is not difficult to see from the figure in the previous article that uiview inherits from uiresponder, and most controls in IOS inherit from […]

  • [share] IOS development – use of control array and method of judging the number of stars evaluated


    A few weeks ago, I encountered a problem in judging and evaluating the number of stars, which led to a new concept, which I call control array for the time being.It is an alternative scheme when there are a large number of output ports associated with a large number of controls of the same type, […]

  • IOS customized left slide / side slide is deleted, which is suitable for versions above ios13


    As we all know, the left / side sliding deletion function of uitableview in IOS is very beautiful. This style is used in the requirements of recent projects When I received this demand, I also found a lot of information on the Internet. Thank you very much for the inspiration this article brings me IOS […]

  • SAP ui5 beginner tutorial 13 – how to add a trial version of custom CSS classes


    A set of step-by-step learning tutorials for SAP ui5 beginners Tutorial directory Establishment of SAP ui5 local development environment One of the sap ui5 beginner tutorials: Hello World SAP ui5 beginner tutorial 2: bootstrap of SAP ui5 boot process SAP ui5 beginner tutorial 3: start touching the first SAP ui5 control SAP ui5 beginner tutorial […]

  • Uiscrollview making picture carousel


    Uiscrollview picture carousel nstimer I have some knowledge in the open class tonight I hope to give it to my students in this way In this way, you can turn on your mobile phone to learn knowledge anytime and anywhere Remember the sentence when the class started!Posture has never been so sexy! Learning has never […]

  • ViewModel+LiveData+DataBinding


    ViewModel + livedata + databindingAfter clicking the button, the value is added by 1 and displayed on the screen 1. Create ViewModel There is a mainactivity in the project Java classCreate a mainviewmodel that inherits from ViewModel import androidx.lifecycle.MutableLiveData; import androidx.lifecycle.ViewModel; public class MainViewModel extends ViewModel { //Livedata maintains an integer number number private MutableLiveData<Integer> […]

  • [actual combat] components of various shapes


    Lao Meng GuideMany components in the flutter have ashapeProperty of typeShapeBorderFor exampleButtonClassCardAnd other components,shapeRepresents the shape of the control. The system has provided us with many shapes. Components without this property can be usedClipClass components. BeveledRectangleBorder Bevel rectangular border, as follows: RaisedButton( shape: BeveledRectangleBorder( side: BorderSide(width: 1, color: Colors.red), borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(10)), Child: text (‘lao Meng […]

  • Vue component (29) makes a better query control (5) assembles the query control


    Design it The basic elements needed to make form controls are basically ready, and then they can be assembled. Before assembly, take a look at the overall design: 0020 query control design png Basically, it is composed of these contents. The query sub control is composed of table list sub controls, so meta can directly […]

  • Componentone 2017 V2 version officially released


    New version, new experience, componentone 2017v2 surprise you! Recently, the global control industry leader grape city announced that Net full function control package componentone released version 2017v2. This is the second important update of componentone this year since 2017v1 fully supports visual studio 2017. The new version adds new components such as flexviewer, PDF document […]

  • Sending and receiving of c# serialport


    Sending and receiving of c# serialport preface: Last time, the blogger explained the configuration of serial port control for you. In this issue, we will explain the sending and receiving of serial port. This serial port communication control provides a lot of methods for the communication between host computer and single chip microcomputer. It is […]