• Flyter implementation actionsheet bottom pop-up menu operation table: open the camera or album, upload pictures, GridView grid layout display pictures


    Cupertino actionsheet component — actionsheet in fluent In development, actionsheet is also a commonly used control, and the corresponding control is also provided in flutterCupertinoActionSheet。Cupertino actionsheet component — actionsheet in fluent Specific use of Cupertino action sheet import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; import ‘package:flutter/cupertino.dart’; import ‘package:app/common/toast.dart’; //Pop up Cupertino action sheet from the bottom and use show Cupertino […]

  • C ා WinForm program progress bar


    Control bar control: ProgressBar Can not automatically change according to the process of your program, you need to calculate and adjust the amount of change  private void progressBar1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)        {                this.progressBar1 . maximum = 100; / / sets the maximum length of the progress bar                this.progressBar1 . value = 0; / / sets […]

  • IOS snapkit layout simple skills, leading = centerx


    Scene 1: Two controls in the view, centered respectively. It is to cut the left and right sides of the view, and the two controls are centered respectively. one.snp.makeConstraints { (m) in m.centerX.equalTo(view.snp.centerX).multipliedBy(0.5) m.centerY.equalToSuperview() } two.snp.makeConstraints { (m) in m.centerX.equalTo(view.snp.centerX).multipliedBy(1.5) m.centerY.equalToSuperview() } Simple mathematical calculations are needed Scenario 2: Three controls in the view are […]

  • Datasource magic of IOS development, elegant writing let you easily control tableview


    brief introduction Recently, when refactoring the code written before, I found that there is a stinky and long code in each viewcontroller to define thedataSourceanddelegateSo I wonder if there is a more elegant way to writedataSourceThe cbtableviewdatasource is generated. Project address: https://github.com/cocbin/CBTableViewDataSource Before using cbtableviewdatasource // define a enum to split section typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, SectionNameDefine) […]

  • AutoFitTextureView Error inflating class


    report errors: Binary XML file line #0: Binary XML file line #0: Error inflating class xxx.AutoFitTextureView   solve: android:id= “@+id/texture” android:layout_ width=”wrap_ content” android:layout_ height=”wrap_ content” android:layout_ alignParentStart=”true” android:layout_ When writing a control, the autofittextureview class declared by alignparenttop = “true” / > is directly written with the full name Autofittextureview or using TextureView to […]

  • Sagit.Framework For IOS automatic layout tutorial: 11, common macro definition: frame coordinate system, get UI, UI value, font color, picture


    preface: This article introduces some SAGIT framework definitions, commonly used macro definitions. 1. Coordinate system correlation //Full screen #define STFullRect [UIScreen mainScreen].bounds #define STFullSize [UIScreen mainScreen].bounds.size //Empty screen #define STEmptyRect CGRectMake(0,0,0,0) //Coordinate system #define STRectMake(x,y,width,height) CGRectMake(x*Xpt,y*Ypt,width*Xpt,height*Ypt) #define STSizeMake(width,height) CGSizeMake(width*Xpt,height*Ypt) #define STPointMake(x,y) CGPointMake(x*Xpt,y*Ypt) #define STRectCopy(frame) CGRectMake(frame.origin.x,frame.origin.y, frame.size.width, frame.size.height); 2. Uiview view view: getting //! define a […]

  • Change WinForm form control value in class


    1. Define it first this time public static AOC aoc = null;   aoc = this; 2. Write in form Control.CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls = false; private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Control.CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls = false; } 3. Change the modifier property of the control to change the value to public   4. How to use in a class […]

  • Android camera2video integrated into its own project


    Background: in the Android project, the camera is called to shoot video MediaStore.ACTION_ VIDEO_ Capture was later changed to Camera2 due to the needs of the project 1. There is something wrong with camera2video’s official demo. After downloading, it can’t be directly integrated into the project Problem 1. Multiple video crashes Question 2. Double click […]

  • App on computer starts from scratch WinForm


    Recently, there was an app development on a pad. When I heard the word app, I arranged it for me to do. However, the pad was installed with Windows system, and I was developed by Android. I can only do it. The following is not a professional tutorial, just a record of your own learning. […]

  • Vue actual combat 9: switch control, input series of input box, management background admin


    In the next few essays, I will introduce the series of input boxes used. Today, I will introduce the common calling methods of groups. Because rxeditor requires complex input functions, the following examples will be dynamically called with Vue component, which is not as intuitive as today’s. The implementation principle of the control is the […]

  • Some version problems of mediaplayer are embedded in WinForms, such as Tlbimp import, and dynamic call with C + + string without importing


    There are many articles on the Internet that use WMP control of Windows media player Most are imported from toolbars or com CEF integration under way recently Asp.Net In the process of core blade server side, Because CEF compiler support MP4 DLL is related to copyright issues, can not be done To play MP4, you […]

  • Angle 2. X from 0 to 1 (2) the simplest angular2 tutorial in history


    Section 1Angle 2.0 from 0 to 1 (1)Section 2Angle 2.0 from 0 to 1 (2)Section 3Angle 2.0 from 0 to 1 (3) Section 2: make a login control with form form Small modification of login component stayhello-angular\src\app\login\login.component.tsChange its template to look like the following import { Component, OnInit } from ‘@angular/core’; @Component({ selector: ‘app-login’, template: […]